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Small Buds Mix

The Small Buds Mix is one of the novelties in the catalog of our JustBob marijuana shop. What is the difference compared to other qualities? This product brings together all the positive aspects of all genetics with indoor cultivation. In this case, in fact, the smallest buds of all CBD flower are collected, and the results are truly exceptional. We have selected only the best inflorescences of cannabis, obtaining a percentage of really significant CBD. In fact, its value well exceeds 19%, while the THC obviously falls below the permitted limit of 0.2%.

The features of the Small Buds Mix

The high rate of CBD or cannabidiol, present in this mix of small buds Mix makes it very similar to the THC-rich genetics. An aspect not to be underestimated because this determines the characteristics of the CBD Flower. iTS fragrance is very strong and decisive, but at the same time it gives a really pleasant and delicate taste.

Indoor cultivation of the Small Buds Mix 

A truly impacting component for Small Buds Mix is the indoor cultivation of the CBD flowers. This is done using the most innovative technologies in the industry to recreate the ideal habitat for the plant of cannabis. The various phases are followed by experts and scholars, therefore, every aspect of its production is not left to chance. The phase of seed separation is strictly made by hand with sieves designed and manufactured specifically for this phase of processing. The same goes for cleaning the genetics of exclusively organic marijuana. A set of the best features of California Haze and Mango Haze, Bubblegum and Lemon Cheese to name few of them. Obviously no metals, fertilizers, fertilizers or metals of any kind are used. Our plants are strictly NO GMOs.

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