Male marijuana: uses and properties

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Modified on: 18/12/2023

Uses and properties of the male cannabis plant

As you may know, the CBD flowers you find online on Justbob do not come from male marijuana plants, but female plants. These plants, if not pollinated by male plants, produce the classic cannabinoid-rich cannabis inflorescences

If, on the other hand, the male cannabis plant manages to pollinate female marijuana, then the female marijuana slows down flowering significantly and starts to produce seeds in the buds.

For those who do not want seeds but only cannabis flowers, this is usually a bad thing. When a cannabis plant is pollinated, there is nothing more to be done: the flowering process is irreparably compromised.

But don’t despair: legal male cannabis has several uses that you may not have thought of or that you may not know about. Today we want to talk to you about the primary purposes of male cannabis, but first of all, we will explain how to recognize a male plant from a female.

CBD Cannabis plant and THC: male or female?

cbd cannabis plant male or female

If you use mixed seeds, so not feminized, you have a 50% chance of a male or female CBD cannabis plant being born. If at this point, you are wondering how to recognize a male seed from a female, know that it is not possible.

For this reason, the seed banks have taken steps to feminize these products: 99.9% of feminized seeds produce female plants thanks to a hormonal mutation done on the plant that produces them.

It is the only way to be almost 100% sure of obtaining female cannabis plants.

Those who buy mixed seeds and want to produce cannabis flowers should continuously monitor the plants. The male and female characteristics begin to be seen a few weeks after germination: in particular, you should monitor the plant’s armpits, i.e. the points of intersection between the stem and the leaves (or branches).

From the armpits of female cannabis plants, you can see small white filaments, i.e. pistils, well before flowering. If you look at the armpits of a male cannabis plant, on the other hand, you will see small balls grouped, which would be the pollen pockets under development.

Now that you know how to recognize male and female cannabis, let’s move on to the uses of the male cannabis plant. After reading the next paragraphs, you will give up throwing it in the trash!

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1) Uses of the male marijuana plant – Making fabrics from cannabis

The fibre extracted from the cannabis plant is one of the strongest, so much so that it has been used for hundreds of years in the textile industry to produce clothing, ropes and bags. Ropes made from cannabis are the most resistant of all and are used in many areas (e.g. fishing and climbing).

Clothing made of this material is also extremely resistant: it hardly feels the passing of the years. However, it is challenging to find because it is much more expensive than cotton clothing (and by now, it is known that people prefer low cost).

If you find the perfect technique, you could self-produce clothes and bags of the highest quality and resistance!

2) How to use the male marijuana plant – produce edible seeds

legal cannabis recognizes male and female

Legal weed seeds are high in protein and contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

They are the perfect food product, and from a female cannabis plant pollinated by a male plant, you could get some exceptional seeds, maybe to eat together with a good salad, or adding a few drops of CBD oil!

But watch out for the amounts of THC, tetrahydrocannabinol!

Cannabis seeds (and the flour that can be made from these products) can only contain 2 mg THC/kg, or 0.0002 % THC. If, on the other hand, you want to make cannabis seed oil, you have to consider that it can only contain 5 mg THC/kg, i.e. 0,0005 % THC.

Don’t worry too much: classic cannabis seeds contain insignificant amounts of cannabinoids … so, no worries!

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3) Use of the male marijuana plant – Continue to grow legal cannabis without buying seeds

One of the most obvious (but perhaps underrated) uses of male cannabis plants is seed production. When male plants pollinate the females, they provide half of their gene pool.

In this regard, we recommend that you carefully examine the genetics of cannabis plants to consider whether to carry the species forward and create new crossbreeds. The most renowned plants, for example, are the auto-flowering plants, those that are resistant to mould and low temperatures and those that produce flowers with unique tastes and scents.

Pollination might not be a tragedy!

In conclusion

Those who aim only at CBD flowers might consider the growth of a male cannabis plant (and the pollination of a female plant) a tragedy. There are many uses of male cannabis, and today we wanted to mention the main ones.

Alternatively, if you only want female plants, you should aim for feminized marijuana seeds, which will solve your problem by far.

But what if you want to stop growing because of too much attention to be paid to the plants? Then buy our CBD weed inflorescences and legal hash right away, and you will be surprised by their excellent quality!