How is marijuana dried in industrial processes?

How is marijuana dried in industrial processes?

Modified on: 12/01/2024


Drying is an essential process which, in order not to compromise the quality of CBD cannabis, must be carried out correctly.

There is no point in having excellent quality plants and inflorescences if drying too quickly would ruin the aromas, or drying too slowly would cause mould and disease.

In this respect, you have probably heard of drying home-made marijuana, but not so much of the less-talked-about industrial processes.

If you’re wondering how marijuana is dried in large companies, we’ll tell you about it in this article.

CBD cannabis

Drying: What is it all about?

Before we talk about how the drying of legal CBD weed takes place in large companies, it would be good to understand what it is used for, and why it must be done correctly.

When cannabis plants are adequately grown, they contain large amounts of liquid, so in practice, when you do the drying, about 75% of the liquid they have evaporates.

For the drying to take place properly, it must be done slowly and evenly, because when the buds are dried too quickly, substances remain trapped inside which give the final product an unpleasant taste.

These include starch and nitrates, but also chlorophyll and other pigments, which not only spoil the taste pleasure but also compromise the combustion process.

Conversely, when the legal cannabis plant is dried too much, the result is a product that is poor in aromas, scents and flavours.

If, on the other hand, the drying process is carried out correctly and at the right time, the pigments deteriorate entirely, and the taste and aroma of the final product can be considered good quality.

Therefore, drying is necessary to allow the marijuana to burn, and doing it correctly is essential to obtain a pleasant, practical and good quality product!

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Industrial drying of hemp: this is how it is done.

Now that we have clarified the importance of the drying process for legal CBD flowers, and that how it is carried out directly determines its final characteristics, we can take the discussion on industrial drying a step further.

Large companies for the drying process use large machines, capable of removing moisture from the plants consistently and uniformly.

In particular, two types of machinery are most commonly used.

One of these most used machines is the roller dehumidifier.

It is a machine that transports the cannabis plants through a moving surface, that cyclically moves the inflorescences over different areas. Some emit heat, while others remove excess moisture through a ventilation system.

Thanks to this system, each CBD cannabis inflorescence is dried uniformly, and you are assured of high quality, aromatic end product.

Another drying system that has recently become widely used in the industrial sector is the new pressurised system.

These are real rooms equipped with continuous ventilation, uniform throughout the environment, which, thanks to an electronic system, keeps the heat and humidity constant.

Thanks to a display, it is possible to keep all the parameters of the room under control, both to prevent the formation of mould and bacteria and to obtain high quality, fragrant and uniform inflorescences.

Thanks to these machines, in contrast to what happens with in-house methods, large quantities of CBD cannabis can also be treated, obtaining the pre-established result and with the guarantee of always being able to offer the end customer a quality product, like CBD oil.

Marijuana leafs

Cutting: another critical process to obtain an excellent final product.

As you have read in the previous paragraph, the industrial drying of legal CBD buds allows us to obtain homogeneous products, even when processed in large quantities.

However, to sell quality CBD cannabis, in addition to the removal of liquids, another process must also be carried out correctly: pruning.

Pruning is the process of removing the leaves before or after drying, which helps to remove moisture from the plants in the most uniform way.

This process can be carried out at two different times, depending on the modus operandi of the company in question.

Some prefer to remove the leaves immediately after harvesting the cannabis plants, as it is easier and quicker, and those who maintain that the method for obtaining a better quality end product is dry pruning.

The dry leaf removal method dries the plants more slowly, giving you more control over the product to obtain the maximum aroma.

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Conclusions on how to dry marijuana?

Now you know all about industrial drying. As you can see, it is a process that allows you to process large quantities of products with maximum control, to obtain the peak aromaticity and effectiveness of the legal substances contained in CBD cannabis.

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