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CBD<60%IndoorMedium/Big BudsPatented MethodSUPER BOOSTTHC<0.2%

OG Super Boost

  • FLOWER SIZE: Normal | Bigger than 1,5 cm
  • AROMA: Pungent | Piny and Woody
  • CLEANING: Hand-finished Bud by Bud
  • PERCENTAGE OF CBD: CBD < 60% | added Cannabinoids with CBD Boost patented method
  • 3G, 5G, 10G PACKAGE: Sealed Reclosable Plastic Jar
  • 20G, 50G PACKAGE:Reclosable plasticized single Doypack pouch, sealed and with aluminum interior
  • 100G, 200G PACKAGE: Multiple pouches of 50g/100g each; Recloasable plasticized Doypack pouches, sealed and with aluminum interior and 2-way Humidity Controller
  • SHIPPING: Anonimous Cardboard Parcel 31x22x5 cm with Internal Shockproof Packaging


JustBob confirms its ongoing research and innovation in the development of innovative CBD Cannabis products with the launch of the brand-new Justbob Super Boost Line, exclusively developed on the most cutting-edge plantations in Europe.

The first variety in this new line is the extraordinary OG Super Boost. The name of this new product already indicates that we are dealing with the richest CBD Hemp on the market, with percentages exceeding 60%!

This product, like the entire Super Boost Line, is the result of years of research and study on CBD genetics. These cultivation results are the fruit of innovation in CBD Boost plantations, where a thin layer of completely natural CBD crystals is added.

The main characteristic of this variety is its white coat, given by the thin veil of CBD that blends perfectly with the very high quantities of cannabinoids present in the flower. We could define it as a kind of Soft Icerock obtained with CBD Boost flowers, definitely worth trying!

This product allows for extremely high CBD percentages, never before seen in a flower. This was made possible by further enhancing the CBD Boost flowers, as only JustBob knows how to do, and the result is truly extraordinary!

The Appearance 

This new product has a truly unique and captivating live appearance; photos really don't do justice to the brightness and harmony emitted by these innovative Cannabis Light flowers.

The most striking visual feature, of course, is the CBD veil that covers it, which immediately evokes a snowy forest on a sunny day. The white makes the flowers bright, almost luminous, and genuinely captivating.

The texture of the flowers is slightly fragrant, almost soft; it manages to perfectly combine the softness of a CBD Boost flower with a slight crispness of an Icerock.

The flowers are of medium to large size and often have a slightly elongated shape, making them truly resemble a snow-covered tree.

This product, like all CBD Boost and H4 CBD Boost varieties, can also be defined by connoisseurs as "ICE WEED," as the massive presence of cannabidiol makes the branches and flowers look frozen. In the Super Boost Line, this effect is further amplified by the presence of crystallized CBD on the entire surface of the bud.

The Aroma 

Bringing the OG Super Boost closer to your nose, you can immediately notice its intense and enveloping aroma, which immediately evokes fragrances of earth, pine, and wood, with a sweet and sour aftertaste that transports your mind to an enchanted forest.

By paying closer attention to its scent, you can notice that the earthy and soft scents of damp soil perfectly merge with persistent but delicate notes of blossoming citrus. This explosion of scents converges into a woody aroma, sometimes creamy but also pungent, very captivating.

Origin and Cultivation 

The production of this innovative, high-CBD product starts with cutting-edge cultivation, the same that led to the creation of JustBob's CBD Boost genetics. The plantations are located in Italian territories that have always been known for the cultivation of hemp and high-quality food products.

The experience of JustBob and the growers, combined with modern indoor cultivation techniques, have led to the development of cutting-edge organic plantations that elevate quality and innovation in the industry.

The techniques used in the cultivation of this product have been exclusively developed on small production batches and are currently in the patenting phase.

The Origins 

The cannabis variety that serves as inspiration for this new product and from which this genetics descends is OG Kush, a popular strain that has always been a cornerstone in the marijuana community. Originally from California, the OG Kush is the result of the hybridization of the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg genetics.

It is said that the legendary grower Matt "Bubba" Berger was the first to cultivate it in the early 90s, and since then, it has become one of the most iconic and appreciated varieties, thanks also to its unique profile and potent effects.

The OG Super Boost genetics is only a distant descendant of the famous OG Kush and, unlike the latter, is a variety with very low THC content. The OG Super Boost was first developed in Italy in 2023 by JustBob and is now a unique product exclusively developed by our company.


The above-mentioned CBD percentage, while remaining indicative and subject to variation from flower to flower, is always certified by analyses carried out in multiple authorized laboratories. The analyses of the batch for sale are always published on the website to provide more information to our customers.

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