Ripe marijuana: how to recognize it?

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Modified on: 12/09/2023

How to recognize the mature marijuana and avoid collecting it too late.

Instead of byuing a CBD flower, you bought CBD weed seeds in order to plant them, grow them and enjoy the results of your work, individually, didn’t you? Except that you have a terrible doubt that haunts you: “How can I understand when the time is right for the collection? How to recognize mature marijuana?“.

mature marijuana light flowers

There is an answer to this question that is given to us directly by nature and is found in pistils and trichomes. Let’s understand it together.

What are marijuana pistils and how they help us

There are several ways to better understand when the time came for the cannabis harvest. Including the pistil, which depending on the color reached, acts as a signal for a different stage of the plant’s maturation.

First, however, we need to take a step back and know that each plant has a different maturation time. Only by knowing the right times can a good harvest be obtained.

For example, autoflowering type plants, which allow us to work more peacefully because the seed sprouts in a fixed and predictable date, are an excellent choice for a collection novice.

Once this is understood, we can go back to the notices that the plants send us to make us understand how mature they are to be collected. The pistil is placed on the top of the flower, has a filamentous shape and is easily visible to the naked eye.

The pistil is very delicate, its development is closely related to pollination by a male, since it contains within it the reproductive organs of female cannabis.

Initially we will notice that our pistil will have a predominantly clear, white color, but during the growth phases these will take on different tones and shades until its growth cycle ends.

If we have a white pistil, like the initial one, we have to wait: collection is not yet possible.

If the pistil has become partly dark after some time, we can begin to think about harvesting.

The transformation of the pistils is linked to the percentage of cannabinoids that the plant possesses: the more mature it is, the higher the cannabinoid content will be.

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What are trichomes and how they help us.

For the more experienced, or even for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the cultivation and learn as much as possible, an help to know how far our work is, also comes from the trichomes.

We find them in resinous flowers and leaflets: they are small mushroom-shaped glands essential for the production of the resin containing cannabinoids and terpenes. The trichomes, unlike the pistils, are microscopic; therefore it is impossible to see them clearly without using appropriate tools.

We can use a magnifying glass or a microscope … But if the former is easier to find and much cheaper, only by using the latter can we understand and observe a clear image of the trichomes.

trichomes of ripe legal cannabis

Even the trichomes initially appear clear to us, they could be transparent, with the colored consistency typical of crystals. In this state, the flower is not mature and has not fully developed its capabilities.

When the tricoma takes its form, abandoning the initial crystalline stage, it reaches a color similar to that of milk.

Our goal is to collect when the trichomes have reached the total opacity. This is the time when the plant’s cannabinoid concentration is at its maximum.

By choosing not to harvest the plants and to let them ripen again, we will see a yellowing of the trichoma, demonstrating a plant that has reached a new stage in which its effects, rather than psychotropic, become decidedly more sedative and relaxing.

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How do we cultivate legaal CBD cannabis?

There are different ways to follow the trend of our crop, but we must also know how to grow our legal CBD cannabis, what is the best way to do it and what time it has.

There are three possible types of cultivation; the internal one, the external one and the mixed one, that is the Indoor cultivation, the Outdoor and the Greenhouse. Each one has absolutely different characteristics and times, therefore, even depending on the type of plant you want to cultivate, you have to choose the best with care.

The Interior is “scientific”, the need for an adequate space, where everything is tailor-made for the plant and the means are completely artificial, that is the appearance of the lights, the lighting management times, the temperatures inside of the place of cultivation.

The Outdoor is a “more natural” choice, here the development of the plant follows its normal cycle, without any alteration or help. In this case, we need to know well what is the best season for our cannabis seeds.

The difference between the two is also in the difficulty of management, where the indoor is certainly easier to follow for a novice person with cultivation, as everything is prepared and decided mechanically.

The Outdoor takes much longer, you may have to wait up to 9 months before seeing the result of your efforts, cultivation is slower and requires much more attention, work and knowledge.

The Greenhouse cultivation technique, on the other hand, includes both the benefits of outdoor and indoor. This is the greenhouse cultivation: controlled, natural light whenever possible and artificial when necessary.

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