Marijuana White Widow: The unsolved secret behind its birth.

White Widow: the best cbd weed

Modified on: 24/04/2024

The enigmatic birth of White Widow genetics hides many mysteries, here they are in detail.

The White Widow is undoubtedly one of the most famous strains ever marketed, which has successfully reached the market of CBD flower.

Since its inception in 1994, White Widow has started to stand out among numerous other cannabis strains. The first success was the dominant victory in the first Cannabis Cup, a triumph that preceded many other achievements and awards.

Competition judges have often praised the unusually high volume of resin and the potency of this strain: in the case of non-weakened marijuana, THC can exceed 20%, while in the legal version, in Italy, CBD has the predominance, with quantities exceeding 18%.

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The White Widow variety is, however, much appreciated as it is mysterious. We only have a few hypotheses of its origins, not certainties, and obviously, we do not know which of them is the true story of the birth of this fantastic strain.

The passionate debate about who the actual original creator of White Widow has turned into a sort of “political issue”. And it is dividing the cannabis scene into two opposing camps.

One faction claims that the strain was discovered by a man called Ingemar, while the other by the famous Shantibaba (Scott Blakey). Searching for who is the true cultivator and “father” of White Widow is difficult, but the truth is that the original author can only be one.

Do you want to read the characteristics of the plant and the inflorescences of this variety?

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Shantibaba: the possible father of White Widow marijuana

As mentioned earlier, White Widow entered the market for the first time in 1994. However, it was not born within someone’s home walls (as often happens in this field) but from a new Dutch seed bank foundation, Greenhouse Seeds.

At that time the co-owners of the company were Shantibaba and his colleague Arjan. The original genetics of White Widow was a combination of several high-quality genetics, a Brazilian Sativa and an Indian Indica, but the precise strains are unclear.

However, most veterans speak mainly of the Brazilian variety Manga Rosa, very ancient and used above all in the spiritual and religious sphere.

Shantibaba also said to have known the Indian Indica variety on a trip in which he was taken to visit cannabis cultivation in the mountains of Kerala by a local farmer.

Shantibaba the possible father of white widow marijuana light

The farmer, so it is said, directed Shantibaba towards a unique hybrid, selected and bred for years to obtain optimal resin production.

A few days later Shantibaba left India and returned to the Netherlands with a batch of seeds of marijuana from that cultivation. According to legend, one of those seeds recovered during the trip would have given birth to the male cannabis plant which is believed to be the father of the current White Widow.

By crossing these genetics with the Brazilian variety mentioned above, Shantibaba is said to have given birth to the original White Widow, which he bred and further stabilized for some time before releasing it to the market.

A few years later, Shantibaba would have left Green House Seeds following the conflicts with Arjan and brought White Widow genetics with him. Shantibaba collaborated with Nevil Schoenmaker and Howard ‘Mr Nice’ Marks to form Mr Nice Seeds.

This seed bank launched “Black Widow”, perhaps to compete with White Widow marketed by Arjan Roskam at Green House Seeds.

Are you curious to know the second version of the facts? Go to the following paragraph!

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The origins of White Widow marijuana: the version of Ingemar

Ingemar is a well-known marijuana grower from southern Holland. He claims to have found White Widow seeds in a hand-cleaned batch of hashish; the seeds were then grown by him for about 6 years to perfect this new variety.

In an old interview, he was asked if White Widow’s genetics sold by Green House Seeds came from him. He said, “Yes, it’s the same. I gave Arjan the genetics and the name years ago, and he is the only one who has permission to use them. ”

Green House Seeds’ Arjan Roskam confirms the history of Ingemar and claims that the “real deal” comes from Ingemar and that his former partner Shantibaba has nothing to do with creating this incredible cannabis legend.

Today the genetics of Ingemar himself is sold under the name “De Sjamaan Seeds”. This brand not only sells its White Widow version but also offers some crossbreeds between White Widow and other cannabis varieties.

So, who’s right and who’s wrong?

As you can imagine … We don’t know. Unfortunately, as often happens for studies on the origin of the different cannabis strains, there is no reliable evidence that will help to find a definite conclusion about who is the real architect of this highly appreciated cannabis.

Whatever the author, the important thing is the fantastic result obtained: White Widow is an incredible marijuana strain, and you should not do without it! Visit Justbob to buy its legal version now altogether with your favorite legal hash!