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CBD<70%Patented MethodSticky HashTHC<0.1%WHITE HASH

The Primero

  • TEXTURE: Soft | Malleable paste
  • AROMA: Pungent | Ripe Fruit
  • CUTTING: Finished and Hand-Cut with Blade
  • PERCENTAGE OF CBD: CBD < 70% | added Cannabinoids with JustBob Hash method
  • 3G, 5G, 10G, 20G, 50G, 100G, 200G WRAPPING: Non-Stick Paper and Protective Film Food
  • 3G, 5G, 10G, 20G, 50G, 100G, 200G PACKAGE: Reclosable plasticized single Doypack pouch, sealed and with aluminum interior
  • SHIPPING: Anonimous Cardboard Parcel 31x22x5 cm with Internal Shockproof Packaging


Primero is the absolute novelty of 2023 in the overview of legal hash with high CBD content.

This product is the quintessential Dry Hash, obtained by beating the best Hemp productions, with extremely fine mesh that manages to retain only the finest and purest parts of the flower.

From such processing comes out a unique product, with very high percentage of CBD averaging between 60 and 70 percent; figures never achieved in a CBD Hash before.

These high percentages can be achieved through the beating of CBD boost genetics, first created exclusively by JustBob in 2022.

This product specifically comes from beating the best batches of Mango CBD Boost, from which derives much of its aroma.

This Hash, like Burbuka, is also coming from ancient Moroccan techniques passed down through generations and now, for the first time, applied to high CBD legal hemp crops.

The Overview

Primero comes in the form of a medium/low rectangular tablet, the classic shape of Moroccan hashes, with a very light color.

The outside sometimes tends to darken a little bit if kept in contact with oxygen but on the inside we can always appreciate its fascinating and almost shimmering color.

This light brown is given by the very fine beating of the flowers and the high presence of CBD.

The texture is the right combination you look for in such a product: slightly grainy but never sandy, soft but never chewy....absolutely a must try!

The Aroma

The aroma of this hash is simply incredible, with hints of sweetness that are truly unique and interesting.

Many of its organoleptic characteristics come from the flower from which it is derived, Mango CBD Boost. In fact, we can notice distinct hints of exotic fruits in the aftertaste, such as mango and papaya, reinforced by strong sweetish hints that are light and never overpowering.

These hints of Mango, in the Primero hash are emphasized and released even more strongly, making the fruit aromas even more decisive, more mature...with a strong tendency to shift to even sweeter flavors...such as red fruits, strawberry and cherry.

The Origins

Primero has always been an extremely valuable type of hashish from Morocco and widespread in Spain and the Netherlands; when heated and crumbled it increases in volume("mounts") and has generally always had very high percentages of THC.

The term "primero" is also often used to refer to first-hand hash, that is, the product of the first slamming/smashing without treatment or cutting.

In the landscape of Legal Cannabis this is a truly unique and innovative product in that for the first time a very high quality product has been obtained from the simple first beating of high CBD content flowers.


The percentage of CBD indicated above, although remaining an indicative number that may vary from sample to sample, is always certified by analyses carried out in several authorized laboratories.

The analysis of the batch for sale is always posted on the website in order to give more information to our customers.

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  1. My new favourite hash, will buy more next time

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  2. The last order I placed got ‘lost’ in the shipping company and JustBob immediately reshipped it to me. I value this management as excellent.

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  3. Good hash

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  4. justBob’s CBD products contribute to my overall sense of well-being

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  5. JustBob’s CBD strains have a rich and diverse flavor profile: delightful!

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