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What is the red marijuana, characteristics and effects Those who do not know the world of hemp well can end up believing that this huge reality is limited to illegal Marijuana and CBD Cannabis. But the reality of Cannabis is vast and collects multiple aspects, not only those dedicated to the use of this for combustion. […]

Psychosis and light marijuana

Legal marijuana could attend the symptoms of psychosis. Here’s what the last searches say. The fear of what we do not know, of what we do not possess secure and reliable information is absolutely normal. This is why the so-called urban legends are born, which spread like wildfire in a short time. Among these, there […]

###CBD oil, ideal for insomnia, stress and difficulty falling a sleep

The benefits of CBD CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second main metabolite contained in cannabis. Unlike THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, it is not a psychoactive substance, which is why it is not subject to the same restrictions. It is therefore available, usually in the form of CBD oil, even in countries where the recreational use of […]

The cynophilist use of cbd oil. Is it really indicated for dogs? The beneficial properties of CBD oil are now the subject of various researches, to the point that its use has extended to very different fields. It has been discovered, in fact, that it produces positive effects not only on our body, but it […]

Are there contraindications about the use of CBD oil? Let’s discover it together Cannabis oil is a product derived from cannabidiol, one of the main active principles of cannabis. The CBD is currently at the center of attention of the scientific community since it is a substance that does not cause psychoactive effects (therefore completely […]

What is marijuana silver haze, how to recognize it from other types and what are its features. For some time you have been interested in the world of legal marijuana, you have put together a little experience and learned to understand more at a first glance, but you are not happy and you want to […]

Fear of the urine examination? Find out for how long marijuana remains in the blood One of the most frequent questions among consumers of hemp (as you can imagine not only legal weed) concerns the permanence of traces of THC in the blood. For many it is not rare to undergo drug tests or urine […]

Authorized dealers, physical stores and online. Here it is where you can buy legal marijuana in the UK now. The legal weed phenomenon has been very successful in our country, so that specific sales points have been created: grow shops, seed shops and websites specialized in selling certified and quality products, such as justbob.it. Buying […]

marijuana therapeutic effects cover image

What are the beneficial effects of the marijuana light and how to use it at the best With an expanding market and a greater dissemination of information in this regard, now CBD cannabis  is at the center of debates and discussions to understand what are the concrete benefits it brings to consumers. The active principles […]