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Sweet berry weed

Sweet Berry is one of the products most appreciated by JustBob customers and more generally by the world of Cannabis sativa. Why do you like it so much? The reasons are really different. The main one is certainly that we are talking about a high quality sativa with a high CBD content higher than 20%, with THC percentages lower than 0.5. Much of the credit goes, however, also to his parents: the Chernobyl sativa and Blueberry.

Sweet Berry, the characteristics of marijuana sativa

After analyzing his family tree, let us now focus on other aspects. The Sweet Berry has a very sweet and pleasant taste: floral aromas can be clearly distinguished but at the same time a strong fruity note is perceived. The same goes for the fragrance and aroma of this genetics: strong but equally enveloping, delicate and pleasant. Buds have a strong presence of resin, they are medium in size and light in color. The plants of marijuana are small compared to the others, this allows the development of high concentrations of both CBD and resin.

Sweet Berry, the hydroponic cultivation of CBD flower 

The Sweet Berry hydroponic cultivation allows better management of the development of the marijuana plant. The biodynamic production of this genetic specification is carried out by a team of prominent chemists and agronomists who are therefore very famous in the European agri-food sector. Group of experts that collaborates in the drafting of the most important European directives on agri-food crops. In addition, both the collection and cleaning of the Sweet Berry weed take place only by hand. Please note that fertilizers, pesticides, metals or fertilizers of no nature are absolutely not used. Finally, the plants are strictly NO GMOs and are irrigated only with water, to try to recreate the ideal habitat for the growth and flowering of the plant itself.

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