Hemp cigarettes: how they are made and what their effects are

How hemp cigarettes are produced and their effects

Modified on: 31/08/2023

Everything you need to know about the preparation of cannabis cigarettes and their consumption

The world of hemp includes different types of products, among which are marijuana, hashish, CBD oil and many others. Since this plant has several admirers who, in places where it is permitted by law, use its derivatives for recreational purposes, some companies have started to produce ready-to-use hemp cigarettes.

In this article, we will find out who is producing them, what they are made of and what effects they can have on the human organism.

The benefits of CBD cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes: who produces them and what is their composition

Even if you never go to the tobacconist and find a packet of marijuana cigarettes, you should know that in some countries of the world, this type of product has been on the market for some time. For example, as you probably know, the most ‘libertine’ country in Europe concerning the consumption of hemp and its derivatives is the Netherlands (or rather, the Netherlands), and, not surprisingly, it is possible to buy cigarettes made not only of tobacco but also of cannabis inflorescences.

In countries where tolerance of this plant is governmentally sealed (including some American states), therefore, you will easily find marijuana cigarettes on the shelves of tobacco shops and supermarkets. But who makes these kinds of cigarettes? Well, some brands that produce classic cigarettes have also marketed (where they are allowed to) cigarettes containing hemp inflorescences.

However, these companies do not have a monopoly, and, as a result, other brands also produce hemp cigarettes or marijuana infusions for consumption via the lungs. However, the law prohibits the sale of such products unless they are cannabis light inflorescences.
Nevertheless, this herb can be sold legally because it lacks sufficient concentrations of THC (active psychotropic ingredient) to give narcotic effects. Bear in mind, however, that although it can be purchased for collectors’ purposes from specialised shops such as Justbob, there is a rather embarrassing gap in the law on its recreational use that will hopefully be filled soon.

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How to make a hemp cigarette

Since it is impossible to find hemp cigarettes at the tobacconists in our country, marijuana enthusiasts who wish to smoke its inflorescences are forced to make them themselves. But what does it take to make one? First, the raw materials, namely hemp inflorescences (preferably dried) and tobacco. In addition to these elements, you will need paper, a filter and a grinder.

This tool, a real grinder consisting of two sections filled with teeth, is used to grind the marijuana or the CBD cannabis.
Once this is done, create a mixed mixture of weed and tobacco and place it on the map, leaving a space for the filter, which can be purchased or made from a piece of cardboard. After placing the filter on one end of the card, start making back and forth movements with your fingertips by sliding the sides of the card to one side and the other. This way, you will compact the mixture and give it the classic cylindrical shape.

The most challenging part for newcomers is closing the cigarette. The wrapper has a free side and a gluey side, so you have to roll the latter over the former and, once it has come to an end, wet the strip with a bit of saliva. Now, starting from the filter, stick the glue strip onto the surface of the cigarette and gently run your finger over it to seal it.

How to make hemp cigarettes

The Benefits and Contraindications of Hemp Cigarettes

Let’s be clear: this guide to making a hemp cigarette is not intended as an incentive to smoke, firstly because any inhalation involving combustion implies serious harm to the body, and secondly because marijuana consumption is illegal. However, since we are on the subject, we would like to outline the beneficial effects of inhaling hemp via the lungs, limiting ourselves to CBD, i.e. legal hemp. Cannabidiol is the dominant active ingredient in cannabis and, unlike THC, has no psychotropic effects.

This substance has been the protagonist of numerous scientific studies for years, many of which have led to the discovery of special beneficial effects. CBD, the absolute star of light hemp (in which, by law, THC levels are below 0.2%), interacts with the endocannabinoid system, whose receptors are present throughout the body. Cannabidiol has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects. Its intake can lead to improved sleep and a general sense of relaxation and helps treat psychological and physical conditions such as anxiety, stress, nausea, vomiting and migraines.

It is evident that smoking a hemp cigarette also exposes one to numerous contraindications. Indeed, combustion leads to the intake of multiple carcinogenic substances in the wrapper. In addition, in light of the relaxing effects of CBD, smoking these cigarettes can cause problems in everyday life, especially when one needs to remain alert and attentive, such as when driving a vehicle or at work.

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In conclusion

Since taking CBD weed can have beneficial side effects that impair the performance of specific activities, you should only do so indoors if you want to smoke hemp cigarettes. Remember, however, that the law does not allow the consumption of legal cannabis for recreational purposes (although it does not expressly prohibit it).

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