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drug testing and CBD weed UK

What is a drug test, how does it work and how many types of drug tests exist? If you are a CBD cannabis or marijuana with a high THC content user, you certainly have doubts about drug testing perhaps because the work or sport you do is to carry out a drug test to check […]

Dry mouth tips to manage

Here are the remedies to eliminate the dry mouth sensation after using cannabis. Dry mouth is one of the most common and troublesome side effects associated with the use of marijuana, cannabinoid drugs and – to a much lesser extent – CBD cannabis. This effect is due to anandamide (or simply AEA). It is a […]

real cannabis history

The entire cannabis history is divided into 5 epic phases and moments. If you’re wondering what the real cannabis history, you’ve come to the right place to find the answer! The cannabis plant is an ancient product, used by man in the most varied ways: from ceremonies to sacred rituals, from the creation of ropes, […]

Medical cannabis side effects

Does medical cannabis have side effects? Among the most important questions for those who, perhaps like you, intend to use marijuana for medical purposes, there is one in particular that concerns the possible adverse effects of this product: what are the side effects of medical cannabis We are not talking about CBD weed, legal hash […]

cannabis pipe what is

Everything you need to know about the cannabis pipe. The cannabis pipe is a device used to smoke marijuana or hashish (also CBD cannabis and legal hash), alone or with friends. It is an ancient tool: first cannabis pipes date back at least 4,000 years, although many are replacing it with the most common papers. […]

chemical hunger after marijuana

What is “chemical hunger”, why does it occur after consuming cannabis and what can you eat to soothe it? If you like CBD cannabis, or THC-rich cannabis, you will be familiar with cravings, a typical side effect of its use. But why are we so hungry after using marijuana? So hungry that you have to […]

CBD for seizures

The CBD effects to calm convulsions – this is what the University of North Carolina researches say. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid content in varying amounts in the “classic” cannabis flower, and high percentages in CBD cannabis and legal hash … unsurprisingly called CBD hash or CBD hashish. It is a compound produced by the […]

cannabis strains effects Dr Ethan Russo's research

Different effects for different cannabis varieties: Dr Ethan Russo’s research shows us the way it works. If you use conventional cannabis or CBD cannabis, you will have experienced different effects with different strains. Both in their psychoactivity and their beneficial and therapeutic properties. The scientific community believes that this difference is mainly due to THC. […]