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CBD+CBDA <19%THC<0.2%

The Afghan Gold

The name of this variety of hashish comes directly from the areas surrounding the Hindu Kush mountain range and provinces such as Balkh and Mazar-i, known worldwide for the high quality Indica and Sativa hemp that grows there. The consistency, soft and compact at the same time, is obtained mainly thanks to the special techniques of extraction of the resin, manual or chemical, able to enhance the characteristics of the plant, respecting its natural properties.


This particular variety of CBD hash looks like the most precious metal of all: gold. Wrapped entirely from pure gold leaf, the surface of this product is as bright and supple as the original gold itself. To the touch it is sticky and malleable, while the internal colour varies from chestnut-green to dark brown, according to the characteristics of the product from which it has been extracted.


The scent of Afghan Gold is pungent, spicy, aromatic and persistent. The particular resins of which it is composed give it a ductile and elastic appearance and emit a distinctive, sometimes spicy smell.

Origin and Cultivation

Justbob Afghan Gold hashish comes from strictly Italian cultivations. The company draws inspiration from the traditional processing of this hashish to produce a product of exceptional quality.

In its country of origin, it is composed of trichomes extracted from tops dried with ancient techniques.

The Origins

Afghan hashish is known all over the world for its traditions and the history of its territory. Legend has it that, after obtaining the kief (cannabinode concentrate and aroma), the pasta is heated and moisturized until it has a dense, malleable texture of a dark brown colour. From its origins to the present day, the spread of this variety of hashish has followed the social and political changes and upheavals of our century, preserving the traditions and folklore of its particular processing.


The percentage of CBD given above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory for this genetic. Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there may be significant variations in the percentages of cannabinoids from one flower to another. Also, often the lots are slightly different from each other. Despite this variability JustBob guarantees the legality on all individual batches as THC is tested daily on all products.

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