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Melon Kush weed

Melon Kush is a sativa weed of high quality and high CBD content, it is the favorite product for the lovers of the CBD European scene. The Melon Kush is clearly inspired by a masterpieces like the Marijuana Melon, it turns out to be one of the best fruity varieties in the CBD flower landscape.

Melon Kush weed features

The Melon Kush has an intense, enveloping and very fruity taste. It is a variety with a strong united fragrance and a fruity aftertaste. It has an aroma reminiscent of mixed and tropical citrus fruits and mint. The cannabis buds of Melon Kush, of medium/small size, are light green in color with numerous orange pistils. The buds are characterized by a strong presence of resin. The marijuana plant is very wide and its structure allows it to receive light even in the lower branches

The Hydroponic cultivation of Melon Kush

Hydroponic cultivation allows better management of the plant development. The production of this genetics is carried out by a team of very famous chemists and agronomists in the panorama of the European agri-food supply chain. This team collaborates directly in the drafting of the most important European directives on agri-food crops. The plant is smaller than the others and has a very low yield, which makes it possible to develop such high concentrations of resin and CBD. Harvesting and cleaning are done only by hand. The plants are strictly NO GMOs. Therefore, no pesticides, metals or fertilizers of any kind have been used.

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