JB OIL 10%

CBD Oil 10%

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JB Oil 10%

JB Oil 10% is the first oil of the new JB OIL line!

Given its slight concentration of CBD, this is an oil that is characterized by its lightness and it’s perfect if you want to give a touch of relaxation to your days. It is a totally natural and certified product, whose raw materials are expertly blended to keep all their properties intact.

This allows JustBob to be able to guarantee the safety and efficacy of the different product lines: the innovative method of CBD extraction, isolated by solvents or supercritical CO2, to which MCT coconut oil is added, allows to obtain a very high-quality product. quality and refinement.

The combination with coconut oil gives the new JB Oil a delicate and interesting flavor, which goes perfectly with a completely odorless and colorless base.


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