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the role of CBD in legal cannabis

What CBD cannabis is and what effects it has on the human body. CBD flowers enthusiasts are familiar with CBD and its effects on the human body. If you are also a CBD weed enthusiast, you will already know what we are talking about. Otherwise, you have probably heard about this famous acronym. CBD (cannabidiol) […]

How to grow legal cannabis at home

3 basics things you need to know if you are wondering how to grow cannabis at home for personal use. After the sentence of 19 December 2019 of the Court of Cassation in Italy, affecting the whole European countries, in which the cultivation of small quantities of marijuana intended for personal use is decriminalized, it […]

Auto flowering cbd marijuana

The main characteristics of autoflowering marijuana. When talking about CBD cannabis, you may have often heard the term “auto-flowering marijuana”, and you may have wondered what it means. And you may also be wondering why auto-flowering strains are the most in-demand by cannabis growers. Autoflowering cannabis plants may look like regular marijuana plants, but, when […]

marijuana cbd is not addictive

The role of cannabinoids in marijuana addiction. You’ve probably heard that repeated classical marijuana use over time leads to marijuana addiction, as opposed to CBD marijuana that contains mainly CBD and insignificant amounts of THC. Cannabis addiction has been proven over decades by many studies, which trace the onset of addiction to the THC cannabinoid. […]

medical marijuana and cbd weed in italy

Between reality and false myths, here is the situation of medical marijuana in Italy. If you are a CBD cannabis fan, you have probably followed the evolution of the situation regarding medical marijuana in the Italy and around Europe. Healing cannabis has been legalized in some European countries (since 2006 in Italy), but a lot […]

cbd cannabis male plant

Uses and properties of the male cannabis plant. As you may know, the CBD flowers you find online on Justbob do not come from male marijuana plants, but female plants. These plants, if not pollinated by male plants, produce the classic cannabinoid-rich cannabis inflorescences.˙ If, on the other hand, the male cannabis plant manages to […]

cbd Marijuana vaporiser

Marijuana vaporisers: how to choose the right one and use it in compliance with the law. If you are looking for a CBD marijuana or classic cannabis vaporiser, it’s better to specify which product you are referring to. For example, in the UK you can vaporise marijuana terpenes (combined with the neutral base) legitimately by […]

cbd Marijuana and google play Games

Here are the top 5 best marijuana games according to Google Play. If you are a CBD cannabis fan (and if you are of age), you can have fun on your smartphone with marijuana games, which can be downloaded for free on Google Play. In the dark times of the day, having this kind of […]