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JustBob is the best European online CBD weed shop. With a team of specialists and cannabis experts, this e-commerce offers the highest CBD marijuana quality and legal hashish, with a selection of the best cannabis CBD strains.
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Our products are organic and reliable, quality-controls and tests are carried out on all production lots.

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The whole process guarantees your privacy. The package you receive will be sealed and unbranded. No one can peek its content, nor the courier, nor anyone else involved in collecting it.

Once you order you can select your CBD flowers, and we will take care of the rest. Our team will prepare your privacy granted shipment as quickly as possible.

The term “CBD flowers” refers to the flowers, blooms, or CBD buds also called the “marijuana heads”, coming from the female hemp CBD plant.

When the hemp flower becomes a full bloom, the bud (as it’s also often called) secretes some cannabinoids and resin, in order to attract pollen produced by male cannabis plants, and then produce seeds.

In terms of CBD cannabis flower production, growers use seedless cannabis genetics. These CBD cannabis strains also have a high level of CBD: cannabidiol, and a very low level of THC: tetrahydrocannabinol. Keep in mind that in the cannabis and CBD market, the seedless flower is the best option.

Remember, not all inflorescences contain the same levels of CBD. The exact percentage depends on two factors: the strain of each plant, and the cultivation method. Usually, these types of high CBD marijuana come from specially treated plants. These cannabis plants produce larger buds and maintain a high CBD profile, in order not to exceed the legal thc level.

In 2019, we continue to wonder whether CBD is legal and whether CBD products are legal in Europe. The short answer is yes: CDB is legal in Europe in 2019!  

Our CBD flowers are sold after laboratory testing to certify the THC levels (THC -0.2%) following the EU law.

All JustBob products are compliant with European laws on hemp cultivation:

  • The European Decree No. 639-2014;
  • The European Regulation 1307/2013.

According to the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), industrial hemp laws says that CBD-rich hemp cultivation is legal in the UK in 2019.

Hemp-based CBD oil is also legal in the UK if it contains less than 0.2% of THC.

European regulations are directly applicable in all states of the European Union, and therefore also in the UK.

The products we sell contain little THC, which tends to be zero. These products are for technical use or for collectors. We are not responsible for any other purpose. We can only make sure that they are 100% natural, organic, regulation compliant and free of heavy metals, pesticides, or chemical treatments.

The CBD weed, or cannabis flowers, sold on the online Weed Shop JustBob.shop is related to natural and organic products, with great fragrances.

Many customers are asking if they can smoke CBD flowers. The CBD products can be used in various ways by our customers. However, we advise and sell them as products for technical use, research, collector’s items, or as air fresheners. So, to comply with legal requirements, Justbob cannot give you any different indications on how to use your CBD flowers.

When we talk about CBD cannabis cultivation, we have to understand the different methods of farming, that also affect the quality and the price of the cannabis buds.

We can distinguish 3 cultivation methods:


It defines the cannabis crops developed in a dedicated space. Such crops only use artificial light and producers can recreate all the environmental conditions that affect the plant and the flower growth. Besides, by growing indoors, farmers can also produce in wintertime without any weather or seasonal restriction.
Generally, indoor marijuana cultures are the most valuable and are higher in quality. Thanks to the enormous amount of energy and resources required for this production methodology. The price is therefore higher than the others. 


These modern productions are a sort of middle ground between the Indoor and the Greenhouse CBD cannabis crops. Glasshouse culture is the latest technique to grow cannabis plants.
Most plants are now grown in glasshouses, as they are a kind of unique greenhouses of the newest generation. The glasshouses are often made of glass structures and farmers use a combination of artificial and natural light to allow production throughout the year.


It refers to Hemp grown in greenhouses using natural light. The greenhouses can be very different from each other in terms of shapes and sizes. In this category, we include only the CBD productions that do not exploit artificial light in any way. Through the greenhouse, you can spread 2 or 3 cycles per year, but still, it will be almost impossible to grow in the winter season.


Outdoor cannabis plants are the “classic” outdoor crops. Unfortunately, this production technique does not allow an effective control of the plant’s life cycle, and often, the flowers grown in this way are not as “nice” and productive. Outdoor cannabis crops also fail to develop high levels of CBD. Besides, with this cultivation method only one round of production per year can be carried out. For this reason, JustBob decided not to sell Outdoor CBD flowers.

Thanks to the experience in the cannabis industry, Justbob set up for you the most exclusive and unique selection of the best legal cannabis high CBD flowers. Our experts imagined these modern strains panels based on the most wanted CBD buds and legal cannabis.

On JustBob.shop, you will find the best “well-known weed” such as California Haze, Do-Si-Dos, Gorilla Glue and White Widow… but also Charas or Bourbouka for your CBD hashish selection.

Are you new in the CBD cannabis universe? Do you want to try as many strains as possible?

