Legal Master Kush: awards and prizes

Legal cannabis Master Kush

Modified on: 17/10/2023

3 events, 3 awards: here are the competitions that have made the CBD Master Kush among the most desired strains

Among the most popular strains of CBD of the moment, there is the exceptional Master Kush, an indica dominant hybrid with a high CBD content (> 21%).

It is a decidedly relaxing variety precisely because of the large quantities of cannabidiol, also highly appreciated for the aroma and flavour of the “old school” Kush. The taste is earthy with evident hints of Scots pine; it also recalls the bush, with a pleasant peppermint aftertaste.

The scent is pungent, typical of Skunk and Kush.

Although not unanimously appreciated, the appearance of Master Kush’s buds is also very particular. The forest-green flowers have a sapling shape (very common in cannabis indica), and sometimes there are small twigs inside them. This feature divides marijuana enthusiasts, but experts know well that this is a positive peculiarity and not a defect.

cbd Master Kush buds green

How can we say that?

Well, if this type of legal CBD flower had flaws, it wouldn’t have won many prizes! The most important is in particular 3: the Cannabis Light Cup during the 2018 Hemp Fest in Milan, the IndicaSativa 2018 in Bologna and the Highlife Cup of 2017, in the Netherlands.

Let’s find out the details of these awards.

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Legal Master Kush wins the Cannabis Light Cup 2018

The Cannabis Light Cup is a competition that takes place on the occasion of the Hemp Fest in Milan, the very young festival dedicated entirely to hemp (very young for obvious reasons, as this product became legal in Italy only in 2016).

It is an international festival that brings together Legal Cannabis growers from all over the world and thousands of spectators ready to discover new varieties of marijuana, listen to good music, enjoy hemp food and participate in talks and debates concerning the hemp topic.

During the 3-day event, the Cannabis Light Cup is held which rewards the best types of CBD weed: the winner of the 1st prize of the 2018 edition was Master Kush, while the other winners, from 2nd to third prize, were the following:

  • Dream Berry
  • Apple Kush
  • Kali
  • Purple Haze
  • Sweet Kiss

All excellent varieties that the Master managed to outclass by winning the first place on the podium!

Legal Master Kush arrives on the podium at IndicaSativa 2018

IndicaSativa is an international hemp fair that takes place in Bologna, at the Unipol Arena. It is the second most crucial cannabis festival in Italy; provides three days of exhibition of hemp products, over 10,000 square meters of surface and more than 200 exhibitors from all over the world.

master kush cbd cannabis festival in Italy

Visitors? On average, over 25,000!

During the festival, there are several significant awards, the IndicaSativa Trade Awards. Here are the following:

  • Best Product No Weed, or better product not in the form of inflorescence;
  • Best Stand during the fair;
  • Best Seed Bank (best seed bank present at the festival);
  • Best CBD Weed, best CBD buds.

The Contest is based on the number of likes received from the photos taken during the festival. And the prize for the best cannabis strain was won by the Master Kush marijuana, Extrema and Dreams Berry!

Master Kush winner of the 2017 Highlife Cup in the Netherlands

The Highlife Cup is an annual event that takes place in Amsterdam, precisely the oldest cannabis festival in Europe! The evening includes live music, dishes cooked on the barbecue and, obviously, lots of excellent quality marijuana.

Socialization, fun and relaxation are the masters during the evening. Still, there is also an essential aspect for growers: over 130 types of cannabis and hashish are judged over 8 weeks and rewarded during the Highlife evening.

The judges are impartial because the varieties they try are labelled with a code and not with their name; obviously, the producer company is not known, but only the category in which the different types of cannabis compete!

After testing the inflorescences for two months, the judges decide which of the many deserves the first, second and third place in specific categories. Here are which:

  • Hydro Weed (marijuana grown with hydroponic methodology)
  • Bio Weed (organic herb)
  • Automatic Flowering (auto-flowering cannabis)
  • Haze Hydro (Haze variety hydroponic herb)
  • Haze Soil ( Haze marijuana is grown directly on the ground)
  • Kush (grass varieties Kush )
  • Skunk (Skunk variety herb)
  • Sativa
  • Indicate
  • CBD (i.e. Legal Cannabis)
  • Hashish
  • Hash Extracts (hashish extracts)

Master Kush, in this case not weakened and therefore high in THC, won the prize for the best Kush in 2017!

The winners of the legal category were White Widow, the Girl Scout Cookies and the CBD Auto Compassion Lime, three varieties highly appreciated all over the world.

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In conclusion

As you have been able to read, Master Kush is a cannabis variety highly appreciated by experts and winner of prestigious Contests: these were only 3 examples, the most recent, but the awards received have been very many!

So, what are you waiting for? It should be in your collection altogether with other CBD products, such as CBD oil! Buy it now on Justbob and discover the reasons why it is so famaous.