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all you need to know about CBD

Cannabis is a unique plant, very rich in different chemical substances. It also has a large number of cannabinoids such as cannabinol and tetrahydrocannabidiol. THC and CBD are certainly the ones that stand out for quantity in cannabis sativa and indica inflorescences, but the process undertaken to consider them separately was no small feat. It […]

Here are the main clarifications on amber trichomes

Clarifications on hemp amber trichomes: what do they indicate? What to do if they do not appear? Here are the main clarifications. In CBD cannabis plants, trichomes have a fundamental role: they are responsible for the production of the resin, in which cannabinoids are contained (such as CBD) and based on their appearance they give […]

The CBG approved by Europe in cosmetics.

Cbg approved as a cosmetic by the european union: here are the details At the beginning of 2021, another breakthrough was made in the world of CBD cannabis: cannabigerol, or CBG, was recently added to the list of ingredients permitted for use in cosmetics.  This cannabis derivative is surely not well known (certainly less so […]

The main cosmetic properties recognized to hemp

Hemp and cosmetics: discover all the incredible properties of hemp on the body, face, and hair The cultivation of legal hemp, in addition to having a wide space for the realisation of products such as hashish and CBD oil, bioplastics, and products for the textile sector, is increasingly successful in the cosmetics sector. In fact, […]

Thus marijuana conquers the auto industry

Marijuana and the automotive industry: sustainable cars of the future are increasingly a reality Although hemp plants have always been demonised because of the presence of THC (the psychotropic substance that is illegal in many parts of the world), today, with the cultivation of legal hemp with a high CBD content, things are changing considerably. […]

Can hemp be a fuel or is it a utopia?

Hemp as fuel: is it possible or is it a utopia? Here’s what the research says We usually hear about cannabis and cannabis light regarding to the effects of their substances on humans, but since ancient times these plants have also been used to make products and materials for other purposes. In addition to producing […]

Hemp plastic comes in handy against microplastic pollution.

Hemp can be made into bio-plastic: find out more about this material that is crucial for the health of our planet. Nowadays, in addition to the many studies carried out on the molecules and substances contained in the hemp and CBD cannabis plants, there has also been more focus on the characteristics of its fibres […]

In the US, vaccines with CBD are encouraged

News from the usa: find out how cbd was mentioned to encourage people to vaccinate themselves against the coronavirus In the past year, during the pandemic caused by the spread of the coronavirus, it seems that the purchase of CBD cannabis has increased so much worldwide.  But who would have thought that marijuana would be […]