Cannabis bubblegum: characteristics, aroma and effects

cannabis bubblegum effects

Modified on: 11/09/2023

What are cannabis edibles and what are their effects?


Are you interested in CBD weed and you would like to try cannabis bubblegum?

Great idea: it is a very popular variety all over the world.

But before telling you about the characteristics of this light herb we want to introduce you how to recognize and appreciate a variety rather than another.

Differences between cannabis varieties

If you’ve never been to Amsterdam, the world capital of cannabis and hashish, and you’re not a real product expert, you have to know that getting into a coffee shop and ordering marijuana is not so simple. It will not be enough to say: “I would like to buy some hemp”.

The shop assistant in fact, like a sommelier, will begin to ask you what kind of hemp you want, what effect you are looking for and what flavors you like.

Like wine, cannabis is cataloged according to super professional criteria. The main ones are:

  • the genetic lineage of origin, it i sto say if marijuana is Indica, Sativa or if it is a hybrid daughter of a cross between different plants;
  • the aroma given off during combustion and the aftertaste it leaves in the mouth during intake;
  • the prevailing psychotropic effect (or better if the hemp you are looking for should excite you and give you energy or you prefer a calming and relaxing effect).

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Then there are the physical characteristics of the plant and its flowers: the height and type of the stem, the color of the buds and the quantity of resin and crystals it produces.

Another factor that is considered is the ratio and the quantities of THC/CBD produced by the plant. The first is responsible for the buzz, the second has positive effects on the mood and has analgesic properties.

If you are interested in indoor or outdoor cultivation you will need to inform yourself about the various characteristics of the chosen cannabis and the timing of collecting inflorescences.

Each type of plant has its peculiar characteristics both in the flowering times and in the dimensions and development of the stem, leaves and flowers.

It is possible to know in advance the quantity of the expected harvest, to know the artificial lighting cycles required and the aspects related to the plant health that can be more or less strong and resistant to attacks by external agents such as molds and fungi.

But now let’s focus on a particular variety, namely the cannabis bubblegum.

Cannabis bubblegum: the history from the 70s to the present day (in short)

Now we will introduce you to the Bubblegum cannabis and we will play the part of the super experienced salesman guiding you to the discovery of an award-winning herb worldwide.

Bubble Gum marijuana was born in the United States and more precisely in the State of Indiana in the early 1970s.

Here some hemp growers manage to develop this hybrid species that they named Bubble Gum because of its super sweet aroma similar to the scent of a chewing gum.

Cannabis bubble gum aroma

His international career, however, was born 20 years later, in fact in the mid-1990s large quantities were exported to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where the demand for hemp had grown so much to satisfy coffee shop customers.

The Dutch immediately understood that this cannabis variety was ready for the big jump.

So they stopped to import it and went for the indoor cultivation followed by the seed selling business.

That’s how the Bubblegum cannabis conquered the world.

When a plant has great potential all growers want their weed seeds to start a production. It is in fact crossing it with itself and cultivating it generation after generation which leads to the growth of ever stronger plants, which manage to maintain the qualities of the ‘mother’ plant.

With Bubble Gum the perseverance of Dutch farmers has led to achieving the goal sought: even new plants have inherited the characteristics of the parent plant.

The stabilization obtained has brought the desired results and today’s Bubble Gums have the aroma, effect, yield and quantity of THC / CBD very similar to the “original” plant.

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Bubblegum, one of the most awarded cannabis in history

The Bubble Gum has won 4 awards during various editions of the High Times Cannabis Cup, the most important Dutch Festival in the world,

This festival has rewarded every year since 1987 the best qualities of grass divided into various categories of participation.

In addition to collecting various awards around the world festivals, the Bubblegum in 2006 received its most prestigious award: it was declared the plant of the year by the specialized magazine Soft Secrets.

A curiosity: Bubble Gum is also the mother plant from which the Crockett Family Farm growers have made the Strawola-Banana variety which is a legend of the sector.

In Las Vegas in 2018, during the fourth edition of the Jack Herer Cup Festival, a crossing of the Bubble Gum took the first place in the “Hybrid” category.

Full description of the bubblegum cannabis

Let’s now analyze all the features of Bubble Gum, a genetically balanced hybrid cannabis plant: it is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

The slight predominance of the Sativa genus after intake has the effect of making us feel energetic and active both in the brain and at a physical level. It also helps meditation and if taken at the right time it can reconcile sleep, while the “sofa-lock” effect typical of the Indica plants is light and pleasant.

The non-legal Bubblegum in Italy has a high concentration of THC, while the level of CBD is to be considered normal.

When smoked it releases all the aromas that distinguish it, as well as a pleasant fruity and spicy aftertaste while the buds release sweet aromas in the air that recall flowers, chewing gum, strawberry and cherry.

Sowing and harvesting of bubblegum cannabis

Bubble Gum plants bloom about 8 to 9 weeks after sowing, are strong and adapt to indoor cultivation.

They generate plants that reach five feet and produce about 400 grams of crop per square meter.

Outdoors, if well positioned, the plants reach 2 meters in height.

Its harvest takes place at the end of october and gives about 600 grams per square meter. Its buds are broad and rich in clearly visible crystals, its orange-green inflorescences are filled with resin and are very rich in THC.

Its strawberry aroma is so peculiar that anyone who has tried it once would immediately recognize it even just by smelling its flowers.

Legal sale of  bubblegum CBD cannabis

Thanks to today’s cultivation techniques which obviously must take into account the laws in force, it is possible to buy CBD Bubble Gum cannabis online directly on our website (and in a totally legal way).

Our certified CBD flowers, like the CBD buds you can buy online of Bubblegum has a very low THC that perfectly complies with the legal parameters (less than 0.2%) and has a high CBD value (> 23%) that guarantees an unparalleled sense of well-being and positivity, without denying in any way the aromas and taste of the classic Bubblegum.

And now … lets pump up the volume of the stereo with the song Strawberry Fields Forever by the legendary Beatles and you’re ready for a pleasure trip in the 70s with your Bubblegum (and an endless strawberry field)!