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Mango CBD Boost

Mango Haze is a legal cannabis strain that has become very popular in recent years thanks to JustBob but, as genetics, it has been around for a long time. This variety owes its popularity to its sweet aroma and its extraordinary resistance to all weather conditions; for this reason, growers often use it in hilly areas.

JustBob has decided to include Mango in JustBob's new CBD BOOST LINE, a new Line developed for the first time in Italy in 2022 after numerous studies on CBD varieties. We have thus given birth to the new Mango CBD Boost, a product destined to be one of the most popular in the panorama of CBD flowers.

The main characteristic of this variety is a very high presence of CBD, which is around 42%. This result, which goes beyond the natural potential of the plant, is obtained thanks to a special treatment with natural resins that is performed in the final flowering phase of the plant. The name is a clear reference to the high presence of CBD in the plant's flowers. This makes the product one of a kind. The total percentage of cannabinoids even reaches 50%!

The look

The buds of Mango CBD Boost appear on the surface with a very intense color, ranging from a bright orange to a purple red. The green, practically hidden by the many orange and red trichomes, is of a very strong shade, with sometimes very bright shades. The buds are medium to large in size and have the classic shape of the latest generation CBD strains.

This Product is also defined by connoisseurs as an "ICE WEED" as the exaggerated presence of cannabidiol makes the branches and flowers as if they were frozen; this effect is given by the CBD crystals which tend to orient themselves on a white color at room temperature.

The Aroma

This legal herb really owes a lot, including its name, to its delicate aroma. The soft and sweet flavor is reinforced by that of exotic fruit in the aftertaste, where clear hints of mango and papaya are captured. The smell is delicate, light and sweet but never intrusive. These are the characteristics that have made it much loved by the female audience and also by fans of classic Hazes

Origin and Cultivation

The cultivation of this plant is located in Upper Piedmont, close to the Aosta Valley. This farm was born at an altitude of about 600 meters at the foot of the Alps and has always cultivated this variety of legal marijuana in these areas, due to its extraordinary resistance to atmospheric agents and cold. Production takes place only in greenhouses where artificial light is used only in the initial phase of the plant's life. The techniques used to "enhance" this variety have been developed exclusively on small production batches and are currently in the patent phase.

The origins

Mango Haze is a classic of this family and like the other Hazes it is Sativa dominant. This genetic comes from the crossing of 3 very famous varieties: Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights. The more experienced will notice that these are the same "parents" as Super Silver Haze; unlike the latter, however, a specific Northern strain called "Northern Light # 5 Haze" is used for Mango Haze. Thanks to this detail, the result translates into a truly fruity variety with a relaxing effect.

The production of this specific variety, with a very high CBD, was developed for the first time in Italy, precisely in Piedmont, in 2022.


The percentage of CBD indicated above, even remaining an indicative number that can vary from flower to flower, is always certified by analyzes carried out in several authorized laboratories. The analyzes of the lot for sale are always published on the site in order to give more information to our customers.

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  1. It’s a gentle way to unwind and experience the calming benefits of CBD

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  2. In a world that can be stressful and chaotic, JustBob’s CBD products are a source of pure happiness and well-being. I’m grateful for the positive vibes they bring me every day.

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  3. delicate hints of tropical fruit

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  4. CBD varieties have revolutionized my cannabis experience. I can enjoy the therapeutic benefits without feeling overwhelmed

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