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Introducing Moonrock Ice, the CBD cannabis rock covered with precious CBD crystals

ICEROCK, ALSO CALLED MOONROCK ICE, IS THE NEW TREND IN THE LEGAL MARIJUANA LANDSCAPE. Have you bought pretty much all cannabis strains online and now would like something different? No problem: the world of CBD weed is continually evolving, and producers are studying hard to please CBD enthusiasts so that you can expect news at any moment! One of the last, […]

THC effects in the long term: here's what can happen to chronic smokers

ALL THE EFFECTS OF HIGH THC MARIJUANA WHEN USED OVER THE LONG TERM. The marijuana is one of the oldest natural drug (and most used) in the world because of its temporary effects: euphoria, relaxation, increased creativity are typical of the buzz effects sought after by many people, and not teenagers. Although the short-term effects may be […]

THC & brain: short and long term effects and damage

WHAT ARE THE POSSIBLE BRAIN DAMAGE AND EFFECTS OF CHRONIC THC INTAKE? As you well know, marijuana is a natural product that, if taken by humans and animals, gives more or less intense psychotropic effects.  The substance that acts on a psychic level is THC, an acronym for tetrahydrocannabinol, a substance that interacts with the CB1 and CB2 […]

How CBD hash is made and what differences with regular hashish

HERE’S HOW LEGAL HASH IS MADE AND HOW IT DIFFERS FROM CLASSIC SMUGGLED HASH. CBD hash is one of the most famous flowers legal marijuana extracts and one of the most purchased items online (and talked about) in recent years. Are you also intrigued by the subject? Maybe you want to know how CBD hash is made and its effects compared […]

CBD flowers: everything you need to know about THC-free legal hemp flowers

WHAT ARE CBD INFLORESCENCES, HOW ARE THEY BORN AND WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CANNABIDIOL. CBD cannabis flowers, also known as CBD flowers or CBD inflorescences, are among the most debated topics in recent years. The reason is straightforward. It is an innovative product that made a great success as soon as it appeared on the market, marijuana […]

How Can Marijuana Help Treat Alcohol Addiction?

Comparing alcohol and cannabis: why hemp is an ally to stop drinking. Year after year, new studies are conducted on cannabis, light CBD cannabis and medical cannabis. Each state regarding the use of these products has its own laws. There are places where marijuana use is legal and others where it can only be taken […]

The role that terpenes play in the cannabis plant

Do you know about terpenes and their function on hemp plants? Here are the main properties. When you hear about marijuana or legal cannabis, discussions generally tend to focus on THC, CBD and their effects.  In reality, however, marijuana is a plant that contains many, if not hundreds of components. It has only recently been […]