In Justbob there’s something for you! You will find the “discovery kits“.
These sets offer you multiple original and unique varieties of CBD Weed. So, be ready to make all your dreams true and select your favourite CBD Bud!

According to several studies, cannabinoids contained in your CBD cannabis flowers can remain stable for two years if the cannabis buds are correctly stored. So, for optimal long-term storage, you need to create the perfect environment.

If you want to keep your CBD cannabis for long, it’s essential to understand what kills the agents in your CBD buds.

The Light

Many factors can cause the degradation of the cannabis flower. Still, the most critical factor is the light. So, when storing your cannabis, keep the CBD flowers out of direct contact with any light source.


Another critical factor in the long-term storage of cannabis is the oxygen level. Your cannabis flowers don’t like getting too much oxygen, because it leads to active agents’ degradation.
However, an insufficient oxygen level can also affect the humidity grade, and thus lead to mold.
One of the best solutions to create better storage, both airtight and beneficial of your CBD cannabis, is the use of boxes that wholly and quickly enclose cannabis flowers. It’s essential to choose a suitable size one.


Mold and moisture go hand in hand, so to prevent it, you need to keep your CBD cannabis flowers dry. However, a good quality CBD cannabis flower cannot be too dry. Otherwise, you will cause the degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids. It is, therefore, essential to maintain correct moisture levels for the long-term storage of cannabis.


High temperatures can make the buds to dry and the terpene can evaporate. The result? dense smoke and unpleasant flavor. That’s why most people recommend storing cannabis in a “cool and dark” place, in order to create the right conservation environment.

JustBob is a company selling the high-quality CBD weeds and therefore it follows the European Law. Justbob.shop distributes CBD cannabis flowers and high-quality CBD oil coming from organic hemp (with a THC level below 0.2%), in line with current EU legislation.
According to the new set of European laws, hemp and cannabis are legal if their THC level remains under 0.2% level.
JustBob takes great care to check products at all steps, from selection to delivery. They are also controlled by independent laboratories and are, therefore, in line with European laws. Every lot of JustBob CBD flowers are granted by lab analysis.
Our goal is to provide the best quality of CBD marijuana and cannabis products at competitive prices.

JustBob sets up various platforms to purchasing CBD marijuana products, with an English platform on JustBob.shop. Here, everything is simple, fast, discreet and secure.

Choose CBD flowers and other products from the JustBob.shop site pages and add them to your shopping cart.
Remember that for each product, JustBob’s experts also give you essential references and information to better select and facilitate your order.
Fill up your basket with the best CBD flowers, CBD hashish, or whatever you need, fill in your delivery information and proceed with the payment with a credit or debit card.
Your order is complete. JustBob team will then take care of the rest to send you the order quickly.

Online, you often hear about CBD. So, let’s get up to date and clear about it. The “Cannabidiol” or CBD, is one of the most abundant cannabinoids found in hemp, or CBD cannabis.
It has been widely reported by the time that this molecule has several therapeutic properties, including the ability to relax the body.
Although CBD offers significant benefits for heath and well-being, it is always important to remember that CBD has no psychoactive properties, at the opposite of its closest friend: THC.

The active component of cannabidiol has also been analysed by the World Health Organization (WHO), and as published, they insist on the point that “CBD is not addictive” and that CBD “does not cause psychoactive or cardiovascular negative effects.” For the WHO, CBD has “promising therapeutic properties.”

If suddenly, we look back in time, we should remember that in China, the first cannabis harvests have more than 6,000 years.
Hemp and cannabis contain more than 400 natural compounds, including two main elements. (which elements?)
CBD cannabis offers all the beneficial effects of classic marijuana, rich in THC, but without the dark-side effects.
On the other side, all “classic” marijuana strains contain high levels of THC that can have too strong an effect, even if they contain the benefits of CBD.
So, to stave off the problems related to high concentrations of THC, JustBob offers the full spectrum CBD products, derived exclusively from the high-quality hemp plant. CBD cannabis is the only Sativa cannabis strain with a natural trace of THC offering a level under 0.2% THC and making so our CBD cannabis suitable for consumption, with in a total absence of psychotropic effects.

We also share our knowledge and experiences with you through blogs and articles posted regularly on our website.
You can learn more about the varieties for your online purchases of CBD cannabis on JustBob.shop.

JustBob also offers a selection of the best cannabis seeds on the market. Visit the pages of JustBob.shop website and choose from THC cannabis seeds imported directly from the United States with our partner BSF Seeds, the American leader in cannabis seeds.

Enjoy the quality of the products selected by JustBob, a choice of weed seeds from the best crosses. These are feminized seeds, self-flowering seeds, and even fast-growing seeds. As always, with all your online orders of THC cannabis seeds, you can enjoy the privacy granted express delivery service.

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