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The California Haze

When we talk about the California Haze CBD weed we always do it with utmost admiration. Fans of the world of legal CBD marijuana know its path and its birth, which is truly noble. As we can deduct from the name its origins are stars and stripes, precisely on the hills of the Bay Area. This strain comes from many years of study on Cannabis plants with a high CBD content, the first crosses date back to the early 1970s. You can buy the normal California Haze Cbd flowers with medium / large size and with small size (the buds with this size have a diameter of about 1 cm). The smallest buds are obtained by selecting by hand the best flowers of the cannabis plants.

The Overview

This Cbd cannabis strain shows different sizes of the buds, this is due to a strong concentration of buds in the apical part of the plants and the cultivation method used. The buds are covered by a thick "meadow" of bright red pistils and trichomes which give the characteristic color to the flower and consequently to the whole marijuana plant. The buds are also resinous and compact and have very particular reflections ranging from the classic red to the bright purple in some Cbd Flowers.

The Aroma

The most popular features in the California Haze are the sweet aroma and the delicate taste. We can define it as a rainbow of sensations that sweeten and softens the palate. The aroma is intense, soft, pleasant with hints of sweet fruit (such as strawberry and peach) and with an aftertaste reminiscent of cotton candy. When talking about the California Haze you have to think of a real "fruit candy".

Origin and Cultivation

This strain has been successfully cultivated for about 2 years by a leading Venetian company in indoor cultivation. The company is located in the hills and uses modern aeration and irrigation techniques that allow it to be one of the most environmentally friendly crops, as well as being certified for organic production. The California Haze CBD weed is cultivated in Aeroponics to allow the maximum development and well-being of the plant. This cultivation technique allows plants to grow without water or land but only through the nebulization of essential nutrients; this allows the maximum control of the vegetative cycle and above all of the flowering. You will notice how the buds are cleaned by hand to avoid damaging their integrity. This cultivation is Bio, consequently the flower is not GMO and does not contain any type of heavy metals.

The Origins

The California Haze was created from the cross between Sour Diesel and a classic Haze plant. To obtain the current plant, it was necessary to cross the Mexican ruderalis strain that completed the autoflowering mix. As previously mentioned, this genetics developed in the 1990s in the Bay Arena, an American metropolitan area surrounding San Francisco Bay in northern CaliforniaThe spread and the research of this genetics are due to the difficult management of cultivation on the hills; in fact, this plant adapted better than the others to all altitudes and to all weather conditions.

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