Lemon haze marijuana light: all you need to know about it

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Modified on: 19/10/2023

Characteristics, Aroma, And Effects Of The Marijuana Lemon Haze Light

Making a culture about the history and the varieties of legal and classic marijuana and hashish involves retracing a path made of passion, tradition and at the same time the desire to discover and to innovate.

Since the end of the 1960s, in fact, with the spread of the hippie culture and the fascination with drugs, marijuana has been the subject of strong interest for many people, seeking to experiment with new combinations, new effects and produce variety with unique characteristics.

Among the varieties of marijuana produced in that period, there is the Haze, for years the undisputed queen of the California coasts.

lemon haze marijuana

Haze marijuana appears in the Bay Area

In the early 1970s, the Haze Brothers produce the first Haze plant from a cross between Colombian, Mexican, Nepalese and Thai varieties. Particularly at the origins of the Haze, there are a Nepalese quadrilateral Sativa, the Oaxacan (Mexican Sativa), the Columbian Gold and the Thai Sativa.

The result is a “noble” variety of pure Sativa, noble because of ancestry and kinship lines.

The effects of the Haze fully reflect its Sativa nature: they are capable of giving a powerful “high” effect, with excellent effects on creativity and sociality. The modulation of THCV (tetroidrocannabivarina) allows the Haze to accentuate the therapeutic properties of marijuana and mitigate, instead, the narcotic effect of THC and the sedative effect of CBD.

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Not by chance, the tetrahydrocannabivarin was isolated in 1971, just before the first Haze appeared on the California coasts.

Currently, the Haze is used as a drug by the Dutch Ministry of Health and it is present in the major coffee shops in multiple variants, among which stands out the Lemon Haze.

Lemon Haze: marijuana with lemon aromas

Lemon Haze is a variant of Haze that has 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. The first variety of Lemon Haze is characterized by powerful psychoactive effects, selected to have THC concentrations above 21% (sligthly higher than red marijuana THC levels) and a percentage of CBD contained within 0.38%.

It is a variety that, like any Haze, preserves the characteristic effects of the Sativa variety. It is therefore capable of making those who eat it feel strong sensations of joy and relief, used in particular to stimulate creativity and have an energizing effect on the consumer.

This has made it an excellent remedy for depression and chronic pain, due to the analgesic properties of THC and CBD.

The characteristics that have made the Lemon Haze famous, however, concern the aromas and coloring of the plant. The inflorescences of Lemon Haze, in fact, are characterized by a yellowish-green color and amber hair on the trichomes, giving the plant the typical yellow color from which the analogy with the lemon.

On the nose the inflorescences of Lemon Haze release a strong and fresh smell of lemon peel, mixed with earth and Skunk tones, while on the palate the Lemon Haze brings to mind the flavor of lemon candies, flooding the mouth with sweet nuances and with the typical sour citrus tones.

legal weed: the lemon haze

Legal Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze light is a selected genetics of Lemon Haze, with a percentage of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. Being a variety of CBD cannabis it is characterized by a concentration of THC according to the law, up to a maximum of 0.2%, and a high content of CBD, around 12%.

The Lemon Haze light retains all the features that have made the older sister famous. The peaks are characterized by a blond / reddish color and by the characteristic lemon aroma, conferred by the presence of limonene between the terpenes.

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The low concentration of THC favors the onset of the typical effects of CBD and the Lemon Haze light turns out to be perfect to accompany moments of relaxation both alone and in the company.

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The buds are small in size and not particularly rich in resin like any Sativa variety, while the strong smell of lemon is released both directly from the buds and during consumption. This makes the plant particularly recognizable to all enthusiasts.

In addition, the finest palates can also perceive hints of orange and other citrus fruits, greatly enriching the experience that is able to guarantee even the most demanding consumers.

The prevalence of Sativa genetics means that the Lemon Haze does not induce drowsiness so it can be consumed even in the morning, representing the best way to start the day in peace.

In addition, if you suffer from chronic pain, inflammation or psychosomatic disorders related to stress and nervousness, the Lemon Haze has shown that it knows how to return the calm needed to solve its problems.

Being completely legal in Europe, you can purchase the CBD flower Lemon Haze light on our CBD online shop on the website of Justbob.shop!

It is an entirely natural product, free of chemical additives and other synthetic substances that could be harmful to health.