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JustBob offers the best qualities of CBD Hash with high CBD content. The famous hashes, from which they take their name, are repurposed on our catalog in their cannabidiol-rich version and with a THC content < 0.2%.You just have to choose your favourite CBD Hash.

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  • cbd hash charas
    Max CBD


    CBD HASH | CBD < 40%

    FLASH SALE -10%

    Starting from: 1,70 1,50/g
    3 5 10 20 50 100
  • Burbuka tablet legal hash
    Max CBD


    CBD HASH | CBD < 35%

    Starting from: 1,50/g
    3 5 10 20 50 100
  • Pakistano cbd hash
    Max CBD


    CBD HASH | CBD <45%

    FLASH SALE -10%

    Starting from: 1,95 1,75/g
    5 10 20 50 100
  • cbd hash red-lebanese
    Max CBD


    CBD HASH | CBD < 42%

    Starting from: 1,90/g
    5 10 20 50 100
  • cbd-hash-primero


    CBD HASH | CBD < 65%

    Starting from: 2,20/g
    3 5 10 20 50 100
  • afghan gold tablet legal hash
    Max CBD


    CBD HASH | CBD < 50%

    Starting from: 2,60/g
    5 10 20 50 100
  • MOONROCK-cbd-buds
    New Lot
    New Lot


    Extracts | CBD < 75%

    FLASH SALE -20%

    Starting from: 2,00 1,60/g
    3 5 10 20 50 100
  • icerock-cbd-buds
    New Lot
    New Lot


    Extracts | CBD < 90%

    Starting from: 2,10/g
    3 5 10 20 50 100

Best qualities of legal Hash with high CBD content

JustBob legal hash is rich in CBD, whose effects are combined with a strong and impressive fragrance.

For its store collection, JustBob’s legal Hashish is presented as a vegetable compound derived from hemp, to which pure CBD crystals have been added. The CBD Hash product, simulates and recalls the famous Hashish from which it takes its name, although it is derived from cannabis plants.

Different among themselves for what aspect, perfume and savor is concerned, each kind of the legal hash in our catalogue combines a splendid taste with compelling effects, due to the high CBD content.

To manufacture these types of hashish, we exclusively rely on farms which work with organic and natural methods and the result is an innovative product: a vegetable compound, empowered with isolated CBD.

Play it safe with JustBob excellence to very reasonable prices! In just 24/48h the order will be with you!

Among the many products in our catalogue, the legal hash is surely the most innovative one. The product is a completely natural compound, to which CBD crystals are added, to reach high concentration levels of this beneficial substance.

There are different kind of hashish extraction methods, depending on the tradition of the region from which it comes from. Mainly, it is possible to distinguish between the north African region and the one which comprehends India, Pakistan, Nepal, and some other Medio Oriental countries (such as Afghanistan with the afghan hash).

Unlike the traditional Hashish processing methods, JustBob’s legal Hashish is presented as a vegetable compound not derived from hemp, to which pure CBD crystals have been added. The CBD Hash product, sold for technical or collector use, simulates and recalls the famous Hashish from which it takes its name, although it is completely THC-free and not derived from cannabis plants. This product is not a smoking product; its recommended use is for collectors, research or as a deodorant for rooms and / or clothing.

All kinds of legal hashish offered on JustBob shop are sold for technical or collections use, to preserve the genetics through time. This is also what it is indicated and suggested on the packaging, which is especially thought for the product’s storage. Therefore, any other usage does not fall into our liability.

No maximum limits, on the contrary, for CBD levels, which are especially high in hashish: scientific researches highlight that this substance has many beneficial and therapeutic effects. Therefore, it is not considered as a narcotic substance in UK, where it was eliminated from the forbidden drug list.

When these conditions are met, hashish is freely marketable, with the sole ban for people underage.

JustBob recipe for success lays on raw materials’ high quality, a strict control on the processing methods and a full respect of the European laws, together with a packaging which ensures a long preservation of the product and our famous express delivery.

We get the vegetable compound, to which the CBD crystals are added, only from organic crops, where nor fertilizers or pesticides are used; after that each batch of product is checked by a test lab, to certify quality and respect of the English and European laws. No product enters our shop if not after this procedure.

Then, with the vacuum-sealed packaging, where pressure and temperature are specifically predisposed for storage, that we provide you can be sure that the legal hashish that you will receive will not get ruined for a long time.

Moreover, by subscribing to our newsletter, you will get a weekly discount on a different product each time, together with some special promos from time to time!

Our review section is the perfect space for you to tell us your experience with our shop, but also an occasion for you to check how other people thought about us: this is how you will be absolutely sure that JustBob was the right choice!

The best way to maintain the freshness and softness of your product, while also keeping intact the effect and aroma that distinguish it, it is advisable to leave the package in a cool and dry place. All the substances contained in the legal hashish, such as CBD and terpenes and other compounds, are more likely to scatter when exposed to direct light and high temperatures.

Once opened, to prevent hashish from deteriorating for contact with the external environment, you must try to recreate the ideal conditions set for JustBob packaging. Therefore make treasure of the following guidelines: keep the CBD hashish possibly in a dark place, or in any case far from direct sources of light and heat, with an approximatively constant temperature, at least without sudden swings; also, the preferable humidity is around 9%. The latter figure is particularly relevant to avoid the formation of mold or fungi on the products.

Following these indications is the key to preserve your JustBob legal hash for a long time, even for a couple of months after the opening!

Express delivery is one of our greatest strengths. As soon as you have completed your order, we will start immediately with your order elaboration and within 24 hours it will be taken over by the courier.

You can choose between paying on delivery or paying directly online by credit or debit card on our website. In any case, shipping cost will be included in your purchase price, if the order’s value is 60€ or more!

The couriers in charge of our delivery service were chosen for their speed and because they were able to guarantee a safe shipment throughout the whole trip. More specifically, with these collaborators, delivery takes 24h from the moment the parcel was collected from our office.

In just 24h your order will arrive at the address you have given us! What more could you want?

You will never lose sight of it.

First, you will receive an email when the order preparation phase is finished, which means that it is ready to go.

By the same means, you will be notified by the courier when he has taken charge of your shipment and he will also provide you with a tracking code. With this, you can check all the data relating to your package and you will be able to follow it all along the way.

On the day of the delivery, you will receive a SMS and an email to warn you that your parcel is about to arrive!

The same attention to transparency towards you in case of delays or variations in the shipment, for any reason. You will be contacted immediately, so that we can find a shared solution to any inconvenient.

For any problem that you may experience with our services, if you have any questions to ask and even in case you face any kind of inconvenient with products and/or your account, you can rely on a quick response from JustBob customer care service open mon-fri from 10 am to 5 pm, using the following contacts:

– email address: info@justbob.shop;

– on Facebook – Messenger

Also why don’t you add yours to our reviews? Thanks to the contribute and suggestions of our costumers we are able to constantly improve.

We respond to the high demand for our products with an express delivery service operative in almost all the European states! Sending packages in foreign countries has never been a problem for JustBob and we guarantee that it will take 48h from the purchase to get you order in your hand!

Below, a list country by country of those that are reached by JustBob express delivery:

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Sure! Both the collection of data for the purchase phase and the shipping service are all focused on privacy rights protection of our customers.

The package does not present any recognizable signs, nor our name or brand, so the owner will be the only one to know its contents. Furthermore, the packaging is designed in such a way that there is no risk of tampering or damage. The shipment of Justbob is not only fast, but also safe and anonymous!!


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