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Red Lebanese

The Red Lebanese is an innovative CBD product in the legal hashish panorama. This product is part of Justbob's new Hash Line which contains very high CBD percentages. JustBob trades in exclusiveness this very high CBD Hash Line that was created through years of development and experimentation with Hemp inflorescences. The Red Lebanese is often considered an icon of Lebanon also because of its colour, which recalls the one of this small nation’s flag.

The Overview

This legal hash recalls the looks and the unique characteristics of traditional hashish; its most distinctive feature is the brownish-red colour that is also the one thing that determined its name. The consistency of its ova may be affected by the temperature of the surrounding environment, but in general it is resinous, malleable and at the same time compact, thanks also to the peculiarity of the hemp inflorescences used, which have a high CBD content.

The Aroma

With an aroma that is both earthy and sour, this legal hashish is a combination of earthy, herbal and woody notes. The characteristic, pungent and persistent smell of Lebanese has the power to inebriate the entire environment for a long time.

Origin and Cultivation

It goes without saying that the origin and roots of Red Lebanese Hashish are obviously to be found in Lebanon, where hemp plantations, low in height and density, were able to release a particular resin that allowed this wonderful product to be made. So much as Charas and Pakistani, the Red Lebanese is the result of a process that involves the rubbing of fresh inflorescences. This ancient technique preserves the characteristics of the most valuable components of the cannabis from which it comes from.


Lebanon has a long tradition in hashish production. Today, the country produces huge quantities of hashish, with constant exports. Much of Lebanon's cannabis is grown in the Bekaa Valley. The plants are dried in the open air before being cut and turn a yellowish, brown or red colour during the drying process. After drying, the buds are sifted to create kief and then pressed, as is also done in Morocco. The result of this process is a powerful, malleable hashish with a yellow or red colour (sold as yellow Lebanese or red Lebanese respectively). Only varieties tending towards red are used to make this product.


The above indicated CBD percentage, while remaining an indicative number that may vary from sample to sample, is always certified by analysis carried out in several authorized laboratories.

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19 reviews for RED LEBANESE

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  1. The red libanese CBD hash from JustBob is a journey into refined luxury.

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  2. The website is user-friendly, making it easy to browse and find what I need.

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  3. first time I try libanese: 10 out of 10!

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  4. red libanese is one of my fave

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  5. very nice hash

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