Aged cannabis and hashish: the effects of the passage of time on these products

The effect of time on cannabis and hashish

Modified on: 12/09/2023

Can marijuana products go bad? Yes, but only if they are not stored properly

In our country, the consumption of cannabis product is prohibited by law due to the plant’s narcotic content. Of course, the debate between prohibitionists and anti-prohibitionists has become increasingly heated. Still, no regulatory reform has been introduced that has changed the legal status of hemp. However, the current regulations allow the buying and selling so-called light cannabis and cannabis-derived products, such as CBD flowers. However, many Italians are intrigued and fascinated by everything to do with marijuana and, due to the illegality of this substance, struggle to find sufficient information.

In this article, which is purely informative, we will answer a ubiquitous question: can cannabis and hashish go bad with time? Cannabis inflorescences

Can cannabis expire?

The answer is: yes and no. Let me explain: with time, the cannabinoids contained within marijuana lose their properties, but as a rule, cannabis does not expire like spoiled milk or rotten eggs. In other words, it does not become toxic, provided it is stored in a dry environment. Otherwise, it can absorb moisture and be attacked by mould, harming health. That said, many people wonder whether there is an actual date by which marijuana products lose their psychoactive effects. Still, it is impossible to answer this question precisely because it depends on the state of storage and several other factors. But, generally speaking, we can say that their THC content decreases over time, halving over 3-4 years. As we pointed out earlier, the consumption of cannabis is banned because of its narcotic effects.

Still, we know that in some countries of the world, the laws allow it to be consumed and, in these places, the producers state that the hashish (or legal hashish) and the inflorescences of the plant can be smoked as long as they show no signs of mould, but they also explain that the experience can be affected. As time passes, these products become drier and drier, and the smoke produced during their consumption can be hefty and robust and cause coughing and throat discomfort.

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How can one recognise cannabis products that have gone bad?

As we have explained, the consumption of ‘aged’ cannabis can be dangerous when mould appears that has formed due to moisture. One can recognise the presence of this microorganism by inspecting the product by smell and sight. Very often, mouldy cannabis gives off unpleasant odours like rotten eggs or other rotten foodstuffs. Therefore, it may be sufficient to sniff the hashish or inflorescence to become aware of their condition. You can also quickly become aware of the presence of mould by carefully observing cannabis. This microorganism shows up on marijuana products in the same way it does on food, i.e. in the form of white patches, sometimes with green or bluish hues. The appearance of these spots on hashish and cannabis inflorescences is an unmistakable sign that they have gone wrong.
Jar filled with marijuana buds

How is cannabis stored?

In countries where the consumption of cannabis is legal, producers advise storing CBD cannabis products carefully to prevent them from going bad. As a rule, they suggest storing them in a container suitable for the purpose by filling it three-quarters full. This must be hermetically sealed and made of glass, like the jars we use for fruit preserves. In these countries, containers designed specifically for storing cannabis can be found for sale that is sterile and able to maintain optimal humidity. Another essential factor to take into account is the storage location. Light and heat can alter the properties of the buds and hash even when they are stored in good-quality containers. For this reason, some recommend storing jars in a dark, cool, dry place.

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In conclusion

This article explains the effects of the passage of time on hashish and other marijuana products. Before closing, we would like to remind you that this content has been published for information purposes and that the purchase and consumption of cannabis in any form are always prohibited.

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