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all you need to know about CBD

Cannabis is a unique plant, very rich in different chemical substances. It also has a large number of cannabinoids such as cannabinol and tetrahydrocannabidiol. THC and CBD are certainly the ones that stand out for quantity in cannabis sativa and indica inflorescences, but the process undertaken to consider them separately was no small feat. It […]

What is it, formula and uses of Tetrahydrocannabivarin

The latest cannabinoid discovered: thcv. How does it behave? Recently, cannabis products have been enjoying increasing success, prompting a great deal of interest from the scientific community. Despite the substantial prejudice surrounding cannabis, this plant never ceases to amaze us and seems unwilling to settle for the label of a narcotic substance. Indeed, in addition […]

Can CBD oil for slimming be used?

Everything you want to know about the properties of cannabinol concerning weight regulation. Let’s be honest, CBD oil has recently become almost a fad in the health and wellness industry. Also known as cannabidiol, the second most popular active ingredient in cannabis, CBD is gaining popularity thanks to an extensive list of health benefits and […]

Vaping CBD with an electronic cigarette

Is it possible to vape cbd? What effects would it have on the organism? Cannabis, which has always been in the spotlight of countless ethical and moral debates, is finally beginning to take its revenge, thanks to the now undeniable beneficial properties of one of its main components in particular: CBD. Also known as cannabinol, […]

Science's opinion on cannabis versus covid.

Can the properties of cannabis also be useful in the treatment of covid-19? For several years now, medical cannabis treatments have been accepted and successfully employed in various states worldwide. The beneficial properties of marijuana seem to be effectively applicable in many medical contexts. However, with the need to curb the spread of Covid-19, some […]

Endocannabinoids what they are and effects

Responsible for homeostasis: the mechanism that regulates our physiological processes. Endocannabinoids are essential constituents of the endocannabinoid system. Through their action, the body manages a whole series of physiological processes that determine the maintenance of the delicate internal balance of the human body. Let’s see what they are and their role in the cannabinoid system. […]

What is CBD full spectrum oil?

Everything you should know about the potential of full-spectrum oil. Cannabis is often at the centre of heated debates, mainly because of the addictive effects it unleashes on those who use it. But recently, the benefits it brings are also finally receiving due attention. In particular, the beneficial properties of one of its two main […]

The benefits of the cannabis entourage effect

The uniqueness of cannabis components: more potent when combined. The entourage effect is just one of the curious discoveries concerning cannabis and its derivatives. There is a great deal of information on this singular phenomenon. However, while many acknowledge its existence, others would like indisputable proof. Let us begin by trying to understand what it […]

Cannabis edibles: what they are and effects

A short journey to discover cannabis edibles. If you are not new to the world of cannabis, you probably already know what we are talking about. But if not, fear not. Read on, and you will get your answers! Cannabis edibles, as their name suggests, are all those products that allow you to experience the […]