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CBD HASHCBD<60%Dry HashPatented MethodTHC<0.1%

H4 CBD Super Pollen 

  • TEXTURE: Friable | Microfiltered Compact
  • AROMA: Light | Fruity Sweet
  • CUTTING: Finished and Hand-Cut with Blade
  • PERCENTAGE OF CBD: CBD < 60% | added Cannabinoids with CBD H4 Boost patented method
  • 3G, 5G, 10G, 20G, 50G, 100G, 200G WRAPPING: Protective Film Food
  • 3G, 5G, 10G, 20G, 50G, 100G, 200G PACKAGE: Reclosable plasticized single Doypack pouch, sealed and with aluminum interior
  • SHIPPING: Anonimous Cardboard Parcel 31x22x5 cm with Internal Shockproof Packaging


The brand-new Pollen H4 CBD is the absolute novelty of summer 2023 in the high-CBD hash scene.

This product is a very pure Dry Hash obtained by beating the Hemp plants with very fine mesh that allows only the best parts of the flower and the plant to pass through. From the compaction of these resins comes out a unique product with very high CBD percentages close to 60%, numbers reached only by very few JustBob's CBD Hash.

The very special thing about this CBD Hash is its composition of cannabinoids and active ingredients that make it a natural and cutting-edge product, this is made possible thanks to the innovative cultivation and selection techniques that are leading to the creation of new products with unique characteristics compared to the past.

This is the case of the productions of JustBob's brand new "H4 CBD Line"; in such cultivations, in fact, the very high percentages of CBD of the CBD Boost cultivations, combined with genetics that initially had large amounts of CBG and CBN have created plants with a quantity and variety of cannabinoids and active ingredients such as to naturally replicate the properties of the cannabinoid of the moment: the H4CBD (which, as we know, is instead generally semi-synthetic).

Therefore, the composition of the brand new H4 CBD Super Pollen, so varied and rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, is due to the use of the aforementioned H4 CBD genetics first created exclusively by JustBob in 2023. This product specifically comes from beating the best batches of Skunk H4 CBD, from which it also derives much of its aroma.

This CBD hash, like Burbuka and Primero, is also derived from the perpetuation of ancient Moroccan techniques passed down through generations, to this day improved and applied in the cultivation of Legal Hemp with high CBD content.


H4 CBD Super Pollen comes in the form of a rectangular tablet of medium/low height, the traditional shape of Moroccan hashes, with a light color tending to brownish (classic color of the historic Super Pollen hash).

The color of such CBD Hash is really inviting, soft and soothing; its light brownish color is the perfect middle ground between Burbuka and JustBob's Primero.

The texture of this Legal Hash is probably the most interesting in the segment. In fact, it is really soft to the touch but never sandy; in fact, the large number of cannabinoids allows for perfect binding of the resins.


The aroma of this hash has really amazed everyone in the industry, thanks to its mild nutty notes that blend with hints of earth and pine to create a perfect combination that is never overly sweet.

Many of its organoleptic characteristics come from the flowers from which it is derived, the H4 CBD Skunk. In fact, in both products we can notice distinct hints of ripe hazelnuts and exotic fruit in the aftertaste, reinforced by hints of earth, forest and a slight minty aroma that balances it all.


Super Pollen, also referred to as Super Polm, has always been an extremely valuable type of hashish from North Africa; its best features have always been the consistency, quality and naturalness of the product.

The term Pollen is often referred to the first beating of the hash, that is, the result of the first thrashing/rubbing without treatment or cutting. In the Legal Cannabis scene, this is a truly unique and innovative product, since for the first time a product with such variety and breadth of cannabinoids has been obtained from the simple beating of high CBD content flowers.


The percentage of CBD indicated above, although remaining an indicative number that may vary from sample to sample, is always certified by analyses carried out in several authorized laboratories. The analysis of the batch for sale is always published on the website in order to give our customers more information.

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  5. Colour is as depicted and smells nice but tastes a bit strange. However i felt good afterwards.

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