Marijuana CBD: here are the opinions of our clients

CBD weed uk opinions of clients

Modified on: 12/09/2023

What our customers have to say about Justbob!

Are you considering buying CBD cannabis on Justbob, but would first like to read reviews on selling legal marijuana? We understand you correctly because it is essential to know the quality of the products and the level of satisfaction of other customers before buying CBD online!

For our part, we can tell you that the shipments from our shop are super-fast, with CBD weed of excellent quality (organic and legal) and CBD rich and fragrant cannabis buds. But what do those who have bought marijuana say about Justbob?

We want to quote you both reviews about our service and reviews about our cannabis varieties.

Keep reading them, and you will discover them all!

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Legal marijuana: opinions about Justbob

cbd weed feedback of users

Here are the customer reviews from our Justbob shop (you can find them on Trustpilot and they are all verified reviews, i.e. from an actual purchase):

  • Alice writes: Serious and reliable site, everything I have taken has been well appreciated, and to date, I only receive top products from them. The only defect – not their fault of course – is the transport, the UPS are perpetually late, but in any case, nothing that can devalue the seriousness of the site and those who run it. Excellent … Keep going!  
  • Here is Robert’s opinion: Always punctual and precise. Always high product quality  
  • Francis’ opinion: Trusted supplier. They always dispatch the parcel within 12 hours, and it often arrives earlier than expected—outstanding product quality.  
  • A. Martins in May 2023 says: “I’ve ordered the small buds mix a few times and tried more than 50% of the types of CBD hash available and I must say that compared to many places out there Just Bob definitely has the upper edge on price, availability and I can’t say much about the overall quality yet but until now it has been able to compete. Trychs are hard to find… and I’m assuming they wash the buds with UV to avoid adulterants so it’s as safe and tasty as it can legally be and that’s great, even though it browns the buds of most strains.”
  •  Jariel (18 May of 2023) “So nice to have a shop like this. Prizes are very low in comparison to other shops, yet everything works super good. Bravo JustBob.”
  • Marcus tells us about a small setback due to an error (immediately resolved): Excellent all quality products delivered quickly. I had a problem with a parcel because one of the products was missing, contact the support centre, and they sent everything to me the next day without a fuss. Although there was a tiny problem in one situation, I am delighted especially with the speed of delivery, courtesy and quality of service.  
  • And Erik gives us 360º feedback: Justbob is exceptional. Excellent product and quality, and that is the most important thing. The site is working very well, and I would like to highlight the kindness and professionalism of the customer service team who respond quickly to any request or doubt, even on Sundays! Nothing else to say: perfect!  
  • Lukas also mentions our customer support service via Facebook Messenger, which we recently set up and which gave us great satisfaction from the start: professional, fast and excellent service! Congratulations also for the Messenger service.

As you can see, the opinions of our customers are very positive and make us even more proud of the work we do, and the commitment we put into every order of legal cannabis, legal hash and CBD oil.

Now let’s see what our customers think of the CBD cannabis strains in our shop!

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What customers think about Justbob CBD weed

As you may know, the CBD weed strains in our shop are organic and comply with the European and British law, as they all have THC values below 0.2%. At the same time, however, they are rich in CBD, intensely aromatic and very much appreciated by our customers!

Here are the opinions of people who have tried the most famous cannabis varieties in our online shop (you can find them directly in the product sheets of the site):

Opinions on Bubblegum

  • Phillip: Excellent! Good sweet and resinous flavour, instant relaxing effect. I recommend it!  
  • Brian: Tried on the first order, very typical smell, very relaxing and refreshing. The small quantity is convenient, excellent value for money. Variety to consider when shopping. To be recommended!  
  • Meghan: good quality, better than the rest in circulation.  
  • Luke: I prefer Gorilla, but it’s also a great product.  

If Bubblegum maintains an average score of 4.7 out of 5 it is for some reason and to testify it during 2023 for example are:

  • Karen S. : “it feels like chewing candies” – 28 April 2023
  • Simon Baker: “jb’s bubblegum helped me fall asleep faster and enjoy a restful night’s sleep” – 17 May 2023
  • Elizabeth C.: “chewing gum aftertaste” – 6 June 2023

Opinions on Gorilla Glue

  • Tina: Great! So far, this is my favourite CBD.  
  • Anita: Delicate but also dense. It has beautiful, large CBD buds.  
  • Stephanie : The last time I ordered, I had big fragrant heads.
  • Lukas: maybe the best I’ve tried here and elsewhere.  
  • Arthur: the 100g arrived safely; they smell and look fantastic.  

And here are the witnesses of 2023 on Gorilla Glue CBD:

  • Virginia : “one of the best legal version of GG! I recommend!” – 25 March 2023
  • nannie m. : “The anti-inflammatory properties of gorilla glue CBD buds have made a noticeable difference in managing my chronic pain”
  • David Turner : “sticky to the right point”

Opinions on White Widow

  • Mark: I almost always take these genetics in honour of the good old days, great!  
  • Myriam: Maybe the best of the GlassHouse collection.
  • Mary: I particularly like the smell it gives off.  

Other witnesses from 2023 say:

  • Missy E. : “best legal version of white widow around” – 5 February 2023
  • Malik : “I tried this one out of curiosity, but I was shocked by its intense effect” – 6 March 2023
  • Madison Parker: “personally, one of the tastiest” – 7 June 2023

Opinions on Melon Kush

  • mel86: Very good. It has a crazy smell… I wake up in the morning, I open the box, and I take a breath to start the day.  
  • Jack: I bought 100g, and it was great to receive the parcel, thank you.  
  • Tony: It surprised me positively, clear and fragrant.  
  • David: I often buy this genetics, clear and fragrant. You can see that it’s not an indoor crop, but it’s an excellent product all the same.  
  • Denise E. : “fruty aftertaste: you can spot the melon!!” – 16 April 2023
  • Miquel : “smells ridiculously good, like ripe melon and strong artificial cherry, with some herbal, earthy and fruity hints” – 5 June 2023

Opinions on Sweet Berry

  • Lena: Probably my favourite, with a delicate flavour and aroma that even makes opening the jar pleasant.  
  • Frank: A variety that is exaggeratedly reminiscent of the red fruits to which the name refers, the smell it gives off is indeed that of red fruits. Extremely relaxing despite being grown in a greenhouse, it is delightful. I don’t give it 5 stars because the second-order (maybe the batch) was slightly different from the first, which I found much better. However, the courtesy and assistance of customer service are outstanding.  
  • Sean: I was positively surprised, this is the first time I have tried CBD flowers, and I liked it very much.

Customers on Sweet Berry in 2023 say:

  • L.George: “true fruit notes” – 6 February 2023
  • Tillie: “CBD have helped me manage my anxiety levels effectively” – 22 May 2023
  • Isabella : “slight fruity scent: yummy” – 11 June 2023


These are some of the legal cannabis varieties most purchased by our customers, but on, there are many more! Check for yourself and try the ones that best suit your tastes … And of course, let us know what you think, both in our CBD online shop and on Trustpilot!

We look forward to hearing from you!