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all you need to know about CBD

Cannabis is a unique plant, very rich in different chemical substances. It also has a large number of cannabinoids such as cannabinol and tetrahydrocannabidiol. THC and CBD are certainly the ones that stand out for quantity in cannabis sativa and indica inflorescences, but the process undertaken to consider them separately was no small feat. It […]

Natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety

Find out how to combat insomnia caused by anxiety (without drugs) effectively and quickly Insomnia, mainly when triggered by anxiety, can be very difficult to manage. To counteract anxiety and get a better night’s sleep, many people begin to take courses in yoga, meditation or a more balanced lifestyle. However, usually, when you get under […]

The best natural anxiolytics

Herbal teas, mother tinctures and drops for anxiety: here are some of the best remedies offered by nature Anxiety is a state of mind that nowadays affects more people than you might imagine. When it occurs, the sufferer experiences a mixture of feelings ranging from fear to agitation and often includes a range of symptoms […]

The 5 benefits of cannabis creams

Have you heard of cannabis creams? Find out why they’re so successful and what they’re suitable for. Innovative ingredients periodically appear in the cosmetics industry, promising to improve the quality of the skin like never. It is the time of legal hemp, a plant with a thousand properties that are making a big splash and […]

What are CBD drops and their benefits

More about cbd drops: definition, positive effects, use, and contraindications Since the expansion of the legal hemp sector, more and more cannabidiol (CBD) products are available on the market. There is CBD hash, CBD oil, CBD creams, herbal teas… And then there are CBD drops. Have you heard of them? If you wonder what this […]

Cost and characteristics of CBD oil

Cost and ideal characteristics of cbd oil: here’s how to choose the best natural pain reliever More and more people are aware of the benefits that CBD oil can bring to the body, both as a relaxant and as an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agent. Despite this, many connoisseurs of CBD cannabis derivatives do not know […]

Oil for muscular pains

Are you looking for an oil for muscle pain? Why CBD oil could be your best ally. If you exercise intensively or generally exert yourself in various daily activities, you may experience muscle pain in the hours that follow. If the physical pain prevents you from moving with ease, it may be necessary to intervene […]

CBD oil for neck pain

More on CBD oil for neck pain: find out how to use it, in what quantities, and whether it works. Burning, stiffness, dizziness, headaches… These are just some symptoms associated with neck pain, a condition that periodically leads many people to seek a variety of remedies. You or someone close to you has probably been […]

The new coalition in Germany will liberalize cannabis

This liberalisation is one of the flagship measures of the coalition agreement between the three Social Democratic, Green and Liberal parties, presented on Wednesday, which will succeed Angela Merkel in the coming weeks. A mini-revolution in the country. The new coalition government that will take over Germany announced on Wednesday, 24 November, to legalise cannabis. […]

The government in Germany has announced that it will legalise cannabis to protect young people

The future coalition government in Germany announced on Wednesday that it wants to legalise cannabis to control the “quality” of the substances and fill the state coffers. A new policy that is opposed to the French government. It is official: Europe’s most populous country will legalise cannabis. The future coalition government in Germany consisting of […]