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Outdoor Mix

The Mix of outdoor cultivated varieties is a New product in JustBob’s catalogue; despite this, it has surely immediately developed into one of the most loved products by all cannabis light lovers. The Outdoor Mix consists of several varieties, many of which you can find separately on our site. They all have in common the method of cultivation and the processing.

The Overview

The Mix’s inflorescences are often of medium size, with a lively and multi-coloured tint that ranges from light green to fiery red. The coloration seems to reflect that of a flowery field, with different shades and varieties that enhance each other, resulting in a perfect show of nature.

The Aroma

The early popularity of this cannabis light product is due to its unmistakable fragrance. The scent is sweet, delicate and soft, but at the same time sour, stinging and citric. The resulting taste is, therefore, a magical combination that gives the impression of enjoying nature in its entirety.

Origin e Cultivation

The company we have selected to produce all the Outdoor varieties is based along the coast of Abruzzo, more specifically in the province of Pescara. In this Italian organic farm, the six different genetics of the Mix are grown in the open field, in such a manner that the type of cultivation and the processing method respect both the rhythm of nature and the cultivating differences for each genetics. In this company the organic principles are followed, so that no heavy metals, GMO products or any other product that could in any way affect the naturalness of the flower and the plant are used.


The percentage of CBD indicated above is merely indicative and it represents the maximum value obtained in laboratory on the genetics. Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be significant variations in the percentage of cannabinoids from one flower to another; moreover, the lots are often slightly different from each other. Despite this variability, JustBob guarantees legality on all individual lots as THC is analyzed daily on every product for sale.

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