Marijuana Do Si Dos: taste a CBD of the highest quality

Do si Dos: taste this CBD Flowers of high quality

Modified on: 30/10/2023

Legal marijuana Do Si Dos characteristics and specifications.

Do Si Dos … Do you hear what a beautiful sound? It is that of CBD weed with a very particular name, taste and scent, highly appreciated by all admirers of CBD cannabis and legal hash, many of whom could designate this new strain as their favourite.

It is an indica-dominant hybrid resulting from the cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG.

The resulting product is a pungent and balanced strain whose effects seem to last longer than average. Unpowered Do-Si-Dos can also be potent for frequent cannabis users, as THC levels fluctuate between 19% and an absurd 30%.

indica dominant hybrid of do si dos marijuana cbd

The legal variety is just as powerful as far as CBD is concerned, which easily exceeds 22.5%.

The appearance of CBD cannabis Do Si Dos

Do-Si-Dos buds are typically small in size and stick in small groups as if they were popcorn. Like many predominantly indica varieties, these flowers have a dense structure, with small leaflets curling tightly inward towards the central stems.

The colour of the inflorescences is also very particular. The gems have a shade of green so light as to appear white and contain in abundance of bright orange pistils, almost red.

Furthermore, a thick and uniform layer of icy white trichomes covers these buds and explains the high content of cannabinoids (as well as their extremely light colour).

The scent of the buds is very intense, earthy and recalling the smell of the forest in winter; the taste is equally intense and earthy and has hints of Scots pine, with an aftertaste that strongly reminds of chestnuts.

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Effects of legal marijuana Do Si Dos.

Traditional non-weakened Do-Si-Dos marijana leads to a sharp increase in brain function, creativity and concentration. At the same time, however, the body is into full relaxation with the right mental stimulation.

As a side effect, due to THC, its consumption can lead to paranoid states or panic attacks. Therefore it is not recommended for those who are prone to these tendencies.

The Do Si Dos CBD flower, on the other hand, has high percentages of CBD, which make it incredibly relaxing, ideal for calming anxiety and for solving problems of insomnia and other sleep disturbances.

do si dos cbd is ideal for for solving problems of insomnia

In addition to having calming properties, CBD at high levels has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic properties (reduces nausea and vomiting) and many others.

Unlike THC, contained in substantial percentages (<0.2% as it is a product according to the law), CBD has no contraindications and does not alter the psyche.

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The cultivation of Do Si Dos CBD cannabis

Do Si Dos is best being grown both indoors and outdoors, although farmers who wish to highlight the purple colour potential of these flowers should temporarily expose their crops to cold (but not freezing) night temperatures just before the start of the flowering?

Specifically, the variety that we offer you on is grown exclusively in Val d’Aosta indoors. For most of the lots the hydroponic cultivation method is used, with which CBD flower seedlings grow in a sterile substrate such as clay, rock wool and others.

Plants are given a mixture of water and nutrients chosen ad hoc to ensure excellent yield and production of flowers rich in resin and therefore in CBD.

The primary advantage of this cultivation method is that legal CBD cannabis plants do not have to extend their roots in the soil in search of nutrients, but can use their energies in their growth and the development of inflorescences.

In the case of hydroponics, all the nutrients are given directly to the plants, which can increase and produce numerous buds rich in trichomes.

It is necessary to carefully study the proportions between water and other nutrients based on the cultivated strains so that the CBD cannabis can grow in optimal conditions without suffering in any way.

The hydroponic cultivation method also allows you to control the life cycle of each seedling better.

The farm that produces our batches of Do Si Dos also uses a particular lighting system which consists of the use of both sunlight and ad hoc lamps.

As for all our CBD buds strains, in this case, the crop is 100% organic. Therefore it does not require the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other substances that could kill the pests but damage the plant and compromise its quality.

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