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Alpine CBG Small Buds

  • FLOWER SIZE: Small | smaller than 1,5Cm
  • AROMA:Delicate | Earthy Fruity
  • CLEANING: Handcrafted Bud-to-Bud
  • PERCENTAGE OF CBD: CBG < 17.5% | No added Cannabinoids
  • CULTIVATION:Certified Organic-inspired Cultivations | HACCP Protocols| No Pesticides | No Metals
  • 5G, 10G PACKAGE:Resealable Sealed Plastic Jar
  • 20G, 50G PACKAGE:Resealable Plastic Doypack Pouch, Aluminum-Lined and Sealed
  • 100G, 200G, 400G PACKAGE:Resealable 100g Doypack Pouches, Plastic-coated, Sealed, with Aluminum Interior and 2-Way Humidity Regulator
  • SHIPPING:Anonymous Cardboard Package 31x22x5 cm with Shockproof Internal Packaging. Immediate Shipping | 24-Hour Delivery


The Alpine CBG Small Buds is an innovative product originating from cutting-edge cultivations at the foothills of the Alps, exclusively available at JustBob. This product stems from the great success that Small Buds products have achieved in recent years; this has led large cultivators to develop genetics that produce smaller flowers directly with better quality than in the past.

The Alpine CBG is a type of Legal Cannabis with very high levels of CBG (nearing 20%) and lower levels of CBD (around 5%). In the Small Buds version, only flowers with a maximum size of 1.5cm are selected.

The plant from which the flowers are derived is robust and stable and does not require special care throughout the flowering cycle. These characteristics, in addition to ensuring the quality and naturalness of the product, allow for a reduction in production costs. All of this makes the Alpine CBG Small Buds one of the products with the best quality/price ratio on the market!

With this new product, JustBob has managed to further raise quality while containing costs. As expected, the product is enjoying great success, especially among our shop's loyal customers. Impossible not to try at this price!


This product presents itself visually in the form of light green "balls”, resembling a bag of mint candies coated in sugar. The very light green color makes the flowers particularly bright and inviting.

The small size of the flowers and their hand selection leads them to have an almost spherical shape; however, compared to other Small Buds, the flower's shape remains very recognizable even if smaller in size.

All flowers in the Small Buds category are particularly appreciated by our most loyal customers as it is the type of product that offers the best quality/price ratio.

Studies in recent years have also shown that in the selection of small CBG flowers, there is a higher concentration of "usable flower" as the stem and waste are greatly reduced by the shape and size of the flowers. Another reason to try this incredible product!


As we bring these magical little flowers closer to our nose, we immediately notice softness and freshness, sensations and scents that evoke fragrances of earth, pine, and damp wood, seamlessly integrating with the sweet hints of ripe fruit emanating from such a magnificent flower.

The aroma of Alpine CBG Small Buds is soft yet pungent, a classic characteristic of CBG cultivations (similar to the aroma emitted by Zkittles CBG or AK-47 CBD Boost).

Paying closer attention to its scent, we can notice that the earthy and soft hints of soil remind us greatly of the aroma emitted by classic Skunk strains; a distant relative of the Alpine CBG genetics.

Equally intriguing is the slightly bittersweet aftertaste, which adds to the pungent aroma while also being particularly enveloping.

Origins and cultivation

The cultivation of this innovative high-CBD variety takes place in cutting-edge crops nestled on the beautiful hills at the foot of the Alps.

These farms are located in territories traditionally known for cultivating high-quality organic agricultural products and caring for the biodiversity of the area.

The techniques used in the cultivation of this product have been exclusively developed for JustBob, encapsulating all of JustBob's experience and that of its growers in producing high-cannabinoid-content products.


This specific variety of legal cannabis was first developed by JustBob on their 2024 cultivations and is currently a unique product exclusively available on our shop.

The Alpine CBG stems from years of experience in CBG cultivations (such as Zkittles CBG), and to achieve its current "stability," several hybridizations were necessary, which link the Alpine with many famous genetic families, such as Skunk or Kush.


The CBG percentage indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory for this genetics. Unfortunately, as the product is a plant, there may be significant variations in cannabinoid percentages from one flower to another; moreover, batches often differ slightly from each other. Despite this variability, JustBob guarantees legality on all individual batches as THC is daily analyzed on all marketed products.

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  1. Perfect for daytime enjoyment.

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  2. Mellow flavor and potent effects. Highly recommended!

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  3. I couldn’t find anything better. Congraulation for your excellent work!

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  4. I love that you’re now selling products from the Alps, a truly European offering.

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  5. refreshing taste

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