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Mexican Silver

  • TEXTURE: Soft | Malleable paste
  • AROMA: Light | Lemony and Woody
  • CUTTING: Handcrafted Spherical Shape with Pure Edible Silver Leaf
  • PERCENTAGE OF CBD: CBD < 52,5% | added Cannabinoids with JustBob Hash method
  • 5G, 10G, 20G, 50G, 100G, 200G WRAPPING: All gram weights consist of individually wrapped 5g/10g spheres
  • 5G, 10G, 20G, 50G, 100G, 200G PACKAGE: Reclosable plasticized single Doypack pouch, sealed and with aluminum interior
  • SHIPPING: Anonimous Cardboard Parcel 31x22x5 cm with Internal Shockproof Packaging


JustBob continues to amaze us with new innovative products exclusively sold and produced, as is the case with Mexican Silver, a premium hashish available only on JustBob.

Mexican Silver is the result of years of study on hashish, particularly Afghan Gold marketed by us. This product owes its name to the delicate mantle of pure silver that covers it, an absolute exclusive from JustBob.

This type of hashish was first used in the silver mines in Mexico, but unlike this product, the original Mexican Silver had significant THC percentages. JustBob's Mexican Silver, on the other hand, has extremely high CBD percentages with almost no THC.

This hashish is the only CBD product on the market that has been completely covered with leaves of real edible silver; definitely worth trying!

The appearance 

This particular variety of hashish appears as a small piece of live silver; the surface is shiny and smooth, like a large nugget of silver just unearthed from Mexican mines.

Completely wrapped in leaves of pure silver, it has a very dark interior rich in cannabinoids and CBD.

To the touch, it is malleable and ductile, with the outer silver surface making it very smooth and pleasant; the inner part is stickier thanks to the resins of Legal Cannabis that compose it.

The aroma

When we bring Mexican Silver close to the nose, we immediately notice its unmistakable citrusy aroma that has made it one of the most sought-after and appreciated hashes in the market since its launch.

This hash is generated from the processing of Lemon Cheese flowers, which contribute the majority of its aroma and fragrance.

In fact, the aroma is strong and intense, with clear citrus notes, predominantly lemon and lime; the aftertaste is particularly floral, evoking the scent of blooming lemon groves in our minds.

Origin and cultivation

The plantations from which this resin is extracted are among the first selected by JustBob and have been giving life to the famous Lemon Cheese CBD for years. The production we selected is based in Lombardy, in lands well-suited for such cultivation. For years, Lemon Cheese has been cultivated in tube greenhouses, very similar to those used for vegetables but often equipped with advanced irrigation, management, and control systems.

These greenhouses allow for the avoidance of artificial light for many periods of the year. Additionally, production follows organic regulations, with no addition of heavy metals or GMO products.


Mexican hashish is not widely known worldwide as it has often been overshadowed by regions with larger productions. Nevertheless, it has always been considered a prized product by hashish connoisseurs.

The production methodology of Mexican hash is very similar to that used in regions of India and Afghanistan, likely imported by spice merchants.

The fact that this particular type of hashish is covered in silver, on the other hand, comes from the vast Mexican silver mines, which were often used by hashish producers for their commercial activities. In these mines, it is said that hashish and silver came into contact accidentally, resulting in a unique and fascinating product.

JustBob has paid homage to this ancient and highly prized hashish by creating its CBD version: Mexican Silver, exclusively available on JustBob.


The above-mentioned CBD percentage, while remaining indicative and subject to variation from sample to sample, is always certified through analyses conducted in multiple authorized laboratories. The analyses of the batch for sale are consistently published on the website to provide additional information to our customers.

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