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The Bubblegum

When we talk about Bubblegum, we treat one of the most popular products for legal marijuana lovers. In this case, the results speak for themselves: this strain is the winner of the Cannabis Light Cup in Zurich and Vienna. But this is only one of the various awards won in recent years that attest to its very high quality and its very wide use. In fact it’s considered by many to be the best high CBD cannabis in Europe. You can buy the normal Bubblegum flowers with medium / large size (for these lots only the apical tops of the plant are used) and with small size (the buds with this size have a diameter of about 1 cm). The smallest buds are obtained by selecting the best flowers of the plants by hand.

The Overview

When you look at a Bubblegum CBD flower, you cannot fail to be enchanted by its whiteness, by its so clear coloring that makes it almost white. This characteristic is given by the high quantity of resin that surrounds the buds. Approaching the buds of California Haze Cbd, we observe that the candid white of the resin is interspersed with numerous pistils and trichomes with different colors that range through the various shades of orange. Bubblegum is the weed quality of cbd cannabis that can be bought in different sizes of the buds. This is possible thanks to its popularity and the consumption that derives from it.

The Aroma

The Bubblegum has a taste and a smell that have now become unmistakable in the legal hemp landscape. This is due to its wide diffusion and the unique characteristics given off by the aroma of this strain. The smell is particular, unique, with strong, sweetish notes reminiscent of summer fruits that blend perfectly with more sour notes of citrus, earthy and woody. The taste, in the same way, is simply to try! The perfect mix makes the Bubblegum legal weed one of the strains that has always been the most loved and appreciated by the experts as well as by the consumers.

Origin and Cultivation

The company that produces these magnificent Cbd Flowers has been collaborating with JustBob for a long time and has become a reference point for its cultivation method. Their approach to growing this plant has always been oriented towards hydroponics in indoor environments. In fact, according to the growers, only through this method of cultivation is it possible to obtain the maximum result combined with the maximum well-being of the plant. Remember how through hydroponic cultivation it is possible to accurately control the nutrients necessary for the development of the plant; this combined with a modern artificial lighting system makes it one of the most advanced cultivations in this sector. This production, like the others selected by Justbob, follows the organic regulation and does not use heavy metals or GMOs.

The origins

The Bubblegum is a variety of the "old school" from the mysterious origins that has conquered the hearts of all with its sweet flavors and its powerful effect. It was launched for the first time on the American market around the 1970s and many say it comes from the state of Indiana. It has established itself mainly in Holland in the 1990s where it won several awards between the years 1995 and 1999. The Bubblegum Cbd is an "historic" strain for JustBob as it’s one of the first selected by us.

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