The best CBD Weed and legal hash in just one kit!

  • Kit of 5 cbd weed products

    KIT TEST 5

    5g of the best genetics 

  • Kit with 8 products of CBD Flowers

    KIT TEST 8

    8g of the best genetics 

  • 12 cbd buds of legal weed

    KIT TEST 12

    12g of the best genetics

  • Fruit Kit 12 gr 4 genetics of CBD weed


    12 grams of the best 4 genetics

  • Test Kit GH of 15 grams CBD Weed for 3 different Strains

    KIT GH

    15 grams of CBD marijuana

  • Test Kit INDOOR for 15 grams CBD Weed of 4 different Strains


    20 grams of light cannabis

  • Kit of 5 packs of CBD Oil Sensitiva

    KIT Sensitiva Oil

    The best CBD Oil THC free


JustBob: Try new CBD Products Kit!

Just landed in JustBob online shop the best CBD products, THC free, deriving from such natural and wholesome ingredients.

JustBob idea has been to combine these amazing products in different Kit, for a very convenient price.

In our shop you can find legal Hashish and CBD Oil, both THC free.

In particular, the CBD Hash, made of vegetable compounds and micronized powders, does not derive from hemp at all, therefore there are not even a trace of THC. It is indeed a very innovative mixture, soft to the touch and to which terpenes and cannabidiol are added. Terpenes give the characteristic taste and fragrance, while CBD gives a relaxing feeling in the whole body.

It is worth trying them all in just one Kit, because each of these hashes is a unique mix of flavor and aroma, thus arousing distinct kinds of sensorial experiences.

For this reason, JustBob included some legal Hashish Kit in its catalogue, for you to get the chance to try and enjoy the different varieties on our shop and relish the feelings given by them! Maybe, you will find your favorite one, but more probably you’ll love them all!

For what CBD Oil are concerned, JustBob showcases a selection of Sensitiva Oil, characterized because they mingle the beneficial effects of CBD with the pleasant and subtle taste of Coconut CMT Oil. The result is a product that can be appreciated by everyone and suitable for a daily use.

This will come with JustBob’s efficient services: express delivery and a customer service ready to help you in any occasion. What is left it’s just to enjoy a relaxing moment for yourself!



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