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Master Kush weed

Master Kush is a high quality cannabis sativa. Among the fans of the world of marijuana it is literally considered the undisputed queen. To support this thought we can give as example the first victories in the Cannabis Light Cup at the Hemp Fest 2018 held in Milan and later also at the Indica Sativa 2018 in Bologna. An array of prizes that testifies its absolute dominance thanks to the typical characteristics of the cannabis indica. It has a very high CBD concentration that exceeds 21%, while the THC is obviously less than 0.5%.

Master OG Kush

The origins of the Master Kush cannabis are the Hindu Kush mountain range, between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This genetic specification has a very intense, almost pungent fragrance. Even its taste is really special: very strong, but at the same time enveloping for the palate. In short, something truly unique! The buds have a medium / small size with a very light color, with very bright red pistils. The marijuana plant is smaller than the others and has a very low yield, this allows to develop a such high percentages of CBD and resin. The latter makes the buds really compact! The flowering cycle will be quite short.

GreenHouse cultivation of Master Kush

Cannabis crops occur under the watchful eye of a team of prominent chemists and agronomists in the world of CBD flowers. The group of experts also collaborates in the drafting of the most important European directives on agri-food crops. The cultivation in Aeroponics allows the plant to enjoy a higher level of oxygenation throughout the root system. This contributes greatly to the aspect of growth and development of the final product. Harvesting and cleaning are done only by hand. Finally the plants are strictly NO GMOs, therefore no fertilizers, pesticides, metals or fertilizers of any nature are used.

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