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Blueberry Small Buds

  • FLOWER SIZE: Small | Less than 1,5 cm
  • AROMA:Delicate | Fruity Sweet
  • CLEANING: Hand-finished Bud by Bud
  • PERCENTAGE OF CBD: CBD < 16.5% | no added Cannabinoids
  • CULTIVATION:Certified organic-inspired cultivation | HACCP protocol | No pesticides | No metals
  • 5G, 10G PACKAGE:Sealed Reclosable Plastic Jar
  • 20G, 50G PACKAGE:Reclosable plasticized single Doypack pouch, sealed and with aluminum interior
  • 100G, 200G, 400G PACKAGE:Multiple pouches of 100g each; Recloasable plasticized Doypack pouches, sealed and with aluminum interior and 2-way Humidity Controller
  • SHIPPING:Anonimous Cardboard Parcel 31x22x5 cm with Internal Shockproof Packaging | Shipping in 24H



Blueberry Small Buds was born from the desire of one of the industry's most famous growers to create a high-quality natural product at the right price. The answer was to grow a genetics that, even with small buds, could release an intense aroma combined with a rich spectrum of cannabinoids

This selection of Blueberry is a Small Buds in that its flowers are sieved and sorted down to a maximum size of 1.5 cm. It is the first variety of JustBob that is only available with small buds; this is because it was bred and researched precisely for this purpose. 

Since its launch, this product has been an immediate success, mainly due to its sweet aroma and light colour, which make it particularly inviting.


This product presents itself to the eye in the form of light green 'balls', as inviting as a bag of candy. The often light green colour is interrupted by a massive presence of trichomes ranging from red to orange

The small size of the flowers and their selection by hand causes them to have an almost spherical shape, as if they were balls. 

All the flowers in the Small Buds category are particularly popular with loyal customers as this is the type of product that achieves the best price/quality ratio.

The aroma 

This Cannabis CBD genetic owes its name and popularity to its distinctive aroma. The aroma is soft and delicate and gives our senses a velvety sweet feeling

Hints of red fruits and in particular blueberry are noticeable right from the start. We can say that its aroma reminds us of the sensations we get when tasting a sweet fruit candy.

Provenance and cultivation 

The cultivation of this innovative, high-CBD variety takes place in state-of-the-art cultivations, the same ones that have produced most of JustBob's successful products.  

The cultivations are located in areas that have always been suited to the cultivation of hemp and high-quality organic food products in general. 

The techniques used in the cultivation of this product have been developed exclusively for JustBob and come from years of experience and study of high CBD Marijuana varieties.


This specific legal cannabis variety was first developed in Italy by JustBob on the 2024 cultivation and is now a unique product for exclusive sale in our shop. 

Blueberry is a popular variety created in the 1970s by a breeder, known as DJ Short, using Thai and Afghani cannabis strains. Since its creation, Blueberry has been crossed with different cannabis varieties to create new hybrids that have been very successful: for example Blue Dream (Blueberry x Haze) or Blue Cheese (Blueberry x Cheese). 

The Blueberry Small Buds genetics is only a distant descendant of the famous Blueberry and, unlike the latter, is a variety with a very low THC content.


The percentage of CBD indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory on this genetics. Unfortunately the product is a plant and there can be considerable variations in the percentage of cannabinoids from one flower to another; moreover, batches often differ slightly from each other.  

Despite this variability JustBob guarantees legality on all individual batches as THC is analysed daily on all marketed products.

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