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properties and differences between Legal sativa hemp and indica hemp

What is the legal sativate hemp? And what are its properties and differences with the indica hemp? The fundamental division between the types of Cannabis was first introduced by the French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785. Lamarck carried out a study in particular on the narcotic effects of cannabis from two different regions, that of […]

legal hemp

What the law says about legal hemp, what are the benefits of using it and the differences between hemp and marijuana. Legal weed in Italy is still a novelty: the law in this regard was approved in December 2016 and entered into force on the 14th January 2017. There are so many questions about it, […]

The Recipe of Cannabutter made with cannabis CBD

Read the recipe of butter on the marijuana and use the cannabutter to give a better touch to your kitchen Are you looking for the cannabutter recipe, that is the CBD (and non) cannabis butter? You have opened the right article: today we will explain to you what are the benefits of taking this product, […]

All the effects of legal CBD cannabis

Discover all the effects of legal CBD cannabis (marijuana CBD) on the human organism. The European Law regulates the production and trade of legal CBD marijuana, permitted where the THC concentration of Cannabis sativa is less than 0.2%. Where to buy CBD flowers? Well, packages or marijuana CBD cans are freely available in stores that […]

uses of Legal male hemp plant

Find out how you can use a legal male hemp plant. The male cannabis plants, not only with regard to legal hemp but also in the case of psychotropic marijuana, are generally disdained by the growers of this product. In fact the pollination leads to seed the inflorescences of the female cannabis plants, while one […]

the effects of cbd oil

CBD oil: what it is, what it is for and what are the effects of its intake. CBD oil is one of the main products derived from cannabis light, for a precise therapeutic purpose as it contains almost exclusively CBD (cannabidiol) and other marijuana terpenes. Sometimes, depending on the degree of purity of the oil […]

Cultivation of legal hemp in Italy

Everything you need to know about legal hemp cultivation in italy: necessary limits, incentives and authorizations The cultivation of legal marijuana is an activity that is enjoying increasing success, also for the potential production of CBD oil. With the European Law, the provisions of the Italian government regarding the regulation and permits for the cultivation […]

The 5 main benefits of marijuana CBD

Marijuana cbd provides different benefits to the organism. Here are the 5 main advantages coming from its intaking Legal CBD marijuana is a genetically modified variety of cannabis that respects the parameters imposed by the law on narcotics. Reagarding cannabis, in fact, it is considered to all intents and purposes a light drug only if […]

the best marijuana grinder

Marijuana mincer also called grinder or, in a concurrent manner, “Maria mincer”, is a very useful accessory for those who take legal and classic marijuana. Did you buy an excellent legal marijuana and are you tired of chopping it by hand, since you have a not so perfect result? Then a marijuana mince is what […]

winter season marijuana plant

When planting the hemp it is necessary to consider the perfect variety for the current season, especially if you choose the outdoor cultivation. Here are 3 winter types of marijuana ideal to be planted in the cold season! Your dream is to grow legal marijuana and you would like to plant outdoor hemp? Basically the […]