What’s hashish CBD and what’s (really) in it?

What is hashish and what is it actually made of?

Modified on: 08/11/2023

More about hashish: find out what this particular product is and what it looks like

When talking about marijuana and its derivatives, among the first products that come to mind is hashish, a plant derivative that attracts attention both for its appearance and consistency.

Hashish, slang for ‘smoke’, is made from the female inflorescences of hemp through various processes, but it is essentially resin.

Curious to know more about this product?

Here is what hashish is and all the main facts and explanations about it.


What is hashish?

Hashish is a marijuana derivative that usually looks like a lump or sphere of varying colours, ranging from golden yellow to black or reddish. In addition, it can have different consistencies (pasty or semi-solid).

It is one of the most popular cannabis extracts known since the dawn of time, loved for its aromas and the effects of the cannabinoids it contains in high proportions.

Both hashish and legal hashish are made from the flowers of female hemp plants, more precisely from trichomes, and are essentially pure resin.

Let’s find out how it is produced.

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How hash is made and what it consists of

There are many types of hash on the market, differing both in their characteristics and in the method of production, but there are mainly three major families:

  • Burbuka hash (Afghan, Moroccan, and Nepalese), which is dry-sifted resin;
  • Charas or Indian hash, i.e., resin extracted from plants while still fresh;
  • Bubble hash (or ice wax), i.e., resin extracted through the use of ice water.

The first and most widely used method of making hash is to extract resin from dried and frozen cannabis buds, and it is used for both light and other cannabis buds.

When the cannabis inflorescences are frozen, it is easy to extract the resin; the trichomes separate without resistance and harvesting the product becomes rapid. The process consists of rubbing the cannabis buds on a sieve, placed it over a container so that the pollen falls, ready to be processed on heated plates.

The second method is to extract the resin from the fresh buds by simply rubbing them between your hands. Thanks to this mechanism, the resin adheres to the palms of the hands and fingers, from which it is then removed using a unique tool. The pollen (or kief) is then shaped into small spheres and left to ripen until darker.

The third method, which is also the most recent, is carried out using a bubble box (or bubble bag) and only extracts resin free of other flower (in case of CBD hash CBD flowers are used) residues.

To make hashish using this method, the inflorescences are frozen and then immersed in ice water.

The water used is then filtered through a bubble box, which, being made up of many small nets, one below the other, with an increasingly dense weave, allows the resin to be spotless of all grass residues.

When you produce hash using the first two methods, in addition to the flower pollen, there may be some residual plant matter in the resulting pellets or balls.

With the third method, it is much more difficult. Quality hash is therefore made from pure pollen and should not be contaminated with chemicals or other substances.

In addition to the more traditional hashish, there are now new products enriched with high concentrations of cannabinoids, and hashish is also used to coat dried inflorescences to make exceptional products.

Hashish charas

Difference between hashish and legal hashish

Now that we have clarified what hashish is, how it is made and what it contains, it is essential to explain the difference between legal and illegal hashish.

What is the difference between the two products?

The composition, the production, or the sale?

Much simpler.

Legal hashish is made by extracting the resin from CBD cannabis plants, i.e., those with a high CBD content and a shallow THC content. “Traditional” hashish, however, is extracted from marijuana plants with a high THC content and is, therefore, a product with psychotropic and illegal properties.

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To conclude

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