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Lemon Cheese, CBD flower

Lemon Cheese, also better known as Franco's Lemon Cheese in honor of the late breeder Franco Loja, is one of the best qualities of CBD flower in UK. This genetics turns out to be the favorite product among legal cannabis enthusiasts due to its high percentage of CBD, over 19% with a THC percentage that is lower than 0.2%.

Lemon Cheese, characteristics of this legal CBD cannabis

Lemon Cheese is a different variety than the Lemon Haze or Super Lemon Haze. This genetics is one of the first fruits of the Franco greenhouse, let's find out what its specific characteristics are. The fragrance of this CBD is very strong but at the same time it gives a really pleasant and delicate notes, for a feeling to try absolutely. Its taste is very soft with different fruity notes and a very citrusy aftertaste, with hints of lemons and oranges. Cannabis buds are presented with a characteristic green color, very clear and of medium size. This marijuana plant, also of medium size, has apical tops covered by numerous pistils ranging from orange to bright red. This particular conformation is due to a particular technique very widespread in the cultivation of cannabis with a high concentration of THC.

The GreenHouse cultivation of Lemon weed

Lemon weed comes from the greenhouse cultivation of the marijuana plant that takes place in Italy. In these specific environments for the ideal growth of the Lemon Cheese, a characteristic method is used that controls the presence of humidity. We use the most innovative and modern techniques in the CBD flower sector in UK, to guarantee the absolute quality of the final product. The plants are obviously to be considered NO GMOs. In fact fertilizers, pesticides or metals are not used in any way. Organic production brings out all the best features of Lemon Cheese in all its aspects.

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