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Gorilla Glue weed

Gorilla Glue or Gorilla super Glue is a legal cannabis genetics among the most admired by CBD flower lovers. It is a very valuable quality of indica and owes its name to its power compared to its "competitors". Its CBD concentration is really very important, in fact it exceeds 22% while the THC presence does not exceed 0.2%. Its origins are the result of the cross between three sacred monsters such as Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Dieser. A monster mix!

Gorilla Glue CBD

However, merits are not just previous qualities at all. Gorilla Glue indeed occupies an exclusive space in the UK and Europe CBD universe. Its power is in fact something unique in the genre and is due to the incredible quality of resin, a real glue. Even the taste and the aftertaste are really something special. Citrus and pine notes are clearly distinguishable but at the same time a really sweet scent is perceptible. The fragrance is really very strong and releases all the qualities of the gorilla glue weed. Gorilla Glue Buds are medium/small in size and very compact, thanks to the increased production of resin. The buds are presented in a very light color which makes the pistils of a vivid orange stand out. Marijuana plants have a really good yield, thanks to the lack of branches and stems in the flowers.

Indoor cultivation of Gorilla Glue cannabis

The indoor cultivation of Gorilla Glue weeds takes place in Italy. The hydroponic technique is the ideal one to obtain a truly superb final product. The growth of the marijuana plant is carried out in controlled and specifically designed environments. In addition, synergy with other plants is used to feed the gorilla glue weed of all the components necessary for it. The flowering cycle turns out to be very long and this does nothing but increase the quantities of CBD. Even the collection and cleaning are not neglected and carried out strictly by hand. No fertilizers, pesticides, metals or fertilizers of any kind are used. The plants, therefore, are to be considered NO GMOs, they are irrigated only with water and an attempt is made to recreate the ideal natural environment for the growth and flowering of the plant in the smallest details.

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