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How hemp flour bread is prepared and its effects

Hemp sativa seeds can be used to make a delicious flour that is perfect for making bread with many beneficial properties Among hemp enthusiasts worldwide, interest in the various uses that can be made of the parts of this plant is always high. For this reason, we at Justbob often discuss the different uses of […]

How hemp cigarettes are produced and their effects

Everything you need to know about the preparation of cannabis cigarettes and their consumption The world of hemp includes different types of products, among which are marijuana, hashish, CBD oil and many others. Since this plant has several admirers who, in places where it is permitted by law, use its derivatives for recreational purposes, some […]

How hemp liqueur is made and its effects

Here is how this drink is made and what its effects are If you have a passion for hemp and its derivatives, you have heard of a liqueur called ‘Canapito’. Yes, that’s right: a cannabis liqueur. Are you curious about hemp liqueur and want to know how to make it at home? In the following […]

Can CBD really affect sex life?

Can cannabidiol have an impact on the quality of sexual relations? It would seem so The positive effects of cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic substance found in cannabis, are the focus of many scientists worldwide, and there seems to be little doubt about its benefits. Many people, however, wonder whether CBD can affect sex life, as we […]

How to recognise quality legal hashish

Here are the checks you can make to see when CBD hashish is of good quality Let’s face it: nobody likes to buy a product and realise they have wasted their money on a cheap item. In the area of CBD cannabis, this risk is quite rare, thanks to the stringent quality controls that characterise […]

Risks for the dog eating hashish

Here are the main symptoms of hashish intoxication in dogs and what to do to safeguard their health Although the law prohibits the purchase of hashish and similar products, with the exception of those based on so-called light cannabis, we cannot deny that numerous people still obtain these drugs. Unfortunately, it can happen that the […]