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Use cbd oil to fight ansiety The positive effects of CBD oil have been studied for many years. With the start of legalization processes in America, in fact, the taboo posed by prohibition on cannabis and cannabinoids dissolved and science was able to resume a serious and targeted study on the active ingredients of the […]

all the differences hashish and marijuana

Here are the differences between hashish and marijuana, in the effects and benefits Often, the terms cannabis, hashish and marijuana are mistakenly used. Many people think that they are the same thing, when in truth it is not at all like that. The goal of this post is to clarify, explaining all the differences between […]

article cover: marijuana lemon haze

Characteristics, Aroma, And Effects Of The Marijuana Lemon Haze Light Making a culture about the history and the varieties of light and classic marijuana involves retracing a path made of passion, tradition and at the same time the desire for discovery and innovation. Since the end of the 1960s, in fact, with the spread of […]

its possibile to smoke cbd oil

Everything you need to know if you intend to smoke cbd oil Smoking CBD: Italy and its laws If you have opened this article, it means that you are willing to smoke CBD oil or simply want to know more about it. But let’s start with the most important thing. Is this behavior legal in […]

is legal grow hemp?

Do you want to grow hemp but you don’t know if it is legal? discover everything about it The light marijuana market has established itself among the most fruitful of recent times, giving a huge boost to the Italian economy (and beyond). So, is it legal to grow hemp in Italy? The answer is yes, […]

buy quality cbd oil

Find out where to buy quality cannabidiol oil (cbd oil) and avoid scams. In the international field there are numerous studies concerning marijuana light and its derivatives such as CBD oil. These products have established themselves on the market because they are endowed with many interesting features for the health of the body and mind […]

what is cannabis cbd

FIND OUT WHAT IS THE CANNABIS CBD, WHAT ITS EFFECTS ARE AND HOW IT CAN BE TAKEN. The questions that crowd the heads of consumers and the novice on the subject of Cannabis Light are usually the same. It will do well, will it hurt? Is it legal? Will it cause me mental alterations like […]

CBD marijuana whitout thc

WHAT IS MARIJUANA WITHOUT THC, WHAT ARE ITS EFFECTS AND BENEFITS. Does Marijuana without THC exist? Actually not, as even light marijuana has minimal percentages of this active ingredient. But let’s be clear about this product that has developed over time, thanks also to the art world, a fundamental role in the collective imagination: less […]

HOW TO RECOGNIZE THE FEMALE MARIJUANA PLANT AND DISTINGUISH IT FROM THE MALE AND WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES IN USE. Marijuana: all useful information on male and female plants. Understanding whether a cannabis plant, is male or female, is of fundamental importance for any amateur who approaches the world of light and non-marijuana consumption for the first […]