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Blueberry, CBD flower

Blueberry is one of the masterpieces of CBD UK. Its origins date back to the early 1970s, when after numerous experiments among different genetics they finally gave life to Blueberry weed that today everyone loves and knows. It is a high quality cannabis sativa with a high CBD content, greater than 19%.

Blueberry weed, the characteristics of CBD Buds

In the following years, Blueberry then gave birth to other successful genetics, such as Sweet Berry. Its features are really known to all fans of the legal grass world. In fact, Blueberry weed has a very intense fragrance that undoubtedly makes it one of the qualities most similar to THC-rich genetics. The flavor is really strong but at the same time it gives a soft and fruity aftertaste, typical of the Haze family. Cannabis seeds are small in size but compact and with a large presence of resin. The marijuana plant is medium with a good yield, thanks to the almost absolute absence of stems and branches inside the flowers. The buds are of a characteristic light color with very vivid orange pistils. The flowering cycle is really very long: a very important aspect to obtain very high percentages of CBD.

Blueberry, indoor cultivation

The indoor cultivation of blueberry grass takes place in Italy. The production takes place in environments studied and controlled by a team of experts in the sector. The best innovative technologies are used to guarantee the best quality to the product and it is precisely here that new irrigation and light management methods have been studied which have then made the difference in the immediate present. Hydroponic cultivation, harvesting and cleaning strictly by hand are other factors that should not be underestimated. Blueberry is considered one of the preferred genetics of CBD UK. The plants are strictly NO GMOs.

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