Where to buy quality CBD oil

buy quality cbd oil

Modified on: 26/10/2023

Find out where to buy quality cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) and avoid scams

In the international field there are numerous studies concerning CBD buds and its derivatives such as CBD cannabis oil.

These products have established themselves on the market because they are endowed with many interesting features for the health of the body and mind and applications in therapeutic and recreational fields.

States like Canada and Switzerland have been actively interested in this substance, producing excellent results in many fields and experimenting with new application solutions.

CBD oil Sativa, in particular, is extracted from selected hemp plants. These are cultivated directly on the territory of the European Union in an organic way, in areas that are closely monitored to guarantee the quality of the product and its processing.

Chemically CBD is cannabidiol, a cannabinoid analogous to THC but which has no psychotropic effects.

Its effects are shown in a positive way against depression and anxiety and according to some studies they help in the prevention of cancer.

CBD oil production

CBD oil production

Cannabidiol is found among the essential oils present in hemp, in particular in that in which the THC is presents itself with concentrations below 0.2%.

Being an oil there are various systems to extract and purify it, derived from the techniques used in herbal medicine.

The most common is that of steam distillation, a patent that allows a fractional distillation of cannabidiol on one hand and as a waste of cannabinol which is disposed of as illegal.

With this distillation, CBD oil keeps its properties intact and it is possible to move on to a subsequent refining process, with the addition of alcol or vegetable oils that make it more fluid.

The raw product is dark and very dense, this because it also contains a certain percentage of chlorophyll that can be filtered to lighten it.

Usually the fats normally present in the oil and the chlorophyll fraction move in this phase, to obtain a pure product, which is the most widespread on the market, also because it degrades less due to the lack of other components.

In Europe this product is found only through stores, like Justbob, where you can also buy online CBD weed. In particular, we supply ourselves from producers who are able to guarantee that the residual THC component is within the threshold, and if possible even lower to avoid penalties.

Each manufacturer certifies the purity of the CBD it extracts, and checks its plants to make sure that the THC percentage of 0.2% is respected (and we analyze each sample in turn).

Outside Italy, CBD oil is also produced in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and France, in open fields or in greenhouses depending on the climate. The oil distributed in Italy, on the other hand, is produced locally, and must be verified on a batch basis.

The price of CBD oil strongly depends on the quality of the processing with values ranging from € 30 to € 200 for a 10 ml bottle based on the accuracy of the filtering, concentration and quality of the plant selection.

The concentration ranges from 3% up to 30% and with it the price obviously rises, also because additional tests are needed to certify that the residual THC is harmless.

This product owes its success to many factors, mainly linked to some positive properties for the health of the consumer.

It follows a herbalist path and has very little fun.

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The main factor is the ability of the cannabidiol to lower anxiety and related disorders. Clinical studies are still in progress, but many consumers declare that the effect is very pleasant and brings them back to a state of tranquility that has been difficult for a long time to obtain, something that does not happen with THC-based products.

There are clinical studies that recommend the use of CBD oil in case of chemotherapy to partially reduce the negative effects on the organism and many praise its analgesic properties in case of persistent and prolonged pains.

Cases of spasm limiting have been reported for people with schizophrenia and epilepsy as well as a general improvement in the patient’s condition.

Some use CBD flowers as a sleep adjuvant. The generalized relaxing effect is associated with its action on the dopamine neurotransmitter, combined with vasodilation with a general relaxation effect.

This is also reflected on a psychosomatic level with drops in problems such as psoriasis and juvenile acne, partly linked to psychological factors.

cbd oil from marijuana plants

How to take cannabidiol oil

CBD oil is very concentrated and is sold in glass or plastic bottles, with dropper, because it is important to remain in the dosages to obtain a beneficial effect.

The oil is taken diluted in water or directly by mouth in drops, but it can also be mixed with fruit juices or yogurt without losing its effectiveness.

The important thing is to learn the dosages by steps, starting from low concentration oil, two or three drops at a time and progressively rising until the optimal value is found.

It must be considered that the concentration is high and therefore a few drops are enough for most people.

CBD is in itself not dangerous, but has known side effects.

One of these is the feeling of tiredness, since it can be used as a sleep aid, and if there are overdoses, moderate attacks of dysentery have been recorded, but on the subject there is little literature.

CBD is not a psychoactive substance, so there are no alterations to cognitive abilities during the effect.

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Where to buy CBD oil in Italy

CBD oil in Italy is found only in certified legal circuits and resales of products based on hemp, which are constantly subjected to health checks to verify that the product meets the required quality and characteristics.

Justbob.shop offers a selection of top quality CBD oils (CBD oil Sensitiva also available for pets with Sensitiva Pets ) with a CBD concentration up to 25%. The samples are all verified and certified cannabis.

We also sell many inflorescences of CBD weed from the best indoor and greenhouse crops.

The vials, equipped with precise dropper, contain superior quality CBD oil, with a quantity of THC far below the legal limit, in full protection of the health of the consumer who chooses this product for its beneficial properties for physical and mental health.

To ensure maximum reliability, oil from the Futura75 marijuana variety is used, carefully selected by the canapa masters for its high CBD content and low presence of cannabinol.

The dilution is exclusively made with selected coconut oil, which does not alter the properties of the product and maintains its pleasant taste.

All the products come from 100% organic crops to avoid introducing toxins and contaminants in the refined product.

The payment method is guaranteed and 100% secure with a satisfied or repaid method, and supports the main credit cards of the VISA and MAESTRO tour.

The delivery is absolutely anonymous, with a package that does not suggest anything about its content, delivered via express courier.

Justbob is synonymous with quality and attention, because it controls all the production and protects its customers.

What are you waiting for? Buy CBD oil and CBD hash on our CBD online shop and you will see that you will be absolutely satisfied!