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White widow weed, CBD Flower

White Widow Weed is one of the most famous genetics in the CBD flower universe. Its origins date back to the 1995 but there is a lot of mystery around its birth. According to the latest reconstructions it should be the cross between the South Indian and the Brazilian weeds, appearing for the first time in the Netherlands. This enigma has also contributed to making the White Widow a true legend.

White widow, the features of this CBD flower

The White Widow therefore appears to be one of the favorite qualities in this field of CBD, also thanks to its high content of CBD which exceeds 18%, compared to the presence of THC that is lower than 0.2%. But what are its main features? First of all, its taste is very intense, fruity and literally enveloping. Even its fragrance is really unique and very strong, with an aftertaste of sweet fruity notes that makes it very similar to a real candy. The white widow weed cannabis buds come in a very light green color and its size is medium/small, with orange-colored pistils. Marijuana plants have a good yield and are smaller than the others, while the CBD buds are characterized by a very strong presence of resin.

The GlassHouse cultivation of the White Widow weed

The white widow glasshouse cultivations take place in specific environments and specifically designed to obtain high quality inflorescences. The organic production of this genetics is closely followed by a group of prominent chemists in the legal marijuana sector. The most innovative technologies and the most modern methodologies are used to obtain the best yield of the plant. Furthermore, its cultivation and cleaning are done strictly by hand. Cannabis plants are strictly NO GMOs. No pesticides, metals, fertilizers or fertilizers of any kind are used.

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