Marijuana California Haze: all the features of this variety 

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Modified on: 12/09/2023

California Haze marijuana, the tropical blend with fruity flavors

The California Haze is a cannabis plant (and CBD cannabis) of American origins, but its maximum diffusion occurred in the Netherlands.

One of the indoor growing areas in Italy is located in the Upper Piedmont in a specially designed and highly controlled environment.
This variety of marijuana, despite being among the most luxuriant and productive, it is generally neglected by growers due to the long waiting times for its harvest and for its delicacy that requires important care.

California Haze marijuana indoor and outdoor cultivation

The California Haze is a tall plant with few side branches that require a lot of space to grow freely: from this follows the need of large spaces for a substantial cultivation.

The central top is very large, and is surrounded by smaller florets that are always compact and thick on the side branches.
The ideal temperature for its best flowering is the warm one, in fact for the outdoor cultivations the choice is a cultivation in a rather sunny area.

For the indoor cultivation the need of lamps with high heat production and adequate light is essential for a good plant development, they should in fact be subjected to regular light cycles to speed up growth.
The plant development occurs in different phases.

The Amnesia Haze is a cannabis plant (and marijuana light)

In the first phase it shows its Indica part more clearly: in fact it has large leaves and a dark green color.
As time passes and the plant grows, the leaves begin to be more sparse and the California begins to resemble the Sativa type.

The leaves in fact takes on the typical silver color.

Subsequently it will then pass a phase in which the foliage will turn on a lighter color, the shades will be those of the peach due to the presence of the numerous crystals of THC, to finally become a reddish color (however not as red as the famous red marijuana) once the top has reached the maturation.

To get the best California Haze flowers, the cultivation is done without any use of pesticides, fertilizers or composts of any kind. It can therefore be said that its biological cultivation is non-GMO.

Growth and flowering are guaranteed only by water irrigation and right exposure to the light. We try to recreate in the building where we cultivate the plants its natural habitat where it is grown.

California Haze is a marijuana plant that can reach 210 cm in outdoor cultivation, while the plant that is naturally indoors grown, it reaches lower heights, growing up to about 140 cm.

To overcome this problem, the right water and light control system, specially designed and sized for indoor cultivation, determines a greater plant height.

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The collection of the California Haze marijuana flowers

To harvest the flowers, a period of about 10-11 weeks must pass from the sowing period. In some plantations, harvesting can take place around the 13th week. Generally the harvest period falls in October and can extend up to November; the time frame is actually a bit long compared to other varieties.

However, California is one of the most productive marijuana varieties.

For indoor crops, the production can reach between 600 and 650g / sqm (unlike outdoor cultivation which produces between 650 and 700g per plant).
It is a rather delicate plant, easily attacked by insects and subject to illness if not treated properly.
The collection and cleaning of the flowers does not take place mechanically, but each plant is worked meticulously by hand.

This variety of marijuana, despite being among the most luxuriant and productive

Legal California Haze, chemical characteristics

California Haze marijuana is a genetically robust and productive plant; it has a predominance of the Sativa type between 70-90% and the remaining 30-10% is of the Afghan Indica type (the percentages vary according to the mixtures of the growers).

THC and CBD values are variable, but still remain within the legal limits: the CBD rate is on average between 15 and 19% while the THC concentration is between 0.2 and 0.5%. The flavors are strong, intense and fruity, with references to the sour notes of lemon with floral and earthy undertones.

At sight the buds are very dark in color: this is due to the presence of numerous red pistils.

The mother variety of cannabis is decidedly powerful – and as you can guess from the name the effects of California would make the consumer not entirely lucid and subject to almost psychedelic effects.

The legal version, thanks to the presence of CBD flowers  instead gives the smoker an exclusively relaxing effect thanks to the CBD.

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The hemp plant contains more than 60 types of cannabinoids: scholars have shown and proven how the active ingredients of cannabidiol have therapeutic effects in the treatment of pain, cure migraine and help manage panic and anxiety.

In addition, numerous studies have highlighted the beneficial effects in the treatment of complex and chronic diseases with CBD weed such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and some forms of cancer.

CBD unlike THC has no psychoactive effect whatsoever, it is one of the main components of legal Cannabis and it is present in the plant inflorescence.

It is used in the production of antidepressants and anxiolytics, but unlike those produced by pharmaceutical companies these are completely natural without the addition of chemical components.

Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties are also known.

CBD extraction can occur from any cannabis bud, as this principle is present in all plants including those with a high THC value. Once extracted, it is included in all those legal weed products that can be purchased in physical shops or online e-commerce, such as CBD oil.

The marketable cannabis in Italy is the one with a THC concentration lower than 0.2%. On our website you will be able to buy online CBD cannabis and cannabis oil with this percentage only.

In this dosage the active principle has no psychoactive and psychotropic effect, therefore with its assumption no alteration is suffered at the cerebral or sensorial level, but it has a strongly relaxing and calming effect, this pleasant sensation will be perceptible after just 15 minutes.