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How to buy marijuana on the Internet (safely)?

WHERE AND HOW TO BUY MARIJUANA ON THE INTERNET IN A 100% LEGAL WAY? One of the biggest questions for those who want to buy CBD online is: “How to buy marijuana on the Internet? “. You have probably asked yourself the same question and decided to read this article to answer your doubts. Today […]

Cannabis cuttings: What are they and what advantages do they offer?

GROWING CANNABIS CUTTINGS IS AN INTERESTING CHOICE FOR MANY REASONS, NOT LEAST IN TERMS OF SPEED COMPARED TO SEEDS. Cannabis cuttings are nothing more than cut branches of the mother plant that can be transplanted to give life to clones of the plant itself, to preserve the genetic heritage. The first choice for a professional […]

Hong Kong: Despite strict laws, the first CBD café is open!

THE FIRST CBD-CAFÉ OPENS ITS DOORS IN HONG KONG AND WELCOMES CUSTOMERS AND TOURISTS ATTRACTED BY THE SHOP’S FULL MENU In the Autonomous Region of China, Hong Kong, very strict rules apply to the possession, use and sale of marijuana. Specifically, possession of cannabis with high THC content is illegal. On the contrary, CBD cannabis […]

Made with cannabis: 3 things we can learn from the new Netflix series

FIND OUT HOW TO USE CANNABIS IN THE KITCHEN BY SIMPLY TURNING ON YOUR PC, TO ENJOY THE TIPS IN AN INTERESTING SERIES The world’s most popular streaming platform, Netflix, launched a new programme in April 2020 that focuses exclusively on marijuana. For amateurs, this is a perfect combination. Besides, “Made with Cannabis”, a programme […]

Cannabis ETFs: what are cannabis investment funds, and how do they work?

IS IT POSSIBLE TO INVEST IN MARIJUANA? IT IS HOW THE CBD CANNABIS COMPANIES BECAME PUBLIC. The pursuit of such a profitable financial activity requires the selection of companies with sufficient future growth margins. In this case, the legal marijuana market proves to be one of the most interesting, not least because of the various […]

role of marijuana resin in the cannabis plant

Why is resin important in marijuana and how does it affect smells and tastes? Marijuana resin is one of the main elements that conventional and CBD cannabis farmers seek to preserve during the growth of their crop. The resin plays a fundamental role in the growth of the plant itself, whether it is traditional or […]

Liquid marijuana and electronic cigarettes

Here are the legal marijuana e-liquids. Liquid marijuana for electronic cigarettes has been a hotly debated topic in the UK recently, with many people wondering whether it is produced with CBD weed or conventional marijuana. Another widespread doubt concerns the legality of this product. In this article, we will try to answer these questions and […]

non-legalisation of marijuana

Costs and consequences of banning marijuana. The cannabis legalisation has been one of the most debated subjects in recent years, both in the UK (particularly with the advent of CBD weed) and worldwide. Among the most common reasons put forward by those who do not want to legalise cannabis is the damage caused by marijuana, […]