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Mango Haze weed

Mango Haze is a high quality CBD weed, among the most sought after in the world of CBD flower. And the reason is soon explained, as this genetic specification is the result of the cross between Haze, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5.

Features of the Mango Haze

Its fame, however, cannot be attributed exclusively to its parents, indeed. Mango Kush remains one of the most appetizing products in the CBD flower universe for several reasons. The first aspect to be reckoned with is that this genetics is a sativa with a high CBD content, which is not a detail at all. To give it an extra edge is without a shadow of a doubt its fruity flavor, which recalls exotic fruits like mango and papaya. Its fragrance is very strong but at the same time delicate and enveloping, with an aftertaste that gives a summer explosion! Mango Haze buds have an average size, while the marijuana plant has often particularly voluminous apical buds of a characteristic green, tendentially to the dark and close to the deep red tones. A result that was obtained after several years of specific study on the CBD-rich genetics.

Mango Haze: The greenhouse cultivation of cannabis sativa

The greenhouse cultivation of Mango Haze is one of the strengths of this CBD flower. In fact, this occurs at high altitude on hilly terrain and many of the unique features derive from a water source located in the area. Even the tanning system is unique, this happens inside in handmade terracotta pots that make the flowers particularly compact. Harvesting and cleaning are also carried out by hand and no fertilizers, pesticides or fertilizers of any kind are used. The plants are strictly NO GMOs.

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