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CBD HASHCBD<35%CBG<15%Exclusive SellingSticky HashTHC < 0.1%

Wafer CBG

  • TEXTURE: Soft | Malleable Paste
  • AROMA: Pungent | Tropical Sweet
  • CUTTING:2 different Hashes, hand-cut with a blade and then joined in squares of 3 layers
  • CBD PERCENTAGE OUTER PART:CBD < 35% | Added Cannabinoids with JustBob Hash method
  • CBG PERCENTAGE INNER PART:CBG < 15% | No added Cannabinoids
  • ORIGIN:Resins from Certified Cultivations inspired by Organic practices using HACCP food protocols | No Pesticides | No Metals
  • 5G, 10G, 20G WRAPPING: Grammages composed of individually wrapped 5g/10g squares
  • 50G, 100G, 200G PACKAGING:Grammages composed of individually wrapped 5g/10g squares
  • 5G, 10G, 20G, 50G, 100G, 200G PACKAGE:Single resealable laminated Doypack, sealed, and with an aluminum interior
  • SHIPPING:Anonymous Cardboard Box 31x22x5 Cm with Internal Shockproof Packaging


From the continuous research and innovation in legal hashes, the brand-new Wafer CBG has born, an innovative and fascinating hash available exclusively on JustBob.

Our Wafer CBG stems from the work carried out in recent years by JustBob on CBG cultivations and on all possible applications of this fantastic cannabinoid.

The insight was to create a product that combines the properties of high-CBD hashes with a new hash entirely made of CBG. This hash is the only product that manages to blend two premium hashes to create a truly unique one...all that's left is to try it!


At first glance, the Wafer CBG appears very similar to the chocolates we've loved since childhood.

Its shape is that of a wafer rectangle with an outer layer of chocolate (in this case, made from a highly prized CBD hash) and an inner milk layer (in our Wafer, represented by high-quality CBG hash).

It's JustBob's legal hash that has gained the most success for its aesthetics and the charm it exudes from the very first sight.

The outer part with CBD is darker and smoother, a dark brown that, observed closely, tends toward green.

On the other hand, the inner CBG part presents itself in a very light brown, breaking away from the outer layer and making the hash truly inviting.

Overall, the combination of these two hashes creates a product that is incredibly captivating at first sight: certainly one of the most enticing products from JustBob!


Another distinctive feature of this hash is its unmistakable fragrance. In fact, being JustBob's first CBD hash produced from two different hashes, it has a completely novel and innovative aromatic and terpene profile.

The aroma is the perfect marriage between the pungent scents of the forest and pine, characteristic of CBG cultivations, and the sweet tropical hints from the outer CBD part. It's a combination that recalls the aromas of berries and wild herbs.

We can assure you that the aroma released by this hash does not disappoint the expectations created by its incredible aesthetic charm.

Origin and cultivation

The Wafer CBG is produced in Italy in highly specialized laboratories created solely for this purpose; the production techniques used in creating this product are among the most complex ever employed in this field.

The resins that form the inner part of this legal hash come from organic Zkittlez CBG plantations of a partner company located in Tuscany; this company combines modern indoor cultivation techniques with the exclusive use of organic products free of fertilizers, achieving one of the most advanced cultivations in the industry.

The outer part rich in CBD comes from exclusive cutting-edge cultivations of JustBob, which over time have led to the creation of numerous successful hashes (such as Charas or Pakistano).


The above-indicated CBD percentage, while remaining an indicative number that may vary from sample to sample, is always certified through analyses conducted in multiple authorized laboratories. The batch analysis for the product on sale is consistently published on the website to provide additional information to our customers.

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  1. The CBD/CBG wafer finally helps me relax and sleep better.

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  2. Highly recommended!

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  3. Looks like a hash sandwhich

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  4. is the first time I have bought it… but I will do it again

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  5. I recommend

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