Legal Master Kush: characteristics and percentages of THC and CBD

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Modified on: 31/01/2024

The master kush light is one of the most popular marijuana varieties. Find out why and what are the percentages of thc and cbd

For the fans of the world of legal weed, the mere mention of the name Master Kush opens up lots of drawers of the mind and its typical aftertaste seems to have once again settled on the tongue.

We are talking, for the less prepared, of the absolute and undisputed queen of the light grass world.

The Master Kush is a high quality legal sativa hemp (do you know the various types of marijuana? Read here: “How many and what types of marijuana exist?”).

Only in the last two years, this variety has collected several victories capable of making it rise quickly to the forefront in the world of CBD weed and CBD hash consumers in our country.

We remember the award ceremony at the Indica Sativa  4 years ago in Bologna, or that of the Cannabis Light Cup in Milan, at the Hemp Fest 5 years ago.

If that’s not enough, there is also the first prize at the Highlife Cup, as best Kush.

What makes it so unique and so loved is its composition.

The Master Kush is a cannabis indica, with a very high CBD concentration (over 21%) and with a THC lower than 0.2%, as required by the law.

master kush light

Master Kush, features and effects

What do we know about Master Kush cannabis?

Its origins lie in the Hindu Kush mountain range, which is located between Afghanistan and Pakistan and is the cradle of the best indica varieties.

It is a plant with a great capacity of resistance, which makes it naturally predisposed to sowing and growing in almost all possible cultivation environments.

Another characteristic aspect of the Master Kush is its development.

The plant never reaches, either outdoors or indoors, disproportionate heights, thus allowing a quiet and easy management.

All these intrinsic skills of Kush make it ideal for the neophytes of the crop (who tend to run into some beginner’s mistake).

Furthermore, a little curiosity for the lovers, the Kush is resistant to the Red Spider Mite, a mite so dangerous for agriculture as hated by the farmers: if the little spider succeeds in affecting the flower, it dies in a short time without being able to be recovered.

The plant is much smaller than the average of other plants, it has a very low internal yield.

It is these characteristics that allow a development of such a high percentage of CBD and resin. Its flowers are medium small, light in color and with pistils covered with a bright red color.

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All this information allows us to clearly understand the quality and power of what we find in front of us and its extraordinaryness in terms of composition.

The flowering time is usually around 8 and a half weeks.

Pausing for a moment on the more playful aspects, we can say that the Kush has a strong and intense fragrance, with a unique flavor, strong and full of intricate nuances and aftertaste dedicated to the pleasure of the palate.

It also has many positive effects in it, especially with regards to the aspect of relaxation and an improvement in the psychophysical condition in general, just like its competitor: red marijuana.

Those who use the Master Kush regularly see reduced symptoms that are often annoying and limiting, such as headache, stress and anxiety.

How is Master Kush cultivated?

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors (e.g. an indoor cultivation, indoors, aided by specific lamps or an outdoor one, natural).

Usually CBD cannabis cultivations are carried out under the control and direction of a team of chemical experts in the field and agronomists.

They are also fundamental for developing and improving European directives in the field of agri-food cultivation. We are talking about an ever expanding sector, on the other hand.

Aeroponics cultivation is recommended, as it allows the plant to have a higher oxygen level. This affects the growth and development of the final material.

Once finished, we move on to collection and cleaning, both done by hand.

It must be remembered that plants are all NO GMOs, there is no chemical treatment in them (no fertilizers, no pesticides, no metals or even fertilizers of any nature) like the ones you can buy our CBD flowers in our online shop.

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The Master Kush in 2023

The Master Kush in 2024

This year, Master Kush has once again become one of the hottest and most loved herbs by weed lovers and CBD weed collectors.

In fact, every day of 2024 this delicious and exquisite Cannabis CBD bud has always placed in the TOP 5 best selling herbs on Justbob.

Our CBD Shop has seen an increase in purchases of Master Kush CBD already since the first quarter of 2024. In January 2024 the success of these CBD buds was even more evident: Master Kust was throughout the month the best-selling product in the UK and in other countries, such as Spain and Germany for example.

Probably part of this great result is due to:

  • high concentration of CBD present in the Master Kush, which easily reaches 21%
  • buds with the presence of a strong resin cap
  • reddish color of the buds, very attractive and stimulating
  • 100% organic cultivation

Legal Marijuana: a thriving, rich and threatened market

The cannabis light market is a very lively market, where the Master Kush light is the king, occasionally threatened by the possibility of a closure.

Every year CBD buds dealers remove between 90 and 120 million euros from the coffers of criminal organizations.

Furthermore, the growth of the grow shops has reduced the number of arrests for drug dealing and kidnappings in our country.

In short, the law 242 of 2016, which allowed and promoted the cultivation of hemp, seems to have changed some aspects of the Italian state for the better.

But the struggle for a correct liberalization of soft drugs is still long, as are the risks of a total re-issue of the legislative changes of recent years, also considering the recent decision of the Court of Cassation.