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all you need to know about CBD

Cannabis is a unique plant, very rich in different chemical substances. It also has a large number of cannabinoids such as cannabinol and tetrahydrocannabidiol. THC and CBD are certainly the ones that stand out for quantity in cannabis sativa and indica inflorescences, but the process undertaken to consider them separately was no small feat. It […]

Where is marijuana legal in Europe?

EUROPEAN COUNTRIES WHERE CANNABIS IS LEGAL (AND WHERE IT IS ILLEGAL) Although Italian (JustBob‘s country of origin) legislation on marijuana use is far from clear (and honestly, not very up to date), not all European countries are at the same level. Someone has allowed both the use and cultivation of CBD and high THC cannabis […]

Buds, stems, leaves? What else can you smoke besides marijuana buds?

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHAT YOU CAN SMOKE ON THE CANNABIS PLANT. Cannabis Sativa is a plant that was smoked and inhaled in ancient times during religious and traditional ceremonies. Nowadays, cannabis is used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. But what do we smoke from marijuana? Do you only […]

How is marijuana dried in industrial processes?

WONDERING HOW MARIJUANA IS DRIED IN INDUSTRIES? HERE IS THE ANSWER. Drying is an essential process which, in order not to compromise the quality of CBD cannabis, must be carried out correctly. There is no point in having excellent quality plants and inflorescences if drying too quickly would ruin the aromas, or drying too slowly […]

How to recognise high-quality marijuana?

YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO RECOGNISE HIGH-QUALITY MARIJUANA? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW. Quality marijuana versus bad marijuana: especially if you are not an expert, it can be difficult to tell them apart at a glance. It may seem trivial to you, but being able to buy a product of the highest quality can […]

What does marijuana do? These are the main effects.

ALL THE EFFECTS OF MARIJUANA: THIS IS WHAT IT DOES TO OUR BODY Marijuana is undoubtedly one of the most controversial substances today. Whether it is legal cannabis with a high CBD content, hashish or hemp Sativa with a high THC content – prohibition (for almost a century) is widespread in nearly every country in […]

How to recognise a marijuana plant?

ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO RECOGNISE A CANNABIS PLANT. Your curiosity for CBD cannabis knows no bounds, and now you want to know how to recognise a marijuana plant? Once you know the main characteristics, it is very easy to distinguish cannabis from other plants, but there are other features to discover, such as […]

Where can you find marijuana seeds to collect?

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHERE TO FIND MARIJUANA SEEDS. The CBD online cannabis market is so large that many people are excited about the product and wonder where they can find marijuana seeds to collect. Have you asked yourself the same question and would like to know more? We are […]

How to buy marijuana on the Internet (safely)?

WHERE AND HOW TO BUY MARIJUANA ON THE INTERNET IN A 100% LEGAL WAY? One of the biggest questions for those who want to buy CBD online is: “How to buy marijuana on the Internet? “. You have probably asked yourself the same question and decided to read this article to answer your doubts. Today […]