Small Buds

CBD cannabis Small Buds emerges as a prominent choice for those seeking an economical product without sacrificing quality. With its small buds, this selection of CBD weed stands out for its price-quality ratio, satisfying those looking for the maximum value without compromising on excellence standards.

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  • Close-up of an Alpine CBG Small Budscbd bud with prominent trichomes and natural texture


    GreenHouse | CBG<17.5%

    Starting from: 0,35/g
    3 5 10 20 50 100 200 400
  • small buds mix cbd buds
    Max CBD


    GreenHouse | CBD<30%

    Starting from: 0,35/g
    5 10 20 50 100 200 400
  • Close-up of an Blueberry Small Buds cbd bud with prominent trichomes and natural texture


    GreenHouse | CBD<16.5%

    Starting from: 0,40/g
    3 5 10 20 50 100 200 400
  • bubblegum cbd weed


    Indoor | CBD<22%

    Starting from: 0,45/g
    5 10 20 50 100 200 400
  • gg4 cbd boost cbd weed


    Glasshouse  | CBD<40%

    420 SALE -20%

    Starting from: 0,65 0,50/g
    5 10 20 50 100 200 400
  • Close-up of an CALIFORNIA HAZE cbd bud with prominent trichomes and natural texture


    Indoor | CBD<21%

    Starting from: 0,50/g
    3 5 10 20 50 100 200 400
  • CBD Flowers of HQ cbd boost quality


    Indoor | CBD<45%

    Starting from: 0,70/g
    3 5 10 20 50 100 200 400

The CBD Flowers with the best price-quality ratio

Within the CBD Small Buds category, you will find all the varieties sold in the “Small” size, meaning between 0.5 and 1.5 cm.

For some varieties, this selection process involves the hand-sifting of historical strains from JustBob (such as Bubblegum or California Haze), separating only the CBD flowers with a size smaller than 1.5 cm.

This selection method was first introduced by JustBob in 2019 with the aim of creating a collection of small CBD buds that maintained the same quality as larger flowers but at a much more affordable price.

Recent studies have also revealed that in the selection of small buds, there is often a higher concentration of “usable flower” as the stem and waste are significantly reduced due to the conformation and size of the Small Buds.

Given the tremendous success achieved by the initial Small Buds, JustBob has subsequently developed dedicated cultivations focused on small CBD flower production, further reducing costs while enhancing quality. An example of this is the first arrival of 2024: the Blueberry Small Buds.

The success and large-scale cultivations have made JustBob’s Small Buds the most affordable legal cannabis varieties in Europe, despite the consistently high level of quality guaranteed by JustBob.

All productions from which the Small Buds originate are state-of-the-art, thanks to the experience and development carried out over the years by JustBob. The cultivations are inspired by organic farming and adhere to strict HCCP protocols.

What does Small Buds mean?

The term “Small Buds” generally refers to a selection of smaller CBD flowers, typically with a size not exceeding 1.5 cm

This English term was first coined by JustBob in 2019 and has since become widely used in the field of Legal Cannabis. This selection is made across multiple varieties, allowing for different types of CBD Cannabis in this innovative format, from Small Mix to CBD Boost.

Small Buds products have been the most successful over the years because they manage to offer high-quality CBD Cannabis at a low price.

Why do Small Buds only have small flowers?

Legal weed varieties in the Small Buds category exclusively feature smaller flowers. After the hand-cleaning phase, batches of Light Cannabis go through sifters that separate the smaller-sized flowers. These are then hand-cleaned once again before the final packaging.

The separation of larger CBD flowers from smaller ones has, on one hand, allowed the sale of larger flowers at a higher price (due to the offered selection), and on the other hand, the sale of CBD Cannabis at lower prices in the small flower selections.

In recent years, JustBob has developed cultivations specifically designed to produce smaller flowers to meet the significant market demand for this type of product.

What differences do Small Buds have compared to “normal” CBD Cannabis?

The only difference with “normal” varieties of Legal Cannabis lies in the size of the flowers, selected not to exceed 1.5 cm.

Over time, it has been studied that even though the flower size is smaller, the quantity of cannabinoids, trichomes, and terpenes remains unchanged. In fact, many studies have highlighted how Small CBD Buds often contain a higher concentration of “usable flower” since the stem and waste are significantly reduced due to the conformation and size of the small flowers.

Within the Small Buds category, you can also find different varieties that differ in aesthetics, cannabinoid percentage, aroma, and cultivation type. Everyone can find their ideal product in this category!

What is CBD Boost?

CBD Boost is a category of cbd weed genetics with extremely high levels of cannabidiol.

This high percentage is achieved through a specific process developed by JustBob in collaboration with some trusted producers. Using this method, significant amounts of cannabinoids can be added during the flowering phase of the plant, resulting in unprecedented outcomes.

CBD Boost varieties are the Legal Cannabis strains with the highest CBD content in Europe and have been successfully marketed exclusively by JustBob since 2021.

Within this category, you can find the Small Buds selection from different CBD Boost cultivations; this allows you to purchase CBD Cannabis with the highest CBD content in Europe at the best price.

What is CBG?

In the hemp plant flower, there are over a hundred natural cannabinoids. Besides CBD, now considered the most important in the plant, another noteworthy cannabinoid is CBG.

Both CBG and CBD belong to the family of phytocannabinoids because they are produced by the plant and not directly by the human body (endocannabinoids). CBG is the first active compound to develop in the hemp plant, specifically in the trichomes of the flower; it is also present in “normal” CBD flowers, but generally in percentages lower than 1%.

Since 2021, innovative cultivations aiming to develop unprecedented levels of CBG have been established in Europe and France, thanks to incredible advancements in hemp cultivation methods in recent years. JustBob has exclusively developed various greenhouse genetic strains that can release very high levels of CBG (around 20%) with CBD lower than usual (below 10%).

In this category, you can find the Alpine CBG Small Buds; obtained from cultivations specially designed to produce small-sized flowers with a high CBG content.

Are they exclusive JustBob products?

All the genetics featured in this category are exclusively cultivated for JustBob and can be purchased solely through this online shop.

The innovative cultivation techniques employed for these productions have been developed by JustBob in collaboration with specialized producers and are currently in the patenting phase.

Where were Small Buds invented?

The idea of selecting and selling batches of smaller flowers was an insight developed by JustBob in 2019/2020. This occurred when the boom in the Legal Cannabis market successfully brought hemp to a wide audience of consumers who became more demanding and diverse.

The significant demand for low-priced CBD Cannabis led JustBob to create products that matched the quality of “normal” cbd cannabis but with more affordable prices, making it accessible to everyone.

JustBob’s inspiration actually comes from a practice long used in Dutch Coffee Shops or clubs in Spain: the sale of remaining jar contents at a lower price. In fact, when a jar is about to run out and only smaller flowers, even if cleaned, remain inside, a substantial discount is usually applied to entice the customer to purchase. The strong demand for these “leftovers” from regular consumers inspired JustBob to create something similar in the CBD market: Small Buds.

Why buy Small Buds?

As mentioned earlier, Small Buds are sold at an unbeatable price, which is difficult to compare with the cost of larger flowers. Despite being the CBD Cannabis with the lowest price on the market, they maintain an exceptionally high level of quality and cleanliness, guaranteed by their large quantities.

Regular customers of JustBob almost always exclusively purchase Small Buds, as they can achieve the maximum that CBD Weed can offer at the lowest price.


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