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Bubblegum weed

The Bubblegum strain is one of the most popular product for CBD flower lovers. This strain is the winner of the Cannabis Light Cup in Zurich and Vienna. This is only one of the various awards won in recent years that attest its very high qualities. It is considered to be the Europe's best "high CBD" flower.

Bubblegum Kush, the characteristics of this CBD Flower

This special Hemp CBD weed is one of the strenghts of the legal cannabis coltivation in Europe. One of the main characteristics of the bubblegum Buds is its intense flavor, that is at the same time enveloping and fruity. Even its fragrance is very strong and its fruit aftertaste makes it very similar to a bubble gum. The intensity of its smell and taste make it the genetics more similar to those rich in THC. The BubbleGum buds are medium in size and have a light color with red and orange pistils. The buds instead are characterized by a strong presence of resin. The plant, on the other hand, is of medium size and has an excellent yield.

Indoor cultivation of Bubblegum Haze

How does Bubblegum differs from the other CBD Flower Kush strains? One of these factors is certainly the Indoor cultivation in Aeroponics. In fact, this practice allows you to concentrate solely on the development of flowers that are particularly resinous and rich in CBD without exceeding the THC limits. Collection and cleaning are carried out strictly by hand. Furthermore, no pesticides, fertilizers or metals of any kind are used. The plants, of course, are NO GMOs.

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