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the genetics of California Haze legal marijuana

Sour Diesel & classic Haze: this is how the irreplaceable California Haze comes to life. The legal CBD marijuana California Haze is one of the most respected and oldest strains of the cannabis world, appreciated by connoisseurs for both its appearance and for its aroma and taste. Its medium to large inflorescences are green (usually […]

Legal marijuana cbd and GlassHouse cultivation

Glasshouse: the organic cultivation that gives life to the Sweet Berry marijuana without any heavy metals and gmos. What is GlassHouse legal marijuana growing? The GlassHouse method is a type of plant cultivation, including legal weed, which involves controlled greenhouse growth. It is one of the methods used by the companies that produce some of […]

The enigmatic birth of White Widow genetics hides many mysteries, here they are in detail. The White Widow is undoubtedly one of the most famous strains ever marketed, which has successfully reached the market of CBD flower. Since its inception in 1994, White Widow has started to stand out among numerous other cannabis strains. The […]

CBD cannabis is 100% legal in italy

Senator Matteo Mantero declares “Guys; we did it! Under 0.2% THC, hemp cannot be considered illegal.” It took 15 hours to the Budget Commission to finally approve the pro-CBD cannabis amendment in Italy, changing the rules and laws for Europe and the UK. After months of instability, mostly wanted by the ex-Minister of the Interior […]

the origins of gorilla glue legal marijuana

Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. Here are the genetics behind the Gorilla Glue marijuana. The CBD cannabis strain of Gorilla Glue is one of the legal weed varieties the most appreciated of our online store. It is enchanting even to look at it: the medium-sized buds have a light green colour with orange […]

Do Si Dos cannabis light genetics and origins

Kush breath: the “Mother” strain of the Do Si Dos! The CBD flower Do Si Dos is a popular variety of all cannabis connoisseurs. It is a hybrid variety with indica predominance, whose origin strain (OGKB, also known with the simpler term Kush Breath) is apparent among its characteristics. The appearance of Do Si Dos […]

Legal marijuana Do Si Dos characteristics and specifications. Do Si Dos … Do you hear what a beautiful sound? It is that of CBD weed with a very particular name, taste and scent, highly appreciated by all admirers of CBD cannabis, many of whom could designate this new strain as their favourite. It is an […]

Features and specifications of the CBD cannabis Melon Kush. When we talk about CBD flower, we know that there are more popular varieties than others. The Melon Kush is one of them: young and sparkling, born in Europe in the last few years, teases the cannabis connoisseurs with its aroma and its variety of flavours. […]

Marijuana light California Haze

California Haze marijuana characteristics and specifications. When it comes to CBD flower, the California Haze is one of the most popular varieties, whose original strain was born in the 60s right in the Californian territory. The excellent 100% Sativa Haze has its beginnings in Santa Cruz, California, where long seasons have hosted its long flowering […]