Female and male marijuana: all the differences

difference between male and female marijuana

Modified on: 30/10/2023


Marijuana: all the useful informations on male and female plants

Understanding whether a cannabis plant, is male or female, is of fundamental importance for any amateur who approaches the world of light and non-marijuana consumption for the first time.

In fact, although it is possible to make use of both types of flowers, it is good to know that only the female one is commonly consumed by the human being to obtain the known beneficial and / or psychoactive effects.

The content of cannabinoids present in male flowers is so low that it does not cause significant results on habitual consumers.

Despite this, the sexuality of the plants is particularly complex and worthy of investigation.

For this reason we have created a short guide with the aim of clarifying the main characteristics of the marijuana plant.

It is in fact important that every consumer who approaches hemp-based products is informed about the methods in which the plants grow and about some of the characteristics concerning their cultivation and use!

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What are the differences between a male and a female cannabis plant?

Male and female: how to recognize it?

Experienced consumers know that it is very important to recognize the differences in sex in the hemp plant, as not only the effects that the two types produce are very different but also the uses that are made of them are usually used for the production of products of various nature.

In the early stages of growing hemp plants it is already possible to determine the sex of marijuana. In fact it is sufficient to wait for the second week of flowering to observe the ramifications that characterize the stem.

The male plants have a thicker and less dense structure than the female one.

The distinction between the two types lies in the stem internodes.

The female pre-flowers are in fact characterized by a slightly pointed shape and by thin white hairs, the pistils.

The male ones, on the other hand, present the gonads – that is, the sexual reproductive organs – in which pollen can be found capable of fertilizing the female marijuana specimens.

Below we list some other interesting facts and tips:

  1. Especially if you are an amateur consumer, you may find it difficult to experience the difference in consumption of the two types of hemp! Always remember that there are many alternative products to the flowers you smoke, such as for example hemp herbal teas. For many of these the male specimens are used as they are rich in resin and have low doses of THC.
  2. In the first few weeks it is really difficult to recognize the difference in sex in the hemp plant. The secret lies in the shape of the pistils. A female pistil tends to remain close to the trunk, the male one (with a more rounded shape) hangs more and creates other pistils in a short time.

Hemp: recognizing male and female is important. Here you can understand why

As we have already mentioned, it is of fundamental importance to define whether the plant is female in order to preserve it from a possible pollination by the male.

Following pollination, in fact, the female plant begins to produce weed seeds in greater quantities, not developing relevant THC doses for consumption.

find marijuana male or female sex


The particular conformity of each individual plant is an indication of their own sexuality.

Beyond the main tips that can be applied by marijuana and CBD weed enthusiasts (more or less experts), we decided to gather some curiosity for every single type of hemp.

Not only it is useful to know in depth the reproductive dynamics of marijuana for its correct use, but it is also important to be informed about it in order to respect and protect the variety of plants present in nature.

Marijuana plants can be of three types: male, female and hermaphrodite. Let’s start with the latter!

Hermaphrodite marijuana plants: what are they?

This type of plant is characterized by the presence of both male and female sexual characteristics.

The predominant percentage in each individual plant can vary. Some typologies have a predominance of male characters, others of female characters. If the hemp plant is present at 50%, both “sexual types” are commonly considered to be males, as they are capable of fertilizing female specimens.

The flowers of hermaphrodite plants are not usually consumed as they are rich in seeds.

Most of the time these are female plants that also develop the gonads, the male sexual organs. This can occur due to stressful situations during the pre-flowering phase.

Hermaphrodite plants: what are the stress factors?

The stressful situations that lead a seedling female to start a hermaphroditism process are biotic (that is, deriving from the biological nature of the organism itself) or abiotic (that is, deriving from external factors).

We are sure that as a consumer, you are looking for healthy, high quality products, like our CBD flowers.

For this reason, on the market you will find many types of hemp that grow in a balance favorable to the development of the life of the plant itself.
It is defined by the term homeostasis and refers to a balancing of the chemical properties in which the plant is growing.

One of the main stressors is related to soil hydration. An environment that is too humid or too dry does not allow the hemp plant to grow healthy and often causes hermaphroditic decompensation.

Cannabis needs a proper lighting cycle to grow healthy. During flowering the cultivation requires a 12-hour sun exposure. Keeping the plants in total darkness in the remaining period of the day is a prerequisite for maintaining a homeostasis of hemp.

Marijuana plants are very sensitive to temperature changes. One of the most common reasons for which the females develop reproductive tracts even in males, lies precisely in the incorrect maintenance of the external temperature.

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Female Marijuana Plant: all properties

As we have already mentioned, the female marijuana plant is the one that has the highest dose of THC and allows to reach the high coveted by consumers.

The female plants are also used for the production of CBD oil, teas and products of natural origin based on cannabinoids. In addition, much of the market that revolves around the CBD and its rehabilitative use, takes its raw material precisely from the fragrant flowers of female marijuana cultivations.

Male Marijuana Plant: Alternative Features and Uses

The characteristic of male hemp plants is pollinating and therefore facilitating the production of cannabis seeds in female specimens.

But it is not just this: in fact, although they are less sought after, the male specimens have many useful uses that are often ignored by consumers.

The effects of male cannabis are very similar to those of hashish and cause a strong physical response from the human body.

Always to remember that also here doses of THC are present, even if to a lesser extent than the female cultivation.

It is also possible to obtain the resin from male cannabis leaves, as it is also excellent for creating secondary products such as concentrates and infusions.

In fact, the male plants are rich in juice, which is obtained from the gonads. The male extract has all the main features of the cannabinoid properties, especially of the CBD.


In short, the alternatives are many and suitable for every type of consumer.

It is good to keep you informed about the properties of the marijuana that you consume, as it is a great way to find the quality products that most closely match your needs.

If you are looking for the real high, taking female flowers is definitely the most suitable method.