Marijuana vaporiser: how to choose the right one.

cbd Marijuana vaporiser

Modified on: 20/12/2023

Marijuana vaporisers: how to choose the right one and use it in compliance with the law.

If you are looking for a CBD marijuana or classic cannabis vaporiser, it’s better to specify which product you are referring to.

For example, in the UK you can vaporise marijuana terpenes (combined with the neutral base) legitimately by using an electronic cigarette, as they do not contain cannabinoids but “only” the unique aromas of the best CBD flowers.

On the contrary, if you intend to vaporise CBD weed or high THC marijuana and resin vaporiser, then you should know that this practice is not legal in the UK.

CBD flowers are only traded for collectors’ use, so it is not possible to smoke them or use them in any way. As for marijuana with high THC content … Well, you should know in the UK it is entirely illegal, so it is not possible to smoke it, vaporise it, cook it etc.

You can do it if you live some other states outside the UK that allow it, but not in our country.

To respect the law of our country, we advise you to avoid weed vaporisation. But if you have moved to a country where it is allowed, you naturally have the green light!

Today we want to talk to you about marijuana vaporisers, whether you mean electronic cigarettes (E-Cigarettes) or herbal vaporisers. First of all, we want to talk to you about the reason why so many people in the world prefer to vaporise cannabis rather than smoke so-called canes or use the bong.

Vaporise marijuana VS smoking joints

vaporizer legal cannabis volcano

Cannabis vaporisation is a process that consists of heating dried CBD buds to specific temperatures below combustion temperatures. This particular process generates vapour to be inhaled through a mouthpiece or bag.

Smoking grass (or anything else) produces, due to combustion, substances that are highly toxic to our organism. Besides, during its combustion, tobacco, which tends to be mixed with marijuana when you turn a cane, produces tar – and also contains nicotine, another harmful substance that is also addictive.

Smoking cannabis with a bong or pipe also produces harmful compounds that are then inhaled, as their use is based on combustion.

There are not many studies conducted on the effects of vaporising marijuana, but it is well-known that not burning the weed prevents the inhalation of many toxic substances. For this reason, in countries where it is possible to consume medical cannabis, it is recommended not to smoke it but to vaporise it.

We can say that one of the few disadvantages is the price of the vaporisers, of course much higher than a map used to make a joint. Another piece of information revealed to us by cannabis connoisseurs is the following: it seems that inhaling the vaporised herb gives slightly milder effects than smoking it, as some cannabinoids are only released after combustion.

However, one of the advantages of vaporisation is that it does not produce any toxic substances and that you can enjoy the herb better, as the classic burnt taste is avoided.

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How to choose the best vaporiser?

We want to point out that here in the UK, it is forbidden to consume CBD, included in CBD cannabis, and cannabis with high THC content. These indications are dedicated to those who have moved to another country where it is allowed to do so.

The best marijuana vaporiser is NOT cheap. Beware of vaporisers made in China that you find on platforms like Amazon or in Chinese shops. We strongly advise you to choose only devices of reputable brands, as they are designed so that the vapour can only pass through materials such as stainless steel, ceramic and quartz.

Cheap vaporisers, on the other hand, may have plastic and glue near the elements that overheat, and the steam would carry highly toxic substances (more than those produced by combustion).

We can divide these devices into two macro-categories:

  • Table-top vaporisers
  • Portable vaporisers
cbd cannabis vaporizer

Portable marijuana table-top vaporiser

These particular devices work only when connected to the electric current and are very bulky. For these reasons they are called “table-top”: using them on the street or putting them in your pocket would be impossible!

Among the best on the market is the Volcano Classic weed vaporiser. It is a table-top vaporiser with a price of about 350€ that debuted in the mid-2000s and has gained an excellent reputation in a concise time.

It is a device handcrafted in Germany, which heats grasses placed in a special compartment and makes a particular cloud fill with steam. The user of the Volcano Classic has to close a valve that seals the balloon; at this point, he can remove the bag and inhale the vapour contained in it.

Portable marijuana vaporizers

These devices run on battery power and are pocket-sized, as they are small (about the same size as an electronic cigarette).

One of the best on the market is the Davinci Miqro. It is a small and stylish herbal vaporiser, known as the smallest premium vaporiser on the market. Its use is straightforward: mount the mouthpiece, open the chamber, fill it with chopped grass and press the power button 5 times.

You can adjust the temperature using the two side buttons; once the desired temperature is reached, you can suck the steam through the mouthpiece.

Now we move on to the E-Cig…

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Electronic cigarette and marijuana flower aromas

With an electronic cigarette, it is not possible to vaporise marijuana leaves or flowers, but a liquid with the addition of fragrances extracted from cannabis flowers. These aromas are also called cannabis terpenes, as they are precisely the molecules that carry tastes and smells (i.e. terpenes).

You can add the aromas directly to the neutral electronic cigarette base, and possibly add the liquid nicotine. In this way, you will have made your liquid to add to the E-Cig and vaporise with extreme pleasure!

The best liquid vaporisers on the market are the Mod ones, the advanced personal vaporisers. These electronic cigarettes have more advanced features than the classic pen E-Cig.

Here are the main ones:

  • More extensive and longer battery life.
  • More powerful heating mechanism than pen E-Cigs.
  • High capacity tank, so it contains a large amount of liquid.

In conclusion

In our country, you can vaporise marijuana flavoured liquids for electronic cigarette (because they do not contain cannabinoids). Still, you cannot vaporise cannabis flowers or other components of the plant, such as leaves.

For this reason, we recommend that you only do this if you are in a country that allows the use of grass.

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