Amber trichomes in cannabis: characteristics and specifications

Here are the main clarifications on amber trichomes

Modified on: 11/09/2023

Clarifications on hemp amber trichomes: what do they indicate? What to do if they do not appear? Here are the main clarifications

In CBD cannabis plants, trichomes have a fundamental role: they are responsible for the production of the resin, in which cannabinoids are contained (such as CBD) and based on their appearance they give very precise indications to canapicultors about the ideal time for harvesting.

Here, amber trichomes are just a symptom of the fact that hemp tops are ready to be cut.

Do you want to know more?

Here we tell you more about the characteristics of amber trichomes, how to observe them, why they are important and what to do if the trichomes do not turn amber.

Trichomes – here is their role and the characteristics ofthe amber ones

Trichomes, tiny filaments characterized by a mushroom-shaped top, are very important elements for CBD weed plants: the production of resin, cannabinoids and terpenes and the protection of the plant from parasites, molds and herbivorous animals depends on them.

Hemp plant without amber trichomes

Depending on the appearance of trichomes, canapicultors may have clear indications regarding the inflorescences they are about to collect.

Specifically, the appearance of trichomes goes from being transparent and translucent to opaque and milky, until they become amber and in each of these phases they give the buds very different characteristics.

But where are trichomes found?

How to see them?

Trichomes populate the inflorescences and the small leaflets that surround them, but it is not possible to see them with the naked eye, it is necessary to equip yourself with an excellent magnifying glass or, even better, with a microscope.

Observing trichomes is essential to be able to collect flowers rich in cannabidiol from which to produce the much-loved CBD oil and all the other derivatives

But speaking of amber trichomes, which we hear so much about, what are their characteristics?

Amber trichomes are the most mature, those that have reached the last stage of maturation and collecting inflorescences at this stage means dealing with low doses of THC and high doses of CBD and CBN.

Substantially, the more trichomes have reached amber coloration, the more the relaxing effect of the cannabinoids produced will be amplified.

Of course, when dealing with legal hemp genetics with a high CBD content, the THC level is also low in the other stages of trichome maturation, but when these small particles take on amber coloration you can get several substances useful for the pharmaceutical industry.

In general, however, hemp growers tend to proceed with the collection of the buds when the trichomes are mixed, i.e. half amber and half milky, especially for a matter of aromas.

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What to do if trichomes do not become amber?

In some CBD flower crops it may happen that during the flowering phase the period of opaque / milky trichomes lasts more than 15 days and that amber trichomes are late to arrive.

What does it mean?

Can anything be done?

Sometimes the cause could be the slow ripening of the buds, which may depend on several factors (low light, nutrient supply and altered water, etc …), and other times it depends on the variety of hemp.

Some CBD herb genetics, even in the full ripening phase, will never get to have amber trichomes, so before attempting the impossible to achieve this coloring, it is important to be sure of the variety of hemp you are dealing with.

If you have doubts in this sense, it may be useful to also rely on the coloring of the pistils.

If trichomes continue to be opaque and milky, but a good 80/90% of the pistils have taken on an amber coloration, then it is very likely that what you have in hand are legal cannabis genetics free of amber trichomes.

If you have ascertained that the reason why trichomes do not become amber does not depend on the genetics of the plant, you must check all the fundamental parameters for maturation.

For CBD flowers to ripen, it is important that they are exposed to the right amount of light. In indoor crops at this stage, it is preferable to use lamps with orange or red light, while outside it is necessary to check that the plants are not in the shade.

Lighting system to produce amber trichomes

Even if in the flowering phase the supply of nutrients is usually suspended, to speed up the maturation of trichomes and buds in general, and if the plant sends malnutrition signals it may be useful to use natural fertilizers special for this phase.

Some canapicultors, on the other hand, aim at more “strong” techniques trying to stimulate the maturation of hemp by putting it under stress.

Among the most common tricks there is the decrease in water supply and the change in temperature.

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To conclude

As you could read amber trichomes are the most mature trichomes of hemp.

When the tops of cannabis plants begin to be covered with trichomes of this coloration it means that the time for harvesting has arrived.

For a matter of aromas, however, canapicultors tend to collect the CBD buds when the coloring of the trichomes is mixed, and not totally amber, but each variety has its own characteristics.

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