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Charas, Indian Hashish

Charas is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated products of the legal CBD flower scenery. One of the main reasons is certainly the origin of this Indian hashish, which can only be found in Asia. The greatest concentration of production plants is located in India, Pakistan or Nepal. In fact this hashish is extracted from cannabis plants that naturally grow along the flanks of the Himalayas.

production of the Charas Hash

The key to its success is its high concentration of THC. Precisely for this reason it is considered by cannabinoid lovers, one of the best products. One of the strengths of the Charas weed is mainly the production that turns out to be totally different from all the other types of exisitng hashish. Its high quality is due to the raising process. The resins are harvested strictly by hand, rubbing the lower part of the inflorescences of the Cannabis plants, when the plant is still fresh. The characteristic shape of small balls is obtained by scraping the material directly from the plants. The substantial difference between the Charas and the other types of hashish is therefore in the processing. In fact, Moroccan hashish is extracted from dried flowers of the plants, through a dry shaking process.

The characteristics of the Charas

Beyond its provenance, Charas hashish is considered one of the best products in the CBD UK panorama also for its characteristics. Its exclusive taste and consistency are very soft. Its use has in fact ancient origins with various signs also coming from the Indian mythology. Hemp, for example, is a powerful aphrodisiac that even produced effects on the god Shiva, according to a Nepalese legend. In short, a pleasure that excites the gods, let alone us humans! Want to learn more about Indian Charas hashish? Check out our new informative blog where you'll find all the latest news!

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