Do Si Dos: genetics, characteristics and origins

Do Si Dos cannabis light genetics and origins

Modified on: 03/04/2024

Kush breath: the “Mother” strain of the Do Si Dos!

The CBD flower Do Si Dos is a popular variety of all cannabis connoisseurs. It is a hybrid variety with indica predominance, whose origin strain (OGKB, also known with the simpler term Kush Breath) is apparent among its characteristics.

The appearance of Do Si Dos is distinguishable from other CBD cannabis varieties. The trichomes are well shiny, the shiny pistils and the lime and lavender, green leaves make the inflorescences a joy for the eyes.

Its aroma is also characteristic and intoxicating: pungent, sweet and earthy with legal floral scents.

characteristics of do si dos legal cannabis

As for the effects, the non-weakened variety (therefore illegal in Italy) tends to give a strong sedative effect. Besides, the CBD version, which has a high CBD content (over 22.5%), is potentially a very relaxing variety. It can, therefore, promote proper relaxation, relieve stress and other problems such as insomnia and migraine.

But let’s go back to its origins: we said that this CBD weed strain derives from a particular species from which it has inherited numerous characteristics, namely the Kush Breath.

We see, in the next paragraphs, the characteristics of the OGKB.

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Origins of the OGKB (Kush Breath), parent of the cannabis Do Si Dos.

The OGKB (aka Kush Breath) cannabis strain is said to derive from the Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies varieties (respectively a Sativa hybrid and a dominant indica). Both of these parent strains, popular and well known by marijuana connoisseurs, have been bred to create a genuinely potent hybrid.

The Girl Scout Cookies

GSC marijuana, also known as Girl Scout Cookies, is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. It has a sweet and earthy aroma and, if taken, causes a great euphoria but at the same time, a strong relaxation of the limbs. Consumers also claim that it is capable of appeasing nausea and stimulating appetite.

Girl scout cookie do si dos cbd variertyMainly because of the very high quantities of THC, Girl Scout Cookies has won numerous awards at the Cannabis Cup.

Generally, GSC expresses its beauty with green inflorescences wrapped in purple leaves and orange pistils.

The Durban Poison

Durban Poison marijuana is a pure Sativa from the South African city of Durban, from which it takes its name. This strain is known worldwide for its decidedly sweet smell and for the energy and exaltation that causes its consumption.

The cannabis fans love Durban Poison as it can expand productivity and creativity, but also because of the large resin-rich buds, round and massive, which have a thick layer of trichomes (that determine the high amount of THC, particular in illegal hashish varieties).

But in the OGKB strain, the OG Kush genetics are also evident (which also determines the first three letters of its name in the acronym). OG Kush was first grown in Florida in the early 1990s when a Northern California strain was crossed with a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam. The result was a very powerful hybrid that boasts a complex aroma with notes of fuel and spices.

OG Kush has become over the years an essential strain used to create numerous famous varieties such as Girl Scout Cookies and Headband.

Kush Breath is, therefore, a truly surprising strain of cannabis, with truly superior and world-renowned genetics.

But what are its characteristics specifically?

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Characteristics of Kush Breath marijuana (OGKB)

OG Kush Breath (or OGKB for short) is an indica- dominant hybrid with a full-bodied aroma. This strain, from which different types of marijuana derive, including Do Si Dos, is deeply relaxing and is usually used for quiet and relaxing evenings.

Its THC content generally ranges from 14% to 25%.

OGKB stands out from numerous other varieties for its exceptionally large and well-formed inflorescences, such as those of its parent Durban Poison. These flowers are formed by small leaflets that curl densely inside, towards their central stems.

The buds are beautifully musky green (although the numerous white trichomes give the flowers a slightly “icy” appearance) covered with fluorescent orange pistils.

The OGKB gems give off a scent of toasted hazelnuts, which is somewhat reminiscent of freshly baked cookies: it is no coincidence that it recalls the aroma of the Girl Scout Cookies.

The effects of the OGKB

The main effects of its consumption, besides the physical ones such as the sensation of pulsating temples and the increase in salivation, mainly focus on sensory perception.

Visual stimuli may seem more intense or dynamic, while many consumers also report the strange sensation of time dilation. After taking it, it is therefore strongly discouraged to try to perform complicated and work-related tasks, as Kush Breath is more likely to confuse concentration.

The psychedelic effects of this strain are gradually associated with a deep feeling of relaxation. Due to its predominantly soothing properties, this strain is recommended for evening or night time consumption.

In conclusion

Now you know the strain of origin of the legal weed Do Si Dos. As a CBD bud, it does not have the same effects as the OGKB, but as this has large quantities of resin (in this case rich in CBD and not THC ) and the buds of a beautiful green with bright orange pistils.

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