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The role of the terpene profile of cannabis | Justbob

Published on: 27/02/2023

Cannabis terpenes: what they are and how they work In addition to the common terms of cannabis, such as cannabinoid, indica and sativa, you may have recently encountered a less used word: terpenes. This is another compound found in cannabis. But what are terpenes? And how important is it to know what types and concentrations […]

The characteristics of cannabichromene | Justbob

Published on: 24/02/2023

Cannabichromene: what are the effects of the cousin of thc and cbd? In the phytocannabinoid world, THC and CBD tend to receive most of the attention from cannabis users. In analysis laboratories, however, other cannabinoids are of equal importance, including a particularly abundant compound known as cannabicromene. Interestingly, cannabicromene is somewhat unique among phytocannannabinoids and […]

Taxation of light cannabis in 2023 | Justbob

Published on: 22/02/2023

Cannabis news 2023: what would the budget law 2023/2025 provide? To the surprise of cannabis advocates, a draft of cannabis legalization appears in the 2023/2025 Budget Law. In fact, the matter is treated strictly from a fiscal point of view, but this obviously involves an entirely different approach than one might expect from a right-wing […]

The link between painters and marijuana | Justbob

Published on: 20/02/2023

Cannabis and art: the secret relationship between weed and creativity It is well known that many world-renowned artists have used cannabis to unleash their creativity. The reason? Let’s find out together in this article. Cannabis and art: what is meant (really) by creativity? It has long been apparent that marijuana has a kind of secret […]

What are light cannabis concentrates | Justbob

Published on: 17/02/2023

Cannabis concentrate: these are the six most common types More and more cannabis enthusiasts are deciding to try cannabis concentrates. But for what reason? If you are also curious, in today’s article we will see what the most common types and what their benefits (if purchased in the right place) are What are cannabis concentrates? […]

Here are 5 cannabis-like plants | Justbob

Published on: 15/02/2023

These are the five cannabis-like plants that you (perhaps) don’t know If you have decided to open this article, it is because you would also like to know which are the most common cannabis-like plants. In this article we will see what they are and how to distinguish them correctly. Enjoy reading! 1. Japanese maple […]

Can cannabis cause tachycardia?| Justbob

Published on: 13/02/2023

Cannabis and tachycardia: the opinion of the experts Cannabis use can cause both positive and negative effects in those who take it, depending on a number of factors. Which? Let’s start with the presence of THC, the quintessential psychotropic substance capable of triggering, in some cases, cardiovascular system problems, such as tachycardia. So, does this […]

Cannabis live resin concentrate | Justbob

Published on: 10/02/2023

It offers the same aroma and taste as marijuana, but it’s much more powerful. That’s why people love it so much. Among cannabis derivatives, concentrates are becoming increasingly popular due to the unique qualities that distinguish them. Cannabis concentrates are obtained from the processing of the resin produced by the inflorescences and contain a high […]

All about cannabis trimming | Justbob

Modified on: 01/05/2023

That is why producers (in countries where cultivation is not prohibited) use this technique to increase the quality and improve the aesthetic of the final product. They do not reduce the quality of the final product, but they do reduce the yield of the crop. Here why. If you are a novice grower (and live […]