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White widow legal marijuana

All the characteristics of the White Widow marijuana: aroma, taste and effects. White Widow: what is it? Among the most famous varieties of CBD flower there is the White Widow, created by Green House, in the Netherlands, in the 1995. It Became immediately famous for the white coloring of the leaves in the flowering period, […]

Sweet berry is a type of CBD cannabis with sweet and fruited aroma. Discover everything about it. Sweet Berry is a type of CBD cannabis characterized by a fruity aroma and flavor. Belonging to the purple category, due to the purple color of the inflorescences, the legal Sweet Berry marijuana is cultivated using cutting-edge agricultural […]

The marijuana cbd plant

All the benefits and uses of this hemp considered by many “Miraculous”. The marijuana plant: a bit of history. The tradition of cannabis cultivation has a long history behind it. His history does not, of course, begin with CBD flower, as until the 1940s the concentration of marijuana THC was not generally condemned. In fact, […]

Is the sale of CBD oil allowed in Italy and in other states? CBD oil is an extract of the cannabis plant, obtained through the steam distillation of inflorescences. The proceeds of this first process is a crude substance that contains all the terpenes of marijuana, from which then, with a CO2 extraction method, purified […]

the Northern Lights cannabis

Probably the most popular among the types available in the market. That’s why the Northern Lights is the most favorite hemp! The unquestionable success of CBD cannabis in recent times has meant that the market was able to meet the needs of most customers by offering a wide choice of certified, quality varieties with specific […]

Here are the features that distinguish a superlative CBD oil from a poor quality one. Do you want to be sure of using the best CBD oil on the market, so as to best benefit from the effects of cannabidiol? In this article we will explain how to distinguish an excellent CBD oil from a […]

ripe marijuana cbd

How to recognize the mature marijuana and avoid collecting it too late. You bought CBD weed seeds, you got everything you needed to plant them, grow them and enjoy the results of your work. Except that you have a terrible doubt that haunts you: “How can I understand when the time is right for the […]

Mango kush marijuana: effects and characteristics of this unmissable hemp quality (to try!) Would you like to try a variety of CBD weed with tropical scents, which you perhaps postpone to … Mango? Then the Mango Kush marijuana is the one for you! Let’s discover all its features together. Introducing the Mango Kush marijuana Mango […]

the effects of cbd cannabis

Legal CBD marijuana: what it is, what the law says in Italy and what are the effects of cbd cannabis. The so-called legal CBD marijuana (also known as CBD cannabis and, in an informal way, legal hemp) is a product of the female inflorescences of hemp, a plant that is part of the genus Cannabis […]

What is legal CBD marijuana

Legal CBD marijuana: what it is and what are the effects and benefits of using legal CBD cannabis. Legal CBD marijuana in Italy Thousands of years ago, as you can imagine, there was no distinction between legal CBD and marijuana. Cannabis, probably born in Central Asia about 10,000 years ago, was commonly used for food […]