Mango Kush Marijuana: are you ready?

Mango Kush: characteristics of this CBD Bud

Modified on: 30/10/2023

Mango kush marijuana: effects and characteristics of this unmissable hemp quality (to try!)

Would you like to try a variety of CBD weed with tropical scents, which you perhaps postpone to … Mango? Then the Mango Kush marijuana is the one for you!

characteristics of mango haze cbd weed

Let’s discover all its features together.

Introducing the Mango Kush marijuana

Mango Kush CBD cannabis is an autoflowering strain that comes from the crossing of two particular varieties of marijuana: the Dinamed CBD and the Summer Star.

The Dinamed CBD, as you can imagine from the name, has a very high cannabidiol content. It is a hybrid with a strong sativa predominance and with a citrusy but at the same time sweet aroma.

The Summer Star, on the other hand, is a fast-ripening autoflowering variety, which guarantees rich harvests even in adverse weather conditions.

Mango Kush weed seeds therefore give life to resistant, very productive and autoflowering plants in a short time. The ripening times of the buds are about 8 weeks: lots of yield and little waiting (ah didn’t they say like that?).

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The plant and inflorescences of the Mango Kush marijuana

As you could read in the previous paragraph, the Mango Kush plant blooms quickly, so much so that it is one of the favorite plants of legal CBD marijuana and hashish producers.

The inflorescences (or rather the buds) are covered with numerous pistils of orange shades tending to red and the trichomes present on the flowers, or the crystals that produce the resin, are beautiful thick.

Turning instead to the characteristics of the plant, you must know that this has an average development: it generally reaches 1.2 / 1.5 meters in height.

Cultivating it is quite simple (read the books on the cultivation of marijuana to know how to do) and guarantees an excellent yield: from 900 to 1500 grams per square meter.

cultivation of marijuana light mango kush

CBD Mango Kush and THC

Although the undepowered variety produces inflorescences with a high THC content (about 16%) and low CBD content (generally less than 0.2%), to be defined as such, Mango Kush must possess THC according to the law.

This means that it has THC lower than 0.2%, while the amount of CBD is very good, even exceeding 13%.

The effect of the Mango Kush CBD flower, thanks to the CBD it contains, is persistently relaxing. It is also possible to find analgesic, anti-emetic and antispasmodic effects.

Mango Kush marijuana taste and aroma

Mango Kush cannabis has a sweetly fruity taste, with hints ranging from mango to banana. During its use it will envelop you in a tropical and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for the summer thanks to the fresh final notes but also excellent during the winter evenings, perhaps with a tasty marijuana herbal tea!

The aroma of this variety of CBD buds is persistent and has fragrant notes of earth and fresh fruit, similar to the flavor.

After its use the effect is slow, gradual but persistent. Relaxation and abandonment will accompany you for several hours.

Do you want to try another type of marijuana with hints of mango? Then we recommend the Mango Haze.

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Mango Haze legal weed

Mango Haze legal weed is the result of a cross between 3 particular varieties of marijuana: Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights.

It is a sativa with a very high CBD content (over 19%, therefore much higher than the cannabidiol contained in Mango Kush): it is therefore perfect if you want to enjoy extreme and persistent relaxation, perhaps in a period of insomnia or severe stress.

Like the Mango Kush, the Mango Haze presents notes of tropical fruit that clearly recall mango but also papaya and other exotic fruits: perfect for the summer or, like the Kush, even for a tasty winter herbal tea!

The aroma also strongly recalls a tropical fruit salad: sweet, fresh and intoxicating.

The height of the Mango Haze plant usually ranges from 1 meter to 1.5 meters and produces about 500 g of inflorescences per square meter.

Difference between Kush and Haze

The Kush and Haze marijuana varieties are very different from each other; therefore, apart from taste and aroma, Mango Kush and Mango Haze are two completely different species.

First the Kush is basically an indica, while the Haze has a sativa predominance.

The Kush plant has wider leaves than the Haze and is also more robust, ideal for both outdoor and indoor cultivation.

The Haze leaves are slender and elongated; generally they have a light green color, but in Mango Haze they have a shade that tends to red (the result of the selection with a high content of CBD).

That’s not all: the aroma also has different nuances. In the case of the Kush indica, the scent is bittersweet and pungent, while the Haze sativa has a spicy, sweetish aroma with a slight hint of earth.

And the effects? Well, in the case of legal CBD cannabis, they all depend on CBD, which is higher in Mango Haze than in Mango Kush. The main effects given by the CBD are extreme relaxation, both mental and muscular, and pain relief.

In the psychotropic variety, instead, Kush has a more sedative and relaxing effect while the Haze produces an energizing effect and stimulates creativity.

However, you should know that the two Mangoes are excellent varieties that are highly appreciated by marijuana connoisseurs for their aromas, tropical taste and pleasant effects. Two types of cannabis definitely not to be missed